Asahi pentax spotmatic battery type

Before I get to talking about the specifics of the Pentax Spotmatic F, I want to take you back to when I was a teenager. I was mad keen on everything photography and camera based at the time, pretty much to the exclusion of my studies. While the grandmothers were cooing over the new baby, I quizzed David about his gear. I nodded vigourously — he disappeared for a few minutes and returned with an aluminium camera case. He opened it up to show the neatly arranged camera and lenses in their foam cut-outs, just as you might expect — but the camera itself surprised me.

It was an Asahi Pentax Spotmatic F. A highly respectable camera, but by this time twice superseded by the KX and then the MX in the Pentax roster and not even possessing a bayonet mount. This pro was shooting with kit less sophisticated than mine. I made a mental note to myself:. I nodded again, expecting to see some exotic super-fast classic come out of the case. Instead he pulled a non-descript lens out from its cutout, wrapped in a soft cloth. Unfortunately David is no longer with us although I do have stewardship of an old Rolleiflex of his until one or other of his grandsons wants to take it onbut as a camera, the Pentax Spotmatic F will always remind me of him, and of those two valuable photographic lessons.

Back about 10 years ago, I started to pick up the dream cameras of my youth. I picked up a number of pre-Integrated-circuit manual exposure cameras from various manufacturers, including an early OM1, a number of SRTs and a few Pentax Spotmatics. A lot of these old cameras were crocked, but it was fascinating taking them apart and I even managed to revive a few.

One that worked like a charm from the start was my own Spotmatic F. Pentax was the brand that Asahi Optical started to use for their eye-level 35mm reflexes.

There seems to have been a good degree of collaboration with Zeiss, which led to Asahi using the m42 mount which had first appeared on the Contax S. Years later Zeiss would also collaborate on the development of the K mount. A lot of pros used Pentax Spotmatics. They were great little cameras — a pleasure to use and reliable.

asahi pentax spotmatic battery type

Takumar lenses earned themselves a decent reputation with high mechanical and optical standards and featuring excellent, class leading multi-coating. There are two distinct lines of Takumars from those m42 days. All are high quality, but the cheaper range aims for compactness and relatively modest speeds. In times when f2. The range was all there, with one of the largest varieties of standard lens focal lengths from any manufacturer.

Mechanical quality in those Takumars is excellent. Even 50 years on, focusing movements are buttery smooth: they are a pleasure to use.

The Spotmatic prototype was first shown at Photokina in — It was innovative in offering TTL through the lens spot metering. The Spotmatics have elegance and class. There is an Art-Deco quality to the pentaprism front that reminds me of the Chrysler Building in Manhattan. The film wind-on lever has no plastic tip, instead it is a wonderfully contoured, organic form, which manages in cast aluminium to be wonderfully comfortable to use, while the self-timer lever is almost sculptural.

Even the typeface used for the body engraving was elegant. Budget models the SP and SP forsook the self timer. The Spotmatic II, added a hot shoe and a more sqauared-off pentaprism to the top model. The innovation of an electronic shutter along with lenses that were able to transmit aperture information to the camera body allowed two models, the ES Electro Spotmatic and ES II, with aperture priority automatic exposure.

It came out inand just two years later the whole Spotmatic line would be superseded by a new range of K bayonet-mount cameras.The Pentax Spotmatic refers to a family of 35mm single-lens reflex cameras manufactured by the Asahi Optical Co. Asahi Optical used the name Takumar for their lenses.

These were high-quality, progressively improved lenses, later versions of which featured multi-coating and were called Super Multi Coated Takumars. The camera allowed one to focus the lens at maximum aperture with a bright viewfinder image. After focusing, a switch on the side of the lens mount stopped the lens down and switched on the metering which the camera displayed with a needle located on the side of the viewfinder.

The use of stop-down light metering was at the time revolutionary, but it limited the capability of the lightmeter, especially in low light situations. Honeywell was the U. The camera was presented as a prototype at photokinaand was originally designed to use spot metering.

Shortly before production Asahi decided that spot metering would be too difficult to use, and so the metering system was altered to use center-weighted average metering. The change took place too close to production to change the name, and so Spotmatic stuck. The lightmeter is activated by a lever on the side of the camera, which also stopped down the lens.

Mercury battery 1. The model range includes the original Spotmatic SPwhich had an accessory "cold" shoe for flash. Two budget models: the SP and SP were also available and some features from the original Spotmatic were removed.

Pentax Spotmatic

These two models had no self-timer. There was also the Pentax SLwhich was identical to the Spotmatic except that it did not have the built-in light meter. Among some improvements were better metering system Max ASA was increased to and film transport. A hot shoe for flash was added and the synchronization FP or X was placed on a dial switch located below the rewind crank.

asahi pentax spotmatic battery type

Spotmatic IIa was made exclusively for the American market. It was made to couple with the Honeywell Strobonar electronic flashes using an electronic eye that was located at the top-left of the camera. The ES had standardized and improved circuitry that addressed reliability issues in the original version.

Special models could be special ordered with accessories such as Motor Drive, Data Back, etc. In the Spotmatic F joined the line.

What battery for Pentax SP1000?

This camera, together with a revamped line of Super Multi Coated S-M-C Takumar had the capability of metering without stopping the lens down. Media related to Pentax Spotmatic at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on 14 September Retrieved 10 October Archived from the original on 1 September Retrieved 1 January Categories : film cameras Pentax SLR cameras. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: archived copy as title Webarchive template wayback links Use dmy dates from May Commons category link is on Wikidata.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons.Discussion in ' Photography Beginners' Forum ' started by artladyFeb 12, What battery for Pentax SP?

Feb 12, 1. I'm new here and am trying to find the answer to a question. I have an old Pentax SP that needs a battery.

I can't remember where I put my manual is and want to fool around with the camera again after not having used it in a VERY long time. Does anyone know what type of battery this camera takes? I would greatly appreciate an answer. Feb 12, 2. Joined: Feb 6, Messages: Likes Received: 3. I briefly owned an SP it was an eBay purchase, arrived in possibly the worst shape I've ever seen for a working camera, and ended up being such an expensive hassle to return that I'm a KEH man nowand I had to do a little research to figure the battery thing out.

They were originally designed around mercury cell batteries, which are no longer available for fairly obvious reasons.

There's no simple replacement, but you have a few options that either work fairly well with minimal effort or will be spot-on with some work on your end. This article covers it pretty well. It's nice to see other photographers playing with old gear again. I'll probably replace the digital down the line, but I'm having a lot more fun with the vintage stuff for the time being.

This reminded me how much I want a Spotmatic- have fun with yours! Feb 12, 3. I really did like it- it made my rock-solid K feel like something from Canon's Digital Rebel line. Feb 12, 4. Here is your manual Elemental was correct Feb 13, 5.

Thank you all for responding. I'll look for batteries next time I'm out.The Spotmatic cameras were introduced by Asahi Optical Company in and marketed through The camera was one of the first commercially available 35mm SLRs to include through-the-lens metering. The camera name is derived from the use of spot metering on the original design of the camera. The metering system was changed to average metering prior to its release but the change happened too late to change the marketing materials, so the original name continued to be used.

A series of different models were made with minor changes and improvements. All Spotmatics use the M42 lens mount. In the United States, Spotmatic cameras were imported and marketed by Honeywell and bear the name "Honeywell Spotmatic".

Cameras manufactured for sale outside the US were badged "Asahi Spotmatic". The camera was entirely mechanical apart from the light meterwhich was powered by a 1. Mercury batteries are now banned but Zinc-Air batteries can be used instead, or it is possible to carry out a minor modification to the meter circuit to allow the use of 1.

A small switch on the photographer's left side of the lens housing was pushed up to stop down the lens and activate the meter; the exposure controls would then be adjusted to center a needle on the right edge of the viewfinder.

The body took lenses with an M42 screw threadproviding a large range of available lenses. The system became the workhorse of many professionals of the period. Three variants of the Spotmatic SP are common: 1 Black and chrome body with Asahi Pentax badge on prism housing, Spotmatic badge on front below shutter release and SP badge on top near the rewide knob. The Spotmatic SP did not have a hotshoe. The SP to was the replacement model for the SP to An updated version of the original Spotmatic SP, launched in As well as a number of minor improvements to the meter components and film transport, the SP II was fitted with a hot shoe with a switch under the rewind crank for FP and X- flash synchronization and the ASA range was increased to Virtually identical to the SP II, but with an "electric eye" introduced to support the Honeywell Strobonar line of dedicated flashes.

It was only available in the North American market. The Spotmatic SP F, launched inincluded several improvements. It was the first version to offer open-aperture metering, but this needed the updated Super-Multi-Coated S-M-C Takumar lenses with an aperture-position linkage to the camera.Remember Me?

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asahi pentax spotmatic battery type

Pentax Stores Pentax Retailer Map. Go to Page Posts: 6. Asahi spotmatic sp battery recommendation. Does anyone recommend a battery type for the asahi spotmatic sp. The mercury 1. Photos: Gallery. Posts: 4, Google is your friend Search term: 1. Find your battery on the left and the replacement is within the text on the right of the table. Camera Batteries - a complete chart - Photoethnography. They work with the Spotmatic which has voltage regulating bridge circuitry, but other older cameras may be more problematic.

The CRIS adaptor has a diode to take it down to the proper voltage, although the Spotmatic doesn't need the lower voltage. The disadvantage is that these only last a few months. Sources for Wein cells noted below. These users Like atupdate's post:. Posts: 5, I however still use the adapters. Posts: At least one of these should be available at your local "Battery Bar" or "Battery World" or equivalentand be an exact fit. These users Like Banjo's post:.

Photos: Albums. As I understand any 1. Also, if you're having a CLA or repairs done, most places can adjust the circuitry. These users Like PGillin's post:.

Asahi Pentax Spotmatic F Review – A Class Act – By Bob Janes

Photos: Gallery Albums. Posts: 2, I use Energizer s in my SP and SP II, and they work fine, you'll want to find a rubber o-ring to put in the battery compartment to keep it somewhat centered.See: www. I would like to suggest a resolve to a particular concern before it is addressed because I know that this question will come up sooner or later.

Also, I have been able to solve this problem far more easier than what has been typically suggested before. This may come as no surprise to many but the easiest replacement Energizer S is no longer available at your local walgreens or general store neither are its equivelants 1. These are batteries that require special order - orders placed online or purchased at specialty shops hard to come by.

Asahi Pentax Spotmatic II film loading unloading

However, I have discovered that you could easily use a 1. As of today I can finally take pictures with metering!!! I'm so happy and thought I would preemptively alleviate others of this frustration that I have been dealing with for a while now. There is a marginal displacement that shouldn't bother you much I didn't have to but I did it anyways.

Originally posted ages ago. True, but can I find those batteries at a local general vendor for 4 bucks??? The point I was trying to make is that there is a solution without ordering online Yes, i think one can find the AG9 at the nearest watch repairer for cents Well then that's even better! Too bad I couldn't find sources that would refer me to the AG9 battery earlier. Oh well, I have a battery and my meter is working, im happy lol.

Thx Marino. Thank you so much! I am off to get myself a battery : months ago permalink. I got the Energizerit was the only battery in the list available at my local London drugs West coast Canadian version Wallgreens and it didn't work.

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