Buick century 1979

Today, as Americans prepare to gobble up turkey in celebration of Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fun to take a look at an automotive fowl. This Car and Driver review provides the perfect taste of turbocharged turkey. For decades, Buick had enjoyed a comfortable perch near the top of the General Motors divisional hierarchy.

Typically seen as more upscale than its corporate siblings save for King of the Hill CadillacBuick enjoyed a cornucopia of riches, combining relatively high volume the 5 th best selling brand in the U.

When downsizing swept the American car industry in the late s, Buick served up some winners. Though smaller than its predecessors, the reduced-scale Regal Coupe, for example, was exactly what the market expected from Buick and was a big hit. Buick even decided to get a little saucy and play around with turbocharging beginning inthough when packaged in models like the Regal Sport Coupe, the blown engines simply became the hearts of rather conventional Detroit coupes.

MotorWeek - Retro Review: 1986 Buick Century T-Type \u0026 Riviera CRT

The Buick Turbo models were not big sellers, but at least they offered a bit of cayenne pepper in the gravy. When she was in the market for a new car inshe defected from Buick though at least sticking with GM and picked up a Poncho instead. So, left with slow selling Turbo models and slow selling hunchback Century Coupes, what was Buick to do?

buick century 1979

Combine them!! What better way to excite traditional Buick buyers? And lure youthful sports car prospects? Kind of like the encroachment of Black Friday binge shopping on Thanksgiving evening…. The only problem was that was about the last thing most Buick customers were seeking they wanted to buy Buicks precisely because they were Buicks. Fear not, however, GM was still GM. So, in addition to not appealing to Buick buyers, the rare enthusiasts who might have actually wanted a quirky, rather large sports coupe were equally repelled by the lack of a proper driving environment.

Rich Ceppos wished that the Turbo magic had been applied to the more modern, just introduced FWD Skylark be careful what you wish for. Don Sherman was bluntest: the Century Turbo Coupe was a miss in every way, from styling, to equipment to its basic mission. But none of the editors really loved the car. And even in summation for the article, Car and Driver ever so politely deemed the Century Sport Coupe a turkey, missing all the potential intended buyer groups.

So there you have it. When it came time to carve things up, this high flying hawk was nothing more than a desperate turkey just trying to run fast.

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You could still get an elegant Electra or Riviera but they had mostly gone all-in on that rough, gutless V6. I thought Oldsmobile was the place to be if you were going to a GM dealer in the late 70s and buyers agreed. And I found that screeching eagle in their advertising really irritating.

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buick century 1979

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Vertical Navigation Horizontal Navigation. Search Within Results. Narrow Your Results. Loading, Please WaitThe block is made of cast iron and all use two-valve-per-cylinder iron heads, actuated by pushrods. The engine, originally designed and manufactured in the United States, was also produced in later versions in Australia. The was on the Ward's 10 Best Engines of the 20th century list, made Ward's yearly 10 Best list multiple times, and is one of the most-produced engines in history.

To date, over 25 million have been produced. InGM sold the design to Kaiser-Jeep. The muscle car era had taken hold, and GM no longer felt the need to produce a V6, considered in North America an unusual engine configuration at the time.

1970 to 1979 Buick For Sale

The energy crisis a decade later prompted the company to buy the design back from American Motors AMCwho had by that point bought Kaiser-Jeepand the descendants of the early continue to be the most-common GM V6 as it developed into a very durable and reliable design. This engine has the cylinders numbered on the left-hand bank front bank for FWD applications and on the right-hand bank, the number 1 cylinder being the furthest from the flywheel end.

buick century 1979

The firing order is The uneven firing pattern was often perceived as roughness, leading a former American Motors executive to describe it as "Rougher than a cob.

InBuick redesigned the crankshaft to a "split-pin" configuration to create an "even-firing" version. Since the cylinders center-lines were no longer centralized over the crank pin bearing journals, the connecting rods were re-designed with the big-ends offset from the piston pin ends by 1. The engine in this configuration became known to have "off-center bore spacing". The off-center design continued up until the LN3 version of the engine, when the left-hand bank of cylinders was moved forward relative to the right-hand bank.

Although the actual bore spacing between cylinders on the same bank remained unchanged at 4. Buick Division, concerned about high manufacturing costs of their innovative aluminum V8, sought to develop a cheaper, cast-iron engine based on the same tooling. In initial form, it had a bore and stroke of 3. Dubbed the Fireball V6, it became the standard engine in the Buick Special. The bore was increased to 3. It was known as the Dauntless V6 and used a much heavier flywheel than the Buick version to damp vibrations resulting from the engine's firing pattern.

Buick sold the tooling for this engine to Kaiser inas the demand for the engine was waning steadily in an era of V8s and muscle cars. One quick idea was tried by Buick engineers — taking an old Fireball V6 picked up at a junkyard and installing it into a Buick Apollo. However, AMC's cost per unit was deemed as too high. Instead of buying completed engines, GM made an offer to buy back the tooling and manufacturing line from AMC in April,and began building the engines on August The bore was enlarged to 3.

InGM began to market the as the 3. Starting inthe engine was used in the front-wheel drive Buick Rivierathough still with a longitudinal mounting. Larger valves and better intake and exhaust boosted the power output for A turbocharged version was introduced as the pace car at the Indianapolisand a production turbo arrived in The turbo 3.Buick Century is the model name that was used by Buick for a line of upscale full-size cars from to and toas well as from to for mid-size cars.

The first Buick Century debuted in as a shorter and lighter model featuring the same engine as the bigger Roadmaster and Limited series giving it more performance. InBuick developed a concept car known as the Century Cruiser.

Originally, the Series 60 had a six-cylinder It had, at the beginning of the generation, a full-length running board denoting the top model for Buick at the time. InGM built 38, cars. The bodystyles available were torpedosedan, coupe, and roadster convertibleusing GM's " B-body " platform.

Inthe running board was reduced and a new straight-eight Aesthetically, the Series 60 remained almost unchanged, and the same fact occurred also in the following year.

In anda total of 55, were produced. Inthe length of the body increased. Inthe appearance was changed to a more rounded appearance, with a new Inthe model remained almost unchanged. Total production from to was 31, Inthe model changed its name to "Century". Buick renamed its entire model lineup for the model year to celebrate the engineering improvements and design advancements over their models, introducing a " streamlined " appearance.

Buick's Series 40 model range became the Specialthe Series 80 became the Roadmasterand the Series 90, Buick's largest and most luxurious vehicles, became the Limited. The Century took the place of the Series The basic formula for the to Century was established by mating the shorter behind-the-engine cowl Special bodies to the Roadmaster's larger straight-eight engine and consequently longer engine compartment. In contrast, the Series 50 Super combined the larger Roadmaster body with the smaller Special engine.

Buick reintroduced the Century using the same formula of mating the smaller, lighter Buick Special body to its largest and most powerful cubic inch "Nailhead" V8 enginewith the intent of giving Buick a performance vehicle.

Included in the model lineup during this period was a station wagon model, a body style that had been unavailable during the Century's first production period of to Introduced in the middle of the model year, the four-door Buick Century Riviera along with the four-door Special Rivierathe four-door Oldsmobile 98 Holidayand four-door 88 Holidaywere the first four-door hardtops ever produced.

For the first time the Century wore four " VentiPorts " on the front fenders, just like the larger Buick Roadmaster and Super; making more apparent its status above that of the Special.

1979 Buick Century For Sale

Inthe California Highway Patrol placed a large fleet order for Century two-door sedans, a body style unavailable to the general public. It combined the Special two-door sedan body shell with Century powertrain and trim. Broderick Crawford was shown driving a two-door Century sedan during the first season of his popular syndicated TV series Highway Patrol.There are many opinions relating to the origins of name of Buck's Century model. Some say it was meant to imply that the car could reach mph--impressive performance when the model debuted in Others say it was more likely named after the great American 20th Century Limited locomotives.

Regardless, when Buick renamed all its vehicles inthe four-door Series 60 sedan was reborn as the Century. The first-generation Century was produced from to It was an impressive machine shaped to look fast and sleek--despite its giant size and an enormous engine bay, which housed a horsepower, cubic-inch inline-eight-cylinder engine.

Production of the rear-wheel-drive sedan ceased in due to poor sales. A second iteration of the Century was introduced inboasting a horsepower, cubic-inch V-8 engine.

A special fleet of two-door sedans served the California Highway Patrol in The new-gen high-performance Century was available in coupe, convertible, sedan, and station wagon configurations, and by the time it was retired in to become the "Invicta" inits high-performance cubic-inch engine promised horsepower. The Century's final year production run began in when it returned to replace Buick's mid-sized Skylark sedans, wagons, and coupes.

Gone were the gentle curves of the Century's early days--cars of this era looked angular and aggressive. This new high-performance model also boasted special "Gran Sport" performance — and, later, "Custom" trim and badging. Four engine choices ranged from a horsepower, cubic-inch V-6 to a horsepower, cubic-inch V Ina new "aeroback" fastback style made a brief appearance alongside the sedan and station wagons, and Buick introduced new engines from Pontiac, as well as a very rare turbocharged version in and In the Century was downsized once again, and reborn as a very boxy-looking front-wheel-drive coupe and sedan.

A special Olympic version was available inas was a station wagon. Power choices ranged from a fuel-injected horsepower, 2. An unpopular and unreliable 4. Higher-performance Century models were available in the mids wearing special "T-Type" badging. Redesigns of the Century in and softened and rounded its roofline and body edges, refreshed its grille, head- and tail-lamps, changed engine options, and even made driver-side airbags a standard feature. Byonly the four-door sedan remained in the lineup.

Now considered Buick's entry-level model, the Century nameplate moved from the A-body platform to the W-body platform, which it shared with its near-twin sibling, the Buick Regal.

Engine options included horsepower and horsepower, 3. The final version of the Buick Century and its Regal twin was eventually retired inwhen it was replaced by the LaCrosse.

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Buick Century

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