Colonial virginia genealogy

From the beginning, the history of the Colony of Virginia was influenced by all sorts of pioneers. From Scots-Irish Presbyterians, French Huguenots, Germans, and Quakers who struggled to establish religious tolerance to wealthy settlers who helped fuel the economy, everyone played a role. For better or worse, humanity was forever shaped by the achievements and downfalls of less well-known pioneers.

Describing everyday life in Colonial Virginia, this book uncovers several aspects of society. Portraying the efforts of the landed gentry who purchased vast amounts of land, the stories of Charles Chiswell and Nicholas Meriwether are explained in detail.

Closely related to their mission to expand the economy, politicians like Sir Francis Wyatt and William Witcher's goal was to serve their community. However, not all of the individuals documented in this work were part of the establishment.

For Thomas Joyce and Thomas Stanley, they lived in a world dominated by the church-state government of the Church of England. Refusing to attend worship services within this denomination, they persisted in following their own faith, regardless of the risks.

Even Michael Kelly, an Irish immigrant, struggled with this issue, but unlike Thomas Joyce and Thomas Stanley, he served in the American Revolution to fight for this cause. But thanks to her skillful cunning she managed to regain and keep some of what her tribe had lost. Virginia as we know it today was shaped by these brave pioneers. For some, they held supreme power and influence, while others had to struggle every day. Nevertheless, their actions have permanently made Virginia what it is today.

For me many history books can be too dry, but in this case I particularly enjoyed the combination of the personal side of their lives, along with the factual information provided. The author has presented the facts in a way that gives you a personal connection with the early pioneers.

I highly recommend this book for all people who love history and genealogy. I hope to see more books written by this author.

colonial virginia genealogy

The book was a quick read packed full of interesting facts. It was well written and well researched as well. It not only introduce the reader to the male pioneers but also some women as well. I enjoyed learning about some of the pioneers and seeing how much they relate to members of my own family.

colonial virginia genealogy

Thank you Mr Joyce for the work you put into all of the research for this book. Donna Thompson. Incredibly detailed historical and genealogical research provide the backbone of these vignettes into the lives of early settlers in Virginia and North Carolina.

An interesting and compelling read. The stories are very well researched and documented and even contains some genealogical information that can be very helpful to those researching the families covered in this history. This history sheds light on those who came to early Virginia all the while explaining from where they came and why they left their homelands to come to America.Virginia review, Vol.

He instructed Pocahontas in English ways and in religion of the Church of England. She accepted it, and was baptized. Pocahontas was born in fifteen ninety-five. She was one of twenty children of Chief Powhatan. Powhatan ruled a group of more than twenty Indian tribes in territory that is now the eastern state of Virginia. They were also known as Virginia Algonquians, as they spoke an eastern-Algonquian language.

Daniel, p. They were bonded by their Calvinistic beliefs and similar aspirations for the colony. They all lived in close proximity to each other in the Virginia colony, John Rolfe arrived in Jamestown in June and experimented with varieties of tobacco crops. Devout Calvinists, Whitaker, Dale and Rolfe worked in consort in strengthening the colony via Calvinistic influences, fulfilling Virginia Company's threefold religious, political, and economical goals.

Whitaker promoted Calvinism in the Virginia colony by serving two settlement churches, in Henrico and Bermuda Hundreds. Sir Thomas Dale enforced Calvinism by promoting a political structure and by serving a deputy governor of Virginia. In Southern writers: a biographical dictionary, p.

From court records we learn that Martha Sizemore, "lived at Mr.

colonial virginia genealogy

Whitaker's house both before and at the time of his death. Whitaker, arrived in Virginia with him and, "paid for her passage to Virginia and wanted to be reimbursed accordingly. It also appears that she was the main caretaker of Pocahontas after her capture in while she was living at Rev. Whitaker's home. Given the sparse number of women living in Henrico at that time, Martha undoubtedly assisted with her conversion to Christianity, as well as helping to plan her wedding at Jamestown in April It is well-known that John Rolfe's plantation was situated in Henricus near that of Rev.

Sizemore and wife Millie Green. Says parents resided in Wyoming County in and that his father died about Says his father John M. Sizemore was the son of George J. Lists children of grandparents George J. List ancestry as My father John M. Sizemore, son of George J. There is quite a bit of correspondence in support of this ECA and one letter in particular is of interest.Our goal is to help you track your ancestors through time by transcribing genealogical and historical data and placing it online for the free use of all researchers.

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Get the details on our Volunteer Page. The first white settlement was Germanna, which became Orange County. The family name of William of Orange was from the dynasty's ancestral origins as feudal lords of the French town of Orange. President Zachary Taylor was also born in Orange County. Email Us Don't miss an Update! For the States of : VermontNew YorkPennsylvaniaWest VirginiaVirginia You never know who you might meet and what family data they may share with you -- it could start a whole new branch of the family!

We also use the mailing lists to announce our website updates. Census Records. County Records. Family Bibles and Records. Marriage Records. Military Records. Newspaper Gleanings. Obituaries and Death Notices.First Families of Virginia FFV were those families in Colonial Virginia who were socially prominent and wealthy, but not necessarily the earliest settlers. These elite families generally married within their social class for many generations and, as a result, most surnames of First Families date to the colonial period.

The American Revolution cut ties with Britain but not with its social traditions. While some First Family members were loyal to Britain, others were Whigs who not only supported, but led the Revolution.

Indeed, many younger sons were relocated into the cotton belt to start their own plantations. The Civil War devastated the Virginia economy, and emancipated all the slaves without compensation. Planters and small farmers both were economically hurt, but in general the First Families, albeit poorer than before, maintained social and political leadership.

Marshall Fishwick says that by the s, "the old-time aristocracy [had] not given up, or sunk into decadence as Southern novelists suggest. Their migration took place from the settlement of Jamestown through the English Civil War and English Interregnum period — Some royalists left England on the accession to power of Oliver Cromwell and his Parliament. The affinity of many early supposedly aristocratic Virginia settlers for the Crown led to the term "distressed Cavaliers", often applied to the Virginia oligarchy.

These men were offered rewards of land, etc. Many such early settlers in Virginia were so-called "Second Sons". Primogeniture favored the first sons' inheriting lands and titles in England. Second or third sons went out to the colonies to make their fortune, or entered the military and the clergy.

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Tidewater Virginia evolved as a society descended from second or third sons of English gentry who inherited land grants or land in Virginia. They formed part of what became the southern elite in America. In some cases, longstanding ties among families of the English gentry were carried to the new colony, where they were reinforced by marriage and other relations.

For instance, there were ancestral ties between the Spencer family of Bedfordshire and the Washington family; a Spencer secured the land grant later purchased by the Washingtons, where they built their Mount Vernon home.

These sorts of ties were common in the early colony, as families shuttled back and forth between England and Virginia, maintaining their connections with the mother country and with each other. A thin network of increasingly interrelated families made up the planter elite and held power in colonial Virginia.

The ties among Virginia families were based on marriage.

Sizemore Family of Colonial Virginia

In a pre-Revolutionary War economy dependent on the production of tobacco as a commodity crop, the ownership of the best land was tightly controlled. It often passed between families of corresponding social rank. The Virginia economy was based on slave labor as the colony became a slave society. The landed gentry could keep tight rein on political power, which passed in somewhat orderly fashion from family to family.

In the more modern mercantile economy of the north, social mobility became more prominent. The power of the elite was muted by newcomers who gained wealth in the market economy.

According to Mattaponi and Patawomeck tradition, Pocahontas was previously married to a Patawomeck weroanceKocoum, who was murdered by Englishmen when Samuel Argall abducted her on April 13, Rolfe had become prominent and wealthy as the first to successfully develop an export cash crop for the Colony with new varieties of tobacco.Virginia has played a large role in United States history, especially in colonial times. In Jamestown was founded. It was the first permanent settlement established by English settlers.

Inthe practice of slavery began in the area. Virginia Counties — The Virginia Colony existed from to Established on June 25, the State of Virginia entered the union as the 10th state.

Reliable Tactics for Virginia Genealogy Projects — Virginia is definitely one of the most historic of all the states. It was one of the first settled and where so many major events have occurred. Because of this it is often the subject of genealogical searches done by people seeking information about their African American heritage, Native American heritage, colonial ancestors, and many more.

This article is going to look at the best ways for searching for Virginia genealogy data. The Best Approaches for Virginia Genealogy — The first bits of information for Virginia genealogy research are often found through the use of a computer, but some will require a visit to a museum, library or archive of some kind. How do you learn which is which? It is done through simple searches and by understanding the ways that genealogical data tends to be organized.

These have now become searchable online databases. Taking the time to use such tools will save you from wasted journeys, and can even allow you to discover where valuable data is located. Finding Resources for Virginia Genealogy — The public records that can be found in many physical locations are also found readily online too. You must know how to look for them, however, and using the following categories will be essential to your search for Virginia genealogy information:.

Effective Resources for Virginia Genealogy — Once you begin using the most direct sources for Virginia genealogy research, you understand which have the most information for your needs. Below are the details for some of the best tools for Virginia genealogy:. Additionally, the following websites provide state-specific details to those in search of facts for Virginia genealogy projects. Getting Started. Helpful Links. State Genealogy Guides.

Virginia Census Records. Virginia Counties. Virginia Court Records. Virginia Cemetery Records. Virginia Church Records. Virginia State History. Virginia Military Records. Virginia Vital Records.Check the online catalog under the subject headings Virginia—History—Colonial period, ca.

Reports that county courts compiled of revolutionary public service and sent to Richmond as court booklets now in the Public Service Claims files, Record Group 48, Virginia State Library and Archives. Special Collections E B Brumbaugh, Gaius Marcus. Revolutionary War records, volume 1, Virginia : Virginia Army and Navy forces, with bounty land warrants for Virginia Military District of Ohio, and Virginia military scrip, from Federal and state archives. Library also has ed.

Alderman Stacks E V8 B9 Burgess, Louis Alexander. Virginia Soldiers of Spartanburg, S. Reprint of edition. Compiled from the land bounties filed in the Virginia Land Office for land grants issued in Kentucky and Ohio as reward for military service in the Revolutionary War.

The claims of heirs as well as soldiers are listed; therefore some family relationships can be traced. Index for vols. Also available as v. Regiment rosters, land bounty certificate lists, militia officers, and miscellaneous lists of militia men serving in the wars from to Comprehensive index. Special Collections E V8 D6 Dorman, John Frederick. Virginia Revolutionary pension applications. Washington, D. Abstracts of Revolutionary War pension applications. Information includes name of soldier, summary of service, list of supportive documents registered with the applications, and number and date of certificate issued.

Index in each volume. Reprint 1st work. Originally published: List of the Revolutionary soldiers of Virginia. Richmond : D.Our goal is to help you track your ancestors through time by transcribing genealogical and historical data and placing it online for the free use of all researchers. This Northumberland County Website is available for adoption. If you have a love for history, a desire to help others, and basic webpage-making skills, consider joining us!

Colonial and Revolutionary War (Virginia)

Get the details on our Volunteer Page. Settlement began in the Northern Neck of this area, about It was originally known as the Chickacoan Indian District.

The first evidence of the name Northumberland was inin the colonial records. The county seat is Heathsville. Email Us Don't miss an Update! For the States of : VermontNew YorkPennsylvaniaWest VirginiaVirginia You never know who you might meet and what family data they may share with you -- it could start a whole new branch of the family!

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colonial virginia genealogy

Marriage Records. Military Records. Miscellaneous Data. Newspaper Gleanings. Obituaries and Death Notices. School Records. Slavery Records.


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