Cosmetic serum formulation

Have you ever wondered what a facial serum is? We receive this question all the time from the skincare formulators in our global community. So we decided to demystify the elusive facial serum in this blog post, to help you tell the difference between the types of serum formulations on the market. Of all the facial serums, the oil serum is the easiest to formulate. The high end oils contained with the serum not only offer moisturising and barrier repair properties, but also contain polyphenols, essential fatty acids and other compounds that can be metabolised by the skin.

A serum will provide moisturising and barrier strengthening properties to the skin, as well as offering antioxidant properties. Best of all? This type of formulation does not need a preservative because it does not contain water. You will however need to add an antioxidant, particularly as you will be working with highly sensitive plant oils that have a short shelf life. Want to learn how to make high performance oil serums? Because this formulation is water-based, the gel serum gives you the opportunity to incorporate some wonderful water-based hydrophilic botanical extracts.

Gels are often thought of as transparent, but you can impart colour to gels by infusing glycerites, including colourful extracts and adding colourful botanical powders into the formulation. Gels are hot property in the world of natural cosmetics, as we discussed in our podcast on the top 10 trends we spotted at In-Cosmetics Global in Amsterdam.

The biggest challenge of making a gel serum will be to find the right thickness and consistency so that you can dispense the serum properly. You may want to consider a dropper or pump bottle in order to keep air and light away from your high performance extracts, but then the gel will have to have a runny consistency.

Want to learn advanced techniques on working with gums and thickeners? Water-based serums are similar to gel serums, although will contain fewer gums and thickeners or none at all! You would use a water-based facial serum to deliver high performance hydrophilic botanical extracts which are then trapped against the skin underneath a cream or lotion. The perfect way to encourage greater penetration of water-based ingredients into the skin, thereby delivering their high performance ingredients slightly deeper into the layers of the skin, is by layering an anti-ageing facial mist underneath an emulsion and then underneath an oil.

The oils will create an occlusive barrier which will encourage greater penetration of ingredients. A facial serum will contain a foundation that consists of water-based ingredients such as hydrosols which can have soothing, skin toning and balancing properties.

You would then include skin-feel ingredients such as humectants, which help the serum cling to the skin. Finally, you would include high-performance botanical extracts and aroma-ceuticals to pack your formulation full of botanical goodness.

Want to learn how to make high performance facial mists and elixirs? We use an emulsifier to create a bond between the oil and water and hold them in a stable form. The emulsion will also deliver moisturising properties to the skin, strengthening the barrier function. Want to learn the dark art of organic emulsification? Enrol for our Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation. The biggest difference between the balm serum and all of the others is that this serum takes on a solid form, whilst all of the others are liquid.

A balm serum has a typical balm foundation, consisting of butters, waxes and oils, but then contains oil-soluble lipophilic active ingredients that can offer benefits to the skin. The butters and waxes create an occlusive layer on the skin which moisturises and nourishes, whilst giving the active ingredients of the pressed serum the opportunity to work their magic on the skin. There are dozens of interesting exotic butters and waxes that can be used in a balm serum, paired with hundreds of wonderful botanical oils.

Want to learn how to make balms? Although these 5 facial serum types are very different, they all have one thing in common — the way that people use them on their skin! So how are they used?

Finally, we have focused on serums in this article but it is worth understanding that the humble facial serum is not the only skincare product on the market offering active benefits for the skin.

If you follow K-Beauty, then you might also have come across essences and ampoules. Read more about Lorraine and the Formula Botanica Team.Properties : This soothing aloe serum may help calming freshly stressed skin. This formula contains plenty of natural ingredients and is fragrance-free. It contains the soothing properties of Lacto-Ceramide, Oatmeal and Henna. Storing this in the fridge may help cooling the skin as well. Added hyaluronic acid will provide moisture to the skin.

It stimulates circulation, is effective in skin tightening and provides antioxidant properties as well. Formula : PDF. Properties : Argireline is a peptide that both reduces the degree of existing facial wrinkles and has been demonstrated effective against their development. SkinLift DPHP smoothes out the effects of aging wrinkles, crow's feet disappear and the skin becomes younger looking. It increases firmness of the skin and stimulates contraction of collagen fibers.

Vitamin A and Albizia Flower Ext act as anti-oxidants and protect the skin from free radicals. Protein Hyaluronate Blend minimizes the appearance of deep wrinkles, reduces the appearance of age spots and provides great moisturizing effects due to hyaluronic acid. Properties : Perfect to hydrate the skin after the night break, add before applying moisturizer. Yoghurt filtrate has excellent moisturizing, smoothing, and skin conditioning properties due to proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins.

Serum has slight exfoliating and revitalizing properties due to the natural content of lactic acid. Properties : Natural moisture wrap from the pacific ocean, with nourishing minerals from algae and plankton, moisture from hyaluronic acid and a calming sensation from chamomile and bisabolol. Feel the sea spray in a moisture wrap and plump up the dry and tired skin. Properties : This fragrance and paraben-free brightening gel is perfect for sensitive skin.

SkinWhite Herb and Licorice Extract reduce the appearance of dark spots and acne demarcation. Gel absorbs well and leaves a satiny feel.

cosmetic serum formulation

Properties : Fluid concentrate that helps restore moisture balance in the skin. Contains panthenol, phospholipids, glycoproteins, panthenol and hyaluronic acid to restore and minimize the appearance of fine lines. Helps with dryness and cares for the mature skin.

Use before applying moisturizer or add to the affected areas. Properties : Add shimmer to your summer skin! Or revive dull looking skin with a bit of glow. The colors can be adjusted to your desire.Ingredients are just one aspect of the comprehensive expertise we offer to support our skin care customers.

This skin care formulation helps to experience a new level of eye care perfection. It reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles in only 7 days.

Enriched with a skin peptide ingredient. Premium oily serum skin care formulation to truly protect and enhance skin complexion.

This alpine flower dew mist skin formulation offers a powerful veil of hydration and protection. Easy to formulate with a soft skin feeling. This rich protective night cream is designed to relief dryness and gives a perceptible comfortable skin feel.

5 Types of Organic Facial Serum Formulations

Our microbiome skin care formulation that brings power to your skin to fight dryness. It boosts staphylococcus epidermidis levels — the secret weapon for healthy looking skin. This skin care night cream formulation nourishes the skin to improves skin firmness, reshapes facial contours and prevents sagging. With skin peptides and natural skin care ingredients.

This skin care serum formulation helps to rebalance skin from the visible effects of daily stress. This CC Cream skin care formulation provides multiple benefits to the skin such as moisturization, flawless and brighter looking skin. Thanks to vitamins and cosmetic ingredients. The Energy-Boosting Cream-Gel skin care formulation is designed to refresh the whole face all day long.

It leaves tired and dull skin looking fresh, glowing and naturally beautiful. Enriched with natural and organic certified skin care ingredients. This skin care gel formulation was especially developed to pamper the delicate eye zone. It is enriched with skin peptides, vitamins and natural and organic certified skin care ingredients. This ON-THE-GO mist skin care formulation energizes your skin and leaves a fresh and revived skin all along the day rue to the very stable vitamin C skin care ingredient.

This day cream skin care formulation provides a full protection against the effects of UV, blue light and pollution thanks to natural certified skin care ingredients. This gentle renewing C powder cleanser skin care formulation activates upon application with water, to reveal purified, bright, healthier looking-skin. This glacier cream essence skin care formulation provides full protection against the effects of urban stress thanks to the synergetic alpine power of organic certified skin care bioactives.

The glacier soothing beauty essence skin cream gently soothes, calms and hydrates your skin with a fresh after-feel. This mask formulation with skin peptide ingredients, skin care vitamins and a moisturizing skin care ingredient visibly reduce shine look and makes skin looking more beautiful.

Enriched with essential vitamin and skin bioactive ingredients. This illuminating facial care formulation, with an expected SPF15, provides a luminous looking skin with a beautiful even tone thanks to a natural skin brightening ingredient. Moisturizing day cream skin care formulation to clear and prevent blemishes of acne-prone skin.

This carefully purified plant based anti-ageing skin care serum provides younger looking elastic and firm skin. This natural skin care cream formulation helps your skin to effectively protect itself against external stress.

Formulated according to global standards for natural cosmetics. A light emulsion skin care formulation for Asian skin to provide a bright and even skin tone.

Enriched with a nature-identical pure trans-resveratrol cosmetic ingredient. This skin care formulation is to minimize the appearance of large pores, the appearance of darkness of age spots and improve skin texture for a brighter, super-smooth complexion. The skin care cream formulation designed for men supports the regeneration of the epidermal permeability barrier of dry skin and delivers high effective moisturization. A UV mineral-based skin care formulation with color correction and blue light protection.

Infused with an algae skin care active ingredient and a mineral UV-filter ingredient. Skin feels revived that lasts. Our skin microbiome skin care formulation that aims to control excess oil, leaving skin feeling fresh.However, there is a lot to discover and research when creating high-performance natural skincare and especially when using vitamin E.

Vitamin E is the predominant, physiologic antioxidant barrier in the stratum corneumwhere it protects the lipid structures and proteins from oxidation by scavenging free radicals, and hindering the chain reactions that lead to DNA damage and ageing.

As an additional mechanism, vitamin E also regulates a protective network of enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants present in our skin. This is one of the main reasons you will find vitamin E on the ingredients list of most cosmetic products you come across. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals, leading to chain reactions that may damage the cells of organisms.

An antioxidant is a molecule that stops these reactions. You can find multiple forms of synthetic derivatives. From all the tocopherols analogues, alpha-tocopherol is the most biologically active form, while gamma-tocopherol has the highest anti-oxidant activity. Vitamin E occurs naturally in plants and is an essential nutrient to the human body, that needs to be acquired by ingestion. However, studies show that topical application of vitamin E is more effective than oral intake in order to increase its concentration on skin.

These agents are involved in many inflammatory skin disorders, cutaneous autoimmune diseases, phototoxicity, photosensitivity and skin ageing. As an ingredient, vitamin E can be found in its natural form, usually as a blend of the four tocopherol isomers or as a synthetic product sold as a single isomer; the DL-alpha-tocopherol is the most widely available.

The D prefix indicates that the product is derived from natural sources, while the DL prefix indicates that the vitamin is synthetic. Our body only process the natural form of vitamin E, and therefore the skin would benefit better from the D from. The vitamin E concentration can vary from one supplier to another. Be aware that the more concentrated, the more viscous and sticky the liquid will be, making it more difficult to work with.

IU stands for International Units and it is relevant for internal intake. You can add vitamin E to haircare and skincare products in diverse formulations like anhydrous creams, balms, butters, scrubs and lip balms, and in the oil phase of emulsions. Oil refining can highly reduce tocopherol concentration in oils, especially in the deodorisation process where vitamin E becomes a valuable by-product that is fractionated and then sold.

Therefore, you should try to source and use ingredients in their most unadulterated forms to ensure you maxmimise their beneficial natural properties in your skincare formulations. Vitamin E is sensitive to high temperatures and light. This is also an important fact to consider while designing your formula and choosing its packaging. Vitamin E helps:. For this serum we chose oils that contain a high concentration of vitamin E and offer active properties that tally with our aim of tackling the key issues of ageing skin we mentioned above.

We are also adding vitamin E as an active ingredient in its own right:. Now it is your turn to give this vitamin E serum a go. And why not research other vitamin E-rich oils and adapt our formula too? You can learn how to create amazing anhydrous skincare like serums and balms in our Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation and explore the ever-expanding world of high-performance actives in our Certificate in Anti-Ageing Skincare.

Try out our sample class for a taste of our award-winning courses and what to expect as a Formula Botanica student. Eliziane is a Pharmacist and Biochemist, manages our Student Experience Team and provides technical advice for the ingredients research we undertake and provide. She loves bringing together the concepts of science, sustainability and organics.

Read more about the Formula Botanica team. If you've ever wondered what the difference is between a balm and a pressed serum, this post explains the Cleansing is a key element in any skincare routine. There are many different types of cleansers on the market, Amazonian butters and oils are some of the most fun and luxurious ingredients for your artisan formulation lab. We show you how to make a useful skin-friendly aloe vera repairing mist as follow up to our article Continuing our formulation video series, we are tackling the topic of cleansing and specifically how to make a cleansing And what actually defines what a Natural cosmetic waxes are versatile and favourite anhydrous natural skincare ingredients.Skincare Formulation.

Are you ready to take the step from following recipes to creating your own recipes? At its simplest this is a list of questions that help you get clear about:. Knowing all this will allow you to choose the best ingredients to create a product that customers will love. This allows for accuracy and consistency and also means you can easily create large batches or small depending on how many products you want to make. It is hugely helpful to have a template formula or starting formula to follow.

Whether you are new to formulating or more experienced a template provides a framework within to work. This the science of formulating.

cosmetic serum formulation

Rather than trying to figure this part out yourself, use a template or starting formula. Even seasoned formulators use starting formulas. There is no need to reinvent the wheel each time. Use what works. Students love the template formulas we provide, as it allows them focus on being creative and innovative rather than worrying if their product will take the form they want and function in the way they want.

Bring your product to life by making it!

Free Formula Calculators

The best way to test out your formula to see if it creates the effect you want is to make it! Choosing between two ingredients? Make one of each formula keeping everything else the same but making one with ingredient A and one with ingredient B. Heard of an interesting sounding oil or butter and wondering what its like?

Ask others who have used it before. Having an issue with one of your products not turning out quite right? Chances are someone else has experienced the same thing and can share some solutions with you. Being part of a community of likeminded people who are working on the same products as you is invaluable. Cosmetic Scientists tend to be busy formulating for big companies, or charging large sums to provide finished formulations.

Not many work in an educational role or are available to assist home formulators. The essential foundation you need to help you start creating your own natural skincare products from scratch rather than simply following recipes! Sign up for our free newsletter and get our best product making tips, expert formulating advice and course offers We take care of your data in accordance with our privacy policy. I am so happy I came across your site and decided to take this course.

My skin is so much healthier and full of life. You are truly an inspiration! Honestly all I expected was the course material and a certificate!Develop your skills to create a range of high-performance oil-based, gel-based, emulsion-based and bi-phase serums just like those sold by the high-end brands and even better! Create specialist targeted serums for the face, eyes and lips to address specific concerns and deliver visible results.

Vitamin A including retinol and retinyl palmitateVitamin B3 niacinamidePro-vitamin B5 panthenolVitamin C including ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, ascorbyl palmitate and ascorbyl tetraisopalmitateand Vitamin E.

Including pracaxi oil, cacay oil, watermelon seed oil, prickly pear oil, guava oil, perilla oil, buriti oil, tamanu oil, blueberry seed oil, natural silicone replacements and more!

Lactic acid, glycolic acid, malic acid, salicylic acid, willow bark extract and blends. Toning, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, antimicrobial, skin brightening, skin barrier repairing, strengthening and offer sun protection. Over 10 humectants including hyaluronic acid, over 10 antioxidants including co-enzyme q10 plus a wide range of natural emulsifiers, preservatives, gums, and solubilizers.

I have been formulating my own products for some time now 5 years but this was really something new! Take your formulating skills to the next level by learning how to incorporate vitamins and active ingredients into your formulations. Formulate high-performance serums for yourself, family and friends that are tailored to your precise needs and requirements.

Complete your skincare routine by adding effective, high-performance serums targeted for specific skin concerns. Expand your beauty brand and current product range, and take your business to the next level, by offering extremely in-demand, high-performance serums that will delight your customers. In this module, we will cover some of the essentials of formulating. We have included this module as a useful reminder, but feel free to skip it if you like.

cosmetic serum formulation

This lesson will help you write a formula in the correct manner and explain why professional cosmetic products are written as formulas. Our handy checklist will ensure that you have easy-to-follow guidelines in place. Understand how to decide which best suits the product you are creating and which will best deliver the benefits you desire.

Explore how the intended time of application and location of application may affect the type of formula you create. Understand the function of the lipid barrier and the possible effect of a damaged barrier.

Increase your knowledge of cosmetic ingredients by learning about a wide variety of functional ingredients, lipid ingredients, humectants, chemical exfoliants, active ingredients and fragrances, including the benefits they offer and how to use them, and identify suitable ingredients to use in your formulations.

You will be able to look up ingredients by their function, skin type or the benefits they offer, select ingredients using the chart to assist you and identify suppliers that sell the ingredients. Learn about 11 humectants in detail including the different weights of hyaluronic acid HA.

Learn about their functions, differences, preferred pH range and factors to consider when formulating with them. Thank you for providing such an interesting, fun and challenging course. You really knocked it out of the park! This module takes your knowledge of anhydrous serums to a whole new level! Create a range of textures from smooth, elegant, non-greasy liquid oils serums to decadent pressed serums.

This antioxidant-rich formula features a range of effective antioxidants, including Vitamin C, which work in synergy to help slow down the formation of signs of aging on the skin and protect against the negative effects of oxidative stress, due to sun exposure, pollution, and stress. It features a selection of soothing and anti-inflammatory botanical extracts.

It will restore the skin barrier and thus keep the skin protected from environmental factors and features ceramides as one of its hero ingredients. Our example Golden Rose pressed serum is formulated to help restore the protective barrier and to protect the skin from oxidative stress. Gel-based serums create hydrating, light textured, easily absorbed products perfect for under eye and facial use. Discover when gel-based serums are the best choice, how to create different gel textures and skin feels, and which ingredients can be included in your gel-based formulations to target different concerns.Our OEM ODM facial serum is manufacture with targeted results, potent formulations, and different customization options targeting specific skin-care areas.

These lightweight moisturizers penetrate deeper on the skin to deliver active ingredients. Serum is a product with the ability to penetrate deep into the skin with a very high concentration of active substances, which when applied, provides visible results compared to other cosmetic creams.

When used regularly, it can give a firmer, smoother texture, making pores appear smaller and increasing moisture levels. Serums contain the most potent dose of anti-aging ingredients, antioxidants, peptides, skin brighteners or any other formulation we can find in nonprescription products. These are delicate yet vital products as they are the true hard workers of any facial routine.

Market players offer different types of serums to target concerns such as skin brightening serums, acne prevention, anti-aging, and others. Serum formulation require higher substance compounds providing faster results. As consequence, when it comes to targeting specific skin-care areas, serums have a better score over other skin care products. As serum manufacturers, Global Cosmetics outperforms competitors with a series of successful product formulas for domestic and international environments.

We have the track record and knowledge to manufacture serums with targeted results, potent formulations, and different customization options.

Our in-house chemists, in-house formulas, master fragrance blenders, graphic designers and marketing team have all the capabilities for full-scale production.

Specialized in branded skincare, color cosmetics and toiletries development supply to worldwide retailers. Facial Serum. How we do it. Stages of product-manufacturing. Related Products. Gift Set. Our sets are made to look attractive and designed to be given as a gift.

Our OEM ODM fragrances trends include organic raw materials, sustainable development, personalization, travel-size products and home perfume. Color Cosmetics. Our Color Cosmetics manufacture include foundation, eye makeup, cushion cream, blush, eye brow, skin complexion products, nail polish and remover. Skin Care. Global Cosmetics Toiletries are personal care items used for hygiene or grooming. From body wash to spray shampoo our development practices are the highest.

Lip Care. Global Cosmetics is a cosmetic manufacturer specialized on lipsticks, lip gloss, lip balm and lip scrub with the latest technology. Contact Us.

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