Domestic helper timetable sample

The employers usually have established a daily routine for the domestic helpers to follow. It helps her to be organized and to accomplish her work easier. A daily routine usually starts with breakfast in the morning and ends after dinner.

Preparing breakfast, washing dishes and utensils after the meal; 2. Buying daily food and household supplies; 3. Cooking lunch, washing dishes and utensils after the meal; 4. General cleaning; 5. Carpet vacuuming; 6. Sweeping the floor; 7. Dusting book shelves, table tops, window edges, desks and other furniture; 8. Cleaning the toilet; 9.

Doing the laundry or ironing; Cooking dinner, washing dishes and utensils after the meal; Cleaning the car as required. Some chores are not required to be done on a daily basis; rather, they should be done intensively at least once a week. These include:. Other households require some chores to be done only once or twice a month. However, these chores need to be done thoroughly, as the areas to be cleaned would have been accumulated with too much dust and dirt by the time they are washed or cleaned.

On the whole, your duties and responsibilities shall include those described in your Job Description, which you agreed upon when signing your contract, and which your employer shall oblige you to perform. Jika anda memiliki pertanyaan,harap tinggalkan pesan di halaman Facebook kami dan kami akan segera membalas persan anda.

Kung mayroon po kayong mga katanungan,maari po na mag-iwan ng mensahe sa aming Facebook para po sa iba pang katanungan. Working Routine The employers usually have established a daily routine for the domestic helpers to follow. Daily chores Weekly chores The common chores of the day would include the following tasks: 1. These include: 1. Navigation Home Search helpers About us Our service 1. Overseas Care Giver A. Filipino Care Giver B.

Indonesian Care Giver 2.If you are hiring right now, please first read: Will I be able to hire a domestic helper while these POLO services are temporarily suspended? Call us for more information: or When interviewing a potential domestic helper, we recommend you structure your interview in five parts. The questions you ask should help you figure out if the applicant is a good personality fit with your family.

It is a good idea to find out how the applicants will react in different scenarios. The goal of this exercise is to improve your understanding of their personality and how they problem solve. Remember personality and problem solving are not things which can be easily be taught or learned. Try to figure out the management style of the previous employer.

Think about how this differs to your own style and whether or not the domestic helper worked well with this. Some example questions might be:. The domestic helper may have questions for you. Make sure you allow some time for her to ask questions and offer her the opportunity to ask. This will help her determine if she is a good fit with your family. Call us for more information: or Important reads now: How is the coronavirus situation affecting domestic helper processing Can employers ask domestic helpers to stay in on their day off?

Special notes on termination while coronavirus restrictions are in place How can domestic helpers extend their stay in Hong Kong? Part 1: Situational questions It is a good idea to find out how the applicants will react in different scenarios. What would you do? You seriously cut yourself with a knife. If a child uses abusive words with you, what would you do?

Discrimination against maids in Singapore (Photo Essay Project)

Imagine you are home alone and a workman rings the doorbell.This is pretty backdated. Sometime ago when Mom2Ashley asked me bout some maid stuff, I also told her that must give maid a timetable. Stick to routine. I failed with my 1st maid. So when the 2nd one came along, I ensure that I get it right this time. Prepare the timetable and let her study it, remember by hard, do the work at the time I want.

domestic helper timetable sample

I recall one incident when we were at Penang. Vyktore was happily playing with the water at the babypool with the floaties. We saw it and all of us got panic and rush to him. But the first person that jumped in and grab him up was the maid.

I can tell that she sayang my boy more than my girl. Anyway, back to the timetable. I did send one to Mom2Ashley as she requested me for one. I thought I want to share it here.

In case anyone wants to hire a maid and needs a timetable you can get it HEREjust a template. At least you get some idea what to do. What you need to do is, give it to them when they join you. Let them read thru. Then go thru with them every single line and walk around the house show them what to do, where to get the stuff, etc. Once they have a routine set, tell them you can do it at your own flexibility, but make sure you do the work.

It takes about months for them to familiarise depending on how fast they learn. My rules for her is very simple. Do it the next day.

Weekends we might go out, so when that happens, prioritise your work, which one more important must do. So mommies, must get a timetable yah :.Forgot password?

Come in and discuss issues pertaining to maids and home management. My previous helper went home after 3 years with us. In the past, the FDW's focus was more on child-minding as my kids were still young. So, what I required my ex-helper to do was to clean one room a day in the morning when the kids are all in school e.

I asked her in the morning to start preparing lunch at am, she finished cleaning the room at around am and I see her just sitting around waiting for ?!?! Sometimes she basically stands at the side watching whatever we are doing, waiting to be called to do some things.

I am not quite used to this, I did tell her to find things to do--put folded clothes back, tidy up the plastic bags etc.

But still, hanging around Should I be concerned about this? I never had maids who hang around like this idle I am thinking if i should up the frequency of her cleaning the house--like clean the bedroom more than once a week, wash toilets 3x a week? Do people ask FDWs to clean toilets everyday?

Sorry if my questions sounds elementary even though i have had maids before. She just said no ma'am and sheepishly went to do it Toilets are washed daily. Doors, windows, fans and sofa are cleaned weekly. Walls, curtains and interiors of book cabinets plus contents approximately every half yearly.

My kids can take care of themselves so it is only housework. My maids are comfortable with such a load. So yr fdw cleans all the rooms and toilets daily? I think I should do that When the maid is new, she should know what her daily work is If you cook, kitchen tiles will be oily and need to be cleaned too.

Windows cleaned weekly cos maid a bit slow. I don't deep fry, avoid even stir fry. Steaming, baking and grilling all contained in steamer and oven. Weekly cleaning of the tiles mentioned above is for bathroom.On balmy nights, a Filipino domestic worker in Yishun walks the many dogs that her employer takes in as a pet boarder. Over in town, in Circular Road, amaid who has already spent hours cooking and cleaning in her employer's home does a double shift at the employer's restaurant as a member of the wait staff.

She gets a grand total of five hours off each month. After nine months, she runs away from her employers. Domestic helpers these days have become jills of all trades. But while that sounds like good news for the one in five resident households here employing a maid, overtaxing them can actually hurt loved ones.

This issue of domestic helpers' duties came under the spotlight earlier this month, when a judge wondered if it was "the system's fault" that a maid dropped a suction cap down a disabled boy's throat. Kusrini Caslan Arja, 37, was trying to remove phlegm from the four-year-old's windpipe when the suction cap fell down his throat.

Her attempts to pull it out caused him to bleed. She was sentenced to four months' jail last week. The prosecution had asked for 18 months. District Judge Low Wee Ping said: "We employ domestic maids to be car washers, gardeners, plumbers, nurses, when they should not.

When they do something wrong, we point fault at them. One reason for maids' expansive job scopes is that the rules are vague.

Foreign Domestic Helpers

The Employment of Foreign Manpower Act says that foreigners employed as domestic workers can only "perform household and domestic duties at the residential address as stated in the work permit". What constitutes "household and domestic duties"? Without clarity, employers' whims and fancies dictate maids' duties. Because there is a ready supply of domestic workers, employers get to send them home at will - which is costly for the maid who has paid fees to secure her job, he said.

The Manpower Ministry wants to give employers flexibility, said Mr Jolovan Wham, acting executive director for the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics, and is "therefore reluctant to restrict what domestic workers can and can't do".

domestic helper timetable sample

Singapore can do better in defining domestic workers' duties, rather than leaving maids at the mercy of employers' demands. Among the ludicrous roles that Mr Jolovan Wham has heard of in his interactions with maids over the past 12 years are: masseuse, Kumon-style tutor and assistant to a temple medium performing rites.

Indeed, while younger families may need a domestic worker to help out with household chores and child-minding, those with ailing parents need someone to bathe and change the clothes of the elderly and give them medication. Those with disabled family members need help with caregiving duties, some of which may require special medical training. A family expecting the maid to do too much can cause harm to their loved ones, when the domestic worker is not adequately trained or is overworked and more prone to becoming negligent.

Kusrini, for example, had only had six years of primary education and was not medically trained. Her lawyer, Mr Mahmood Gaznavi, said that despite this, she was tasked with the care of the bedridden boy and received only two days of training from the boy's parents on how to operate the machine. Mr John Gee, executive committee member at Transient Workers Count Too, said: "A domestic worker should not take on any medical role for which she has not had proper training. And even trained helpers should not be given too many caregiving duties and household chores, said experts.

Mr Manmohan Singh, director at AWWA Centre for Caregivers, said: "Even if you're caring for your loved one, the situation can get overwhelming when you're stretched, having to do everything and there's no help.

You're going to burn out and break down. Association of Employment Agencies Singapore president K. Jayaprem said: "Employers are not ready to pay higher salaries.

They say they will take on an ordinary domestic worker and train her up. Singapore is not alone in needing domestic helpers to discharge caregiving duties. The International Labour Organisation ILO said this is the "onset of a care crisis" that many countries are facing: an ageing population and more women joining the workforce. The ILO's Domestic Workers Convention - which sets out to give rights to these workers, including clear employment terms and job scopes - has been ratified by only 23 countries.

Another of the organisation's treaties, dealing with discrimination, has ratifications. In the developing and emerging economies of Asia, 61 per cent of domestic workers remain outside the scope of labour legislation, said the ILO.

One place with clear job scopes for domestic workers is Taiwan. Taiwan has made a distinction between helpers who look after children under six and do household chores, and caregivers whose charges are the elderly and those with disabilities.Hiring right now?

Call us for more information: or Domestic helper holidays can be broken down into different categories, and domestic helpers are legally entitled to each type. Employers are required by law to give all statutory holidays off. Click here to find out how to add Hong Kong holidays to your calendar.

Statutory holidays are as follows for :. Some employers choose to give these days off too but it is not a legal requirement. Are domestic helpers entitled to statutory holidays if they have been working for less than 3 months? Yes, domestic helpers are entitled to statutory holidays regardless of their work duration. Employers must give domestic helpers the day off even if they have been working for less than 3 months. However, legally employers are not required to pay salary for the holiday until after the first 3 months of service.

Can I ask a domestic helper to work on statutory holidays? Yes, you can, but if a domestic helper works on a statutory holiday you must give an alternative day off within 60 days.

You must also give a minimum of 48 hours notice to your domestic helper. However, we recommend giving as much notice as possible. Can I pay a domestic helper extra instead of giving them the holiday off work?

Differences Between Domestic Helper Release Letter, Termination Letter and Reference Letter

No, domestic helpers must be allowed to take the holiday or you must give another day off instead as outlined above. What if the statutory holidays fall on Sundays? When a statutory holiday falls on a rest day usually a Sundaythe next non-holiday day is designated as the statutory holiday instead.

Domestic helpers are also still entitled to the rest day as usual. In the first year of working for you, you are legally required to give a domestic helper seven days of paid leave. However, the longer they work for you the more paid days off you are required to give. Below outlines how many days off you are required to give according to how many years they have worked for you:.

After that, it does not increase. Remember to mark the domestic helper holidays on your calendar, whether you are an employer or a worker. Call us for more information: or Important reads now: How is the coronavirus situation affecting domestic helper processing Can employers ask domestic helpers to stay in on their day off? Special notes on termination while coronavirus restrictions are in place How can domestic helpers extend their stay in Hong Kong?

domestic helper timetable sample

Statutory holidays Employers are required by law to give all statutory holidays off. Annual leave In the first year of working for you, you are legally required to give a domestic helper seven days of paid leave. Is it ok to set a curfew for domestic helpers e. Can my domestic helper come on holiday with me? Last updated on April 7th, Details of eligibility criteria are stated in Guidebook for the Employment of Domestic Helpers from Abroad.

The Director of Immigration will assess the eligibility of the applications as per the criteria given in the guidebook. Those who are considered ineligible may request for reconsideration through the channel provided in the written notification. You must ensure that both the application forms for employing a domestic helper from abroad and for an entry visa are duly completed and are enclosed with all supporting documents, including a completed contract notarized by the relevant consulate, if required.

Applications without any of the two application forms or any necessary supporting documents will be returned and no further action will be taken until all the application forms and necessary documents are re-submitted. Upon receipt of the application, the Immigration Department will send an acknowledgement letter to you.

Alternatively, you may submit your application by registered mail. The Immigration Department will regard the date of the postal chop on the envelope as the date of application. Except for the countries not requiring notarization of FDH employment contracts, all contracts have to be notarized before FDHs are approved to work in Hong Kong. Starting from 1 Octoberall FDHs applying for renewal of contract will be granted a visa if their applications are approved.

Extension of stay is only required when the employer cannot make such arrangement immediately. If you or your household member is a disabled person with special needs, you may enclose relevant supporting documents with your application please see A3 and state your situation in writing.

The Immigration Department will deal with each case on its individual merits. The minimum allowable wage MAW is subject to periodic reviews by the Labour and Welfare Bureau; and public announcement will be made by them when there is a change or when they decide to maintain the wage level. After signing a contract which specifies a wage at or above the MAW, an employer cannot subsequently agree with the helper to pay a wage lower than the MAW.

An employer who underpays wages is liable, upon conviction under the Employment Ordinance Cap. The employer may also be committing serious offences of making false representation to an Immigration Officer and conspiracy to defraud. Any person convicted of making false representation under the Immigration Ordinance Cap. Any person convicted of the offence of conspiracy to defraud under the Common Law and punishable under the Crimes Ordinance is liable to imprisonment for 14 years.

This is to allow time for employers whose contracts signed on or before 27 September to complete the necessary procedures before submitting their applications to ImmD. The Labour Department has issued a " Practical Guide for Employment of FDHs - What FDH and their Employers Should Know " PDF formatcovering answers to some of the common questions raised by FDHs and their employers and containing information such as wages, rest days and leaves, medical attention and sickness allowance, maternity protection, severance payment and long service payment, employment protection, termination of contract, passage and food and travelling allowance, etc.

Foreign domestic helpers enjoy the same protection under the Employment Ordinance EO as do local employees. They are further entitled to the rights and benefits specified in their standard employment contract. An employer who intends to terminate the employment contract of a helper is required to give the helper one month's prior notice in writing or one month's wages in lieu of notice as well as other termination payments, which include.

domestic helper timetable sample


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