Gm upfitter snow plow prep

Syracuse, New York, Quebec City in Canada, Flagstaff, Arizona and Erie, Pennsylvania all average eight to ten feet of snowfall a year and have metro-area populations exceedingpeople. Other areas cover many more people in lots of snow. If you run a paving, landscape, excavation or perhaps a seasonal agriculture, maintenance or building business, that precipitation is a potential revenue stream.

A plow package can add more than a 1, pounds to the front suspension. So proper vehicle setup is essential in the prevention of mechanical issues and down time. Photos by Bruce W. You may like waking up really early, working at night, and perhaps even have some experience snow plowing.

We talked with people familiar with professional plowing around the country to get their take on the best pickup setup. These snow-plowing pros had a lot of great insights on what it takes to make a pickup last season after season pushing snow. Tires are the single-most important safety item on a pickup. A cab-and-chassis with a staked flatbed or dump body will work and has no bed bodywork to get damaged by the snow and ice chunks trailing off the front.

Ford dropped the snow-plow prep package from the and-newer F because of electrical requirements associated with the electric-assist steering; many plows have peak draws near amps and losing steering assist while plowing because of it could be problematic.

Some plow packages are merely a heavier-duty alternator and skid-plate upgrade. Others are more comprehensive and have included heavier front springs, fan clutch, accessory power supplies and wiring harnesses, and a larger grille or bumper opening.

Having the right lights in the right location speeds up snow removal work while increasing the safety element. Our sources named the usual choices—the BOSS, Fisher, Meyer, Sno-Way, and Western—and unanimously thought a good parts supplier or dealer was just as important as brand, but plow operators are no less brand-loyal than the pickups they drive.

Many plow manufacturer web sites will match a plow to a truck, specify what factory options are required, and include a ballast calculator. Many operators add front air helper-springs like those from Firestone, or Timbren rubber springs, while some have installed front air shocks. Speck, who hates to see front tires buried in the fenders, uses a mild Energy Suspension leveling kit and bushings on his solid-axle F Ford and Ram solid axles may be easier to lift and align than IFS suspensions, but whatever truck you are setting up to plow with, the primary goal is having it level with the plow on and high enough that a lifted plow can clear sidewalks and curbs, both to avoid colliding with and ease back-dragging off of them.

Batteries tend to be cranky when the temperature plummets. So special attention needs to be paid to their condition prior to winter work. Check cells and clean terminals and connections. A plow system can pull amp loads, defrosters are going full tilt and there are lots of lights on, so dual batteries, even on gasoline trucks, are highly recommended.

A high-output alternator—from the factory, the aftermarket, or in addition to the standard unit—is a good idea, too; some newer diesels are available with dual alternators. Several companies offer high-output alternators, including Quick Start Auto Electric alternatorparts. Most pros find high-grade amber lamps like those from Hella and PIAA generate considerably less glare off snow than white lights.

Warning lights come in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes. A roof-mounted LED setup like we have on Project Super Crew or a simple rotating beacon is easier for traffic to determine distance to and speed of your truck. Adequate cooling may not be top of mind while freezing your butt off. However, it does require attention. Plowing is hard on automatic transmissions and torque converters. Trans cooler fins get plugged and temps will soar faster than drifts in a blizzard.

There are two camps in tires, one using all-terrains for year-round operation, the other in favor of dedicated winter tires See our snow tire test, page Whereas the larger part of the Sierra HD range is built for towing heavy payloads and spending their life behind the scenes doing the dirty work, the AT4 takes on a more recreational role.

Designed to tackle the great outdoors, the AT4 gets a number of features that turn it into a true off-road contender. Some of the most significant changes include a two-inch suspension lift, Rancho high-performance shocks, an electronic Eaton rear locking differential, an off-road traction control system with off-road mode, and beefy all-terrain tires.

Inside the AT4 gets heated and ventilated seats and all-weather floor mats embossed with the AT4 logo. Gooseneck Hitch Package Gooseneck ball Chain tiedown kit with case May require additional optional equipment. Contact GM Upfitter Integration at www. Snow Plow Prep Package Power feed to accommodate a backup and roof emergency light1 A single amp alternator A high-capacity air filter and an auxiliary transmission oil cooler Heavy-duty front springs Under body skid plates to help protect the transfer case from debris May require additional optional equipment.

Select configuration:. Body Type. Seating capacity. Trunk Volume. Fuel Economy. Performance Specs Engine and Transmission Engine. Steering Steering Type.

2020 3500HD plowing snow

Wheels Wheels Type. Tires Front Tire. Dimensions and Measurement Exterior Dimensions Length. Interior Space Seating Capacity. Weight and Towing Maximum Towing Capacity.

Bluetooth Connection. Hard Disk Drive Media Storage. Premium Sound System. Satellite Radio. Smart Device Integration. WiFi Hotspot. Auxiliary Audio Input. Entertainment System. MP3 Player. Interior Trim Bucket Seats. Cloth Seats. Leather Seats.

Leather Steering Wheel. Premium Synthetic Seats. Vinyl Seats. Woodgrain Interior Trim. Comfort Head-Up Display. Navigation System.Try it free for 14 days. View Full Image. Truck Trend Magazine news. Most everyone loves the sight of a Winter Wonderland, but all that can change behind the wheel, since driving under wintry conditions can cause more of a headache than anything else. According to GMC, not all plow-equipped trucks are created equal.

The GMC Sierra truck has an edge over other plow-equipped trucks, thanks to a comprehensive plow prep package with an adjustable torsion bar front suspension as one of the most important components. Engineers paid close attention to the front axle loads when designing the Sierra HD trucks, making the torsion bars easily adjustable with a single wrench to provide the proper wheel alignment when a plow is added.

A plow can drastically affect wheel alignment, since equipment can weigh as much as pounds. For strong traction and support for heavy loads like road salt, engineers also added three-inch-wide asymmetric leaf springs to the Sierra's rear suspension. All four-wheel drive Sierra trucks are available with the plow prep package, which comes complete with a amp power for back-up and roof emergency lights, heavy-duty amp alternator, heavy-duty front bumper, forward wiring harness, trailer brake wiring harness, skid plate, high-flow air cleaner, and auxiliary transmission oil cooler.

All this is covered under GMC warranty.

2020 GM HD Pickup Trucks Bring Snow Plow Package Improvements

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Pandemic Unemployment Assistance is effective from January 27, until the end of this year. GM Plow Package - Is it necessary? Messages: It is an extended cab short bed with the 6.

gm upfitter snow plow prep

Over the summer, the guy put on a 8. He informed me that the truck does not have the factory plow package on it. He said the sticker also said it has a front axle weight rating.

gm upfitter snow plow prep

He was planning on plowing this year for a couple relatives that have business', but his wife just recently passed away and now he wants to sell the truck and not plow anymore. He asked me if I wanted to buy it cause he knows that I also cut lawns on the side and thought I might have people that wanted their snow removed as well. The truck is in great shape. He put the undercoating on when he bought it at 60,XXX miles and it looks really good underneath.

Plus, he thinks the plow added on quite a bit of value. I guess my first question is, what would the plow package offer that this truck doesn't currently have. Is it necessary to then put that stuff on the truck if I wanted to buy this and plow with it? I know he will come down slightly on the price just because I know him, but what would an appropriate offer be to give him? I really like him and he has been through a very hard couple months, so I don't want to offend him.

KollermanDec 3, Sounds like the price is steep. And there's a reason GM has a plow prep package. You'll need to gusset the upper control arm brackets at a minimum.The U. Chamber of Commerce shared its insight on the Paycheck Protection Program. Click here to learn more. Discussion in ' Western Plows Discussion ' started by gratefulgaryDec 30, Log in or Sign up.

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance is effective from January 27, until the end of this year. Messages: 8. I just had a new Pro Plus plow installed on a new Silverado It is not something I can reproduce deliberately. Is this normal? Thanks guys galsG.

gm upfitter snow plow prep

Messages: NewdudeDec 30, That should do it,thanks. I knew there was a reason I keep you guys around Messages: 2, I just read a bulletin that says some trucks with plow prep kits have issues with things powering off because of voltage spikes. When the plow pump motor cuts in the truck alternater ramps up but when the pump motor stops that alt output does not stop fast enough. This causes a voltage spike and subsequent system shutdowns.

gm upfitter snow plow prep

Apparently the dealers can load new firmware that gives alternator output control a higher priority for the body control module. Not knowing what truck you have I can't say if this applies. I suggest you contact your western dealer and inquire.This page is for personal, non-commercial use.

Ford loves its big numbers. Big horsepowerbig torquebig tow ratingbig everything. To start the new year, Ford decided it had another set of hefty digits to throw around: 1. Ford claims its 1,pound snow plow rating, which accounts for mounting hardware, is the heaviest in the class of full-size pickups over 8, lbs.

The rating is good on 4x4 Fs and Fs with single rear wheels, gas engines, short boxes, and regular, crew, or super cabs. Ford also says its 1,pound rating for diesel models is also best-in-class amongst full-size pickups over 8, lbs. The diesel rating covers 4x4 Fs and Fs with regular cabs and the 6. Ford also mentions that, though not included, a preheating windshield wiper de-icer, a heated steering wheel, and heated rear and front seats are all available and would be logical additions.

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Click on the icon for your Adblocker in your browser. A drop down menu will appear. Select the option to run ads for autoblog.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Here is an update kit for some of the and later Chevy and GMC trucks that came with the plow prep package. The truck have a voltage over load when you use the plow and let off the controller.

This adds a 3rd plug to your 2 plug Fleet flex plow and corrects the problem. What happens is the overload causes the truck to shut down the dash and radio to protect itself.

Before installing this kit you will need to get the GM UI Bulletin bThis is for trucks that have the Snow plow prep package cause they have the larger alternator. Here is a link to the Install Instructions for this kit. If you notice an intermittent resetting of the instrumental panel on your truck when changing the plow position, check this bulletin for an explanation and solution.

The plow side of this harness just connects to the positive and negative terminals on the pump motor. The vehicle side taps in to the GM supplied harness Review by Mark. Phone Number. Power Hitch 1 Power Hitch 2. Hitch and Run Sno Pro Quick Hitch. Western Fisher Blizzard Meyer Curtis. Controller parts Controllers Controller Brackets.

Controller parts controllers Controller Brackets. Rebuilt Transmissions Rebuilt Transfer Cases. SKU Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. This is used for Fisher, Western, Blizzard and Snowex plows. You will need the GM harness kit This should come in the glove box of a new truck Here is a link to the Install Instructions for this kit.

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