How many questions in easa part 66 exams

how many questions in easa part 66 exams

Chinese Sim plified. Chinese Traditional. All basic examinations must be carried out using the multi-choice question format and essay questions as specified below.

Each multi-choice question must have three alternative answers of which only one must be the correct answer and the candidate must be allowed a time per module which is based upon a nominal average of 75 seconds per question. Each essay question requires the preparation of a written answer and the candidate must be allowed 20 minutes to answer each such question.

Each question will have a model answer drafted for it, which will also include any known alternative answers that may be relevant for other subdivisions. The model answer will also be broken down into a list of the important points known as Key Points. If either the multi-choice part only or the essay part only is failed, then it is only necessary to retake the multi-choice or essay part, as appropriate.

Penalty marking systems must not be used to determine whether a candidate has passed. All PART modules that make up a complete PART aircraft maintenance licence category or subcategory must be passed within a 5 year time period of passing the first module except in the case specified in paragraph 1. A failed module may not be retaken for at least 90 days following the date of the failed module examination, except in the case of a Part approved maintenance training organisation which conducts a course of retraining tailored to the failed subjects in the particular module when the failed module may be retaken after 30 days.

The 5 year time period specified in paragraph 1. Your PART study material is an extremely effective, well-developed material that I recommend heartily to all aircraft mechanics, technicians and anyone else who is studying PART Highly recommended. Electrical Fundamental. Electronic Fundamental. Maintenance Practices.


Basic Aerodynamics. Human Factor. Aviation Legislations. Gas Turbine Engine. Piston Engine. Aircraft Books Store. All rights reserved. Sample Study Material.

PART66 digital library. Easa Introduction. Part Basic. Part Licence. Aerospace News. Contact Us.Forgotten password. It is through this slightly increased number of questions in our database we are able to provide a very good overall coverage of the various versions of the question bank currently used by the CAAs in individual countries. It is especially the case right before the official exam dates when the students often wish to cover only the small, but most important sections of the database as part of the last-minute brush-up studies.

Students can easily switch between these versions at any time, depending on the goals of their studies and the stage of their training: ESSENTIAL Smallest size — only the questions appearing on the exams most frequently.

Suitable for last-minute brush-up before the exams as it only contains the most frequently used questions. Suitable for students wishing to cover every known variation of questions they might possibly encounter during the official exam. You don't need to hesitate any longer. We offer up to questions absolutely for free. For purchase options visit our e-shop.At Suntech, one of the most flexible EASA Part approved training organisationswe train aircraft maintenance engineers by our successful training process.

This way you can become one of the most in-demand professionals worldwide, with one of the highest salaries in technical trades. When applying for an offer, please let us know which modules would you like to attend. By the completion of all examinations for your chosen licence category B1 or B2 the experience requirements are as such:. This in total requires 2. Additional to that you need to gain 2 years of work experiences in respected aircraft maintenance organization.

If that is the case, then you need to pass all EASA Part 66 exams for desired license category and accumulate 3 years of work experiences in respected aircraft maintenance organizations. The whole process takes a bit more than 3 years before you are able to apply for a license. Please note this option is possible only in a few EU states and also in few non-EU states. If none of the exam sessions suite you, but you are a group, preparing for EASA Part 66 exams, we are able to prepare custom review and exam sessions according to your availability and wishes.

Courses can be held in Slovenia and Turkey or on location and time you may choose. Minimum group for exam session is 8 people. Training facilities for the performance of theoretical parts and exams of Suntech maintenance training are located at:.

You apply for the review or exam via the contact form at the end of this page. There you let us know which license category B1. We send you your training materials and you start to self-study for certain module. You can contact him for any possible explanation you might have during your self-study process. Before the exam itselfyou get the time and chance to ask the examiner topics that were not clear to you during self-study. You take the exam at an approved location with approved examiner or invigilator.

After a successful examyou are rewarded with a Certificate of Recognition for that specific module. Please fill out the following form.

Let us know the desired modules with dates or the whole category you would like to attend from the calendar on this page. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website.

These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.Our site uses cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience, if you choose to continue then we will assume that you are happy for your web browser to receive all cookies from our website.

If you would like more information, please visit our cookie policy page. Please see our information for exam candidates and approved training organisations. Before sitting any Licensing examination candidates are required to read all of the documents contained in the 'Candidate Examination Guidance' section on this page.

If you have any queries relating to examinations, please email aml-eexams caa. Please refer to your examination confirmation e-mail for specific items for each examination. The e-Exam system has a number of part module exams available for candidates to sit, see Products.

how many questions in easa part 66 exams

We are able to provide limitation removal exams for all limitations not listed above on a case by case basis. They are available as 'on request' e-Exams; when you are registered for an e-Exams service please contact AML-eExams caa. They are available on request; when you are registered for an e-Exams service please contact AML-eExams caa.

Candidates and Approved Training Organisations ATOs may raise concerns or challenge the accuracy and effectiveness of an examination question, paper, or supporting materials.

The CAA thoroughly reviews all such instances via the following two protocols and results may be amended where genuine issues are identified. Entering a comment during the examination does not constitute a Full Review but every comment is reviewed by the CAA. A candidate can request a Full Review which is a comprehensive investigation into the accuracy and integrity of examination content and materials delivered to the candidate during a specific test.

The full examination review fee should be paid by the candidate at the time of requestwhich is fully refundable if an error is found and the candidate marks are adjusted accordingly.

The CAA endeavours to complete this service within 10 working days of receipt of the request.

Module 03 - Electrical Fundamentals ( EASA DGCA CAA Exam Questions)

A message notification, explaining the findings and closing actions will be added to the 'User Messages' area in the candidate e-Exam portal. Further advice to UK consumers impacted by Flybe entering administration 5 March, Advice to UK consumers following Flybe entering administration 4 March, Girls in aviation day 22 October, Please send me questions of PART 66 module Dear Sir, Hope you are fine and keeping well.

Is this site still active?? When last has the B1. This is a great site and will be helpful to many out their PLS send me. Please send to me all the Modules 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,14,15,17 test questions and answer to wtclee yahoo. I also need question bank module 13 on: fluesoppan hotmail. I just want to ask,is all this questions are the latest EASA part 66 questions? Where can I buy complete books with questionnaires and answer key for all modules for cat a,b1, b2, b3 and C?

I am taking module 6 AST. Can anyone help me with module 1 math? All questions, materials etc. Hello every one. Can anyone help me with module 13 questions bank or any thing related to module 13 please This is my email: alj3fry gmail.

I have exam next week. Hello everyone. My e-mail address is bmungai9 hotmail.

how many questions in easa part 66 exams

If anyone has ever read it, I would love to hear something about it. Does it have any quality? It is ok for the exam. Hello everyone.

Can anyone plz send recent mcq's or essay questions for B1. Any kind of help wil be appreciated. My id Please can anybody send me essay questions for module 7,9, Because I don't have nice language knowledge.

I wanna practice,please send me, this is my email sithijadesilva ymail. Please can anyone sent me modules 1,2 3 questions on bkumar yahoo. Please can anybody send me essay questions for module 7,9,10 as soon as possible. Dear indea plz send me qs if any module u have. Thanx shwasim yahoo. Does anybody knows the Module 8 Bank Question if yes please email to me pityu gmail. Can anybody send me any reading materials on this to my e mail id gcs gmail.As the CAA has suspended exams from Aprilwe are mitigating the effect of this by offering options for all club66pro.

This offer applies also to eligible club66pro. GCAA, etcand all Part organisations within their jurisdiction. Any subscriptions that were commenced after Mar were done so in the knowledge that the CAA exams are suspended indefinitely, so these offers are not applicable to the subscriber in this case. If you have a subscription that started prior to Mar, and ends before Jun, you can suspend the remainder of the subscription effectively put it on-holdand the number of days remaining on the subscription will be credited to your account.

You can then restart the subscription and use the remaining active days, at any time in the future. If you want to take advantage of this offer, please contact us using the link at top of this page, and let us know that you wish to take "Option 2" and for which Module if not all active Modules.

If you have a subscription that started prior to Mar, and ends before Jun, you can continue to use the service to study, but you can claim a 1-month free subscription for the same module in the future for example the month prior to the rescheduled exam date. You may prefer this option if you want to use any lock-down home time to continue to study for your Modules but would like a month of "last-moment cramming" just prior to your rescheduled exam date.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, you do not need to contact us right now. Please contact us only when you want to claim your free month's subscription, using the link at top of this page, and let us know for which Module s you want to claim. We will then check your eligibility and activate your free subscription accordingly. For subscribers of the keyaccounts, the suspension rules regarding these accounts will be temporarily lifted. You can now suspend or put on-hold your key account from now, until such a time that the CAA lift their suspension of the exams.

If you wish to do this, please contact us and we will suspend your keyaccount for you from the date you contact us it cannot be back-dated. Your keyaccount will be automatically reactivated when the CAA unsuspend their exams. For subscribers of the platinum account subscribers, your account already caters for suspension of the account. This can be controlled by you, via your Members Area. No additional service is required nor offered.

But this is precisely the service that we provide. We are therefore offering a free 'site licence' style subscription to all colleges and universities that offer courses in Basic Aircraft Maintenance anywhere in the world. This includes all services provided by club66pro. How does it work? When one trusted customer decided to withhold payment from TTS, for goods Training Manuals supplied, using the excuse of the effects of the Corona-virus pandemic, we considered that such behaviour is not the way for organisations to work together in these difficult times.

This is not the time to try to force suppliers out of business opportunistically and selfishly, to make a short term gain. The club66pro. Therefore it is ideally suited for tutors to stay in touch with their students, and for students and tutors to stay in isolation from each other and others. Access to the club66pro. The participating organisation must be closed to student in-person attendance due to the corona-virus pandemic. Questions posted on the Tutorial Support forums from students of participating organisations, will not necessarily be answered by the staff of club66pro.

The offer is available only to academic organisations. It is not available to airline companies or maintenance companies. The password will be changed every 2-weeks, and the new password will be emailed to the participating organisation's p. This scheme applies to existing club66pro.

We will have contacted you to let you know that it is available to you and to ask you if you want to make use of the scheme.

Your usual site-licence membership will be extended for the same period that the scheme is in operation initially 3-months. The Terms and Conditions listed above shall also apply.

how many questions in easa part 66 exams

Secure eBook. Buy per copy.Applications must be received no less than three weeks before the examination date. All examinations are held on a Friday and start at andunless otherwise stated. A place in a morning or afternoon examination session cannot be guaranteed on application. Further guidance is given with the application form. ICAT must receive all necessary documentation at least 3 weeks before the examination date.

BSc Students should ensure that they do not take exams too late for marks to be entered to the university examination boards. Applications to sit exams must be received three weeks prior to the exam date at the latest. Where can I sit examinations? Who can sit a Part examination? What can I take into the examination? If I pass a Part module will I receive a certificate? Do Part examination certificates expire? Which modules should I study? How much experience do I need in order to get my licence?

In what depth should I study each chapter? I am currently serving in the armed forces, will my aircraft experience count towards the licence? How do I record my experience? I already have some qualifications in subjects related to the modules I will be studying, can I gain any modules through accredited prior learning?

I already hold a licence in another country, will I be able to convert it to a UK licence?

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Examination Entry Form. Examination Dates BSc Students should ensure that they do not take exams too late for marks to be entered to the university examination boards. Anyone can sit a Part examination, by applying in the normal way.

Details are given in the examination briefing document on the examinations page. Yes, you receive an individual certificate for each module you pass. Yes, modular examinations must have been passed within 10 years preceding the application for the Aircraft Maintenance Licence. This will depend on the licence you are trying to obtain. Most licences include the first ten modules. More information can be found on the IR Part page. More information on experience requirements can be found on the IR Part page or at www.

The knowledge level required depends on the licence you are studying towards and varies form chapter to chapter. This is given in the syllabus.


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