Ioptron ipolar review

A revised variant of a popular camera mount with plenty of surprises. By Paul Money. Camera tracking mounts have exploded in popularity over the past few years, a trend iOptron has been at the forefront of.

The SkyGuider Pro is supplied in a soft padded case, along with a dec. Power comes from an internal Li-Poly 3. In the course of our review we used the SkyGuider Pro for around 12 hours; iOptron states that a single charge can provide up to 20 hours of use in ideal conditions. Assembly was quick and straightforward, though you do have several options depending on the sort of imaging you have in mind. In this configuration, the mount can also be used for slow-motion terrestrial panoramic photography.

That being said, we did find that making the sorts of adjustments to polar alignment you need for astronomical purposes became much easier by adding the altaz base to the tripod.

In this configuration, you must polar align first before adding the camera mounting block, as it covers the view through the polarscope. Again, there was no star trailing. If you want to use a heavy lens on your camera, you may need to remove the ball head and mounting block, swapping them for the dec.

iOptron Mod - Polar Scope Cam

In this configuration we took one-minute exposures of the star cluster M11 with the same DSLR and a mm lens set at mm. The camera mount has a port for attaching a Go2Nova hand controller, but this was not available at the time of the review.

There is also an ST-4 autoguiding port, though you should bear in mind that it can only guide in RA as there is no dec. However, for our tests we were very pleased with the general tracking without either, as it works so well. If you were to purchase a second camera mounting disc, you could attach it to the base of the dec. We were impressed with how sturdy the camera mount is given its weight: just 1kg without the altaz base and 1. On its own, the camera mount fits into the palm of your hand, and along with its accessories fits into a convenient padded case.

You only need to add your camera gear and tripod to create an ideal travelling system that could be taken anywhere in the world. Offering the ability to capture both wide star fields, and closer views of nebulae and other large deep-sky targets, there are plenty of targets to keep this system busy for hours of imaging at a time. Its adjustable illuminated reticule can be used for both northern and southern hemispheres, ideal if you want to take the mount on holiday.

The SkyGuider Pro comes with adaptors for simple wide-field imaging top leftcameras with heavier lenses bottom left and even small scopes via the Vixen-style adaptor right. You can also add a second mounting disc to the base of the dec. The altaz base is sturdily constructed and is easy to adjust with its fine latitude adjustment control, even while aligning to Polaris using the polarscope.

The mounting bracket allows you to balance a heavy camera with a large lens — or mount a lightweight telescope — and does not obstruct the polarscope view. Our rating. August 8, at pm. Compact, portable and versatile We were impressed with how sturdy the camera mount is given its weight: just 1kg without the altaz base and 1.

Throw in the excellent tracking for visual use and it also has use for solar eclipse chasing. Astronomy FAQs What is backfocus? Astronomy FAQs What is a telescope baffle? You may also like.The SkyGuider Pro makes shooting long exposure nightscapes without star-trailing possible. On a stationary tripod mount, star trailing begins to show in exposures longer than 25 seconds. To combat this, amateur astrophotographers counteract the rotation of the Earth using a tracking equatorial mount.

The problem is, these EQ mounts can be heavy and obtrusive, making them spend more time indoors than under the stars. And thus, we enter the realm of the new highly-portable tracking mounts like the iOptron SkyGuider Pro. The iOptron SkyGuider Pro is a very versatile and portable astrophotography solution for both camera lenses and small telescopes. No longer do stars begin to trail after 20 seconds, and a new level of detail and clarity can be achieved.

Nothing displays this trait better than a long exposure photo of the Milky Way or a deep sky nebula. Photographing deep sky objects through a telescope requires accurate polar alignment and balance, both of which are straightforward to achieve using the SkyGuider Pro.

Thanks to the SkyGuider Pro, I now have a completely portable deep sky astrophotography kit. The iOptron SkyGuider Pro can be used on a regular photography tripod and is less obtrusive than a traditional, large equatorial mount. In a sea of competing portable sky tracker mounts, the iOptron SkyGuider Pro stands out as one of the more robust and capable options in this category.

When selecting a telescope to use with the SkyGuider Pro, make sure it falls below the maximum payload capacity of 11 pounds. A heavier telescope with an increased focal length will put extra stress on the RA right-ascension motor of the mount, as well as magnify any issues in polar alignment or balance.

In this review, I will share my test images using the iOptron SkyGuider Pro as a camera mount with a lens attachedand as a small telescope mount. Since receiving this mount from Ontario Telescope back inI have captured wide-angle photos of the Milky Way, and several deep sky objects using exposures from seconds.

I enjoy controlling my DSLR camera with a third-party remote shutter release cable when using the SkyGuider with a small telescope or camera lens. This automates the imaging sequence of several long exposures so I can leave the camera running on its own. The SkyGuider Pro is robust enough to handle a telephoto lens or small telescope in the mm range.

The included 3-lb counterweight and shaft is adjustable so you can find the right balance to properly distribute the weight of your imaging configuration. I have used both of these telescope to capture images like the Andromeda Galaxy pictured below.

The following video was published to my YouTube channel in July At this time, the mount was brand new and I knew very little about it. Since then, I have photographed many deep sky objects with this mount including Comet 46P Wirtanenthe Orion Nebula, and many more. This should give you a good idea of the portability and size of this camera mount for astrophotography on the go.

For an in-depth look at the mount from a technical standpoint, David Morris has put together a useful video on his channel. Unfortunately, I forgot my shutter release cable at home, so the exposures were limited to seconds each.

A star tracker certainly helps reduce star trailing at seconds in longer focal lengths, but the real power of the SkyGuider is revealed when you shoot 4-minute exposures through a telescope.

The EQ head of the SkyGuider fits in my palm, yet is packed with many useful features for astrophotography. I have not utilized the optional hand controller, camera shutter trigger, or even the ST-4 port. It is astonishing at how small the iOptron SkyGuider Pro actually is.

The mount weighs a mere 3 lbs and is easily transported in the included padded carry case. The option for adding a counterweight and Vixen-type dovetail saddle for small telescopes puts this mount in a class above standard DSLR camera sky trackers. For many amateur astrophotographers, the SkyGuider Pro is the first tracking mount they have ever owned.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

This item is in stock and typically ships in 1 day or less. One of the many benefits to becoming a customer of High Point Scientific is that you receive Unlimited Tech Support on all of the products you purchase from us. We understand that many of our products are technical in nature and require support. Rest assured that our team of Telescope and Telescope Accessory experts will be standing by The iOptron CEM60 is a center-balanced equatorial mount that can handle up to 60 lb.

Having the payload at the center of gravity means that the iOptron CEM60 mount extremely light compared to its payload. This is a nice benefit when setting up at a remote site, as traveling with the mount is much easier. Included with the iOptron CEM60 equatorial mount includes an adjustable counterweight bar to help prevent obstruction with the tripod or pier, the iPolar e-Polarscope, and GoTo capabilities.

Its database includes overobjects. This iOptron equatorial mount is a new category and payload capacity for viewing and astrophotography. All you have to do is place the plus symbol over the graphical representation of the celestial pole's location. When these two symbols are aligned, they represent a precise polar alignment.

The iOptron iPolar uses an electronic camera that is aligned with both the axes of your mount. Downloadable Windows software processes the camera's images to calculate the true location of the celestial pole north or south and then guides you through any adjustments needed to align your mount precisely to the pole.

Resolution: 30 arcsec approx. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. In stock Ships in one day This item is in stock and typically ships in 1 day or less.

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ioptron ipolar review

Weight Capacity lb.About My Account Newsletter Sign-up. Products Dealers Support News. Featured Products. Having difficulty to polar align, especially in Southern Hemisphere? We have a solution: SkyGuider Pro with built-in iPolar! Leading the camera tracker market for nearly four years, iOptron's SkyGuider Pro pushes closer to perfection. The redesigned SkyGuiderr TM Pro mount head is more compact, small enough to fit on your palm, better precision, silent tracking, built-in rechargeable power source, ST-4 guiding port and camera trigger port.

The improved precision polar scope maintains a fine engraved reticule, now features adjustable illumination with different brightness levels.

Using with our iOS app, quick and accurate polar alignment is just a joy. The optional hand controller allows you to check the Pole Star position for the polar alignment, slew the mount, adjust the guiding rate, change the mount settings and control the camera trigger.

This mount has an integrated electronic polar finder scope known as the iPolar. This tool ensures the accurate alignment of a telescope, even when the pole star is obscured.

iOptron GEM45 GoTo Equatorial Mount w/ iPolar - 7603A

There are large levers on the quick-lock drive engagement system; these large levers make it easy to snap the gears into place. All 4 tracking rates work in both northern and southern hemispheres. We have also added a quick slew mode with both forward and reverse to help quickly reframing your image without disrupting the cameras position.

The SkyGuider TM Pro is certainly a must have tool for any photographer interested in astroscape or wide field astrophotography. It all started with a great idea and a little hard work.

Today we're proud to provide quality products direct to your doorstep through an experience you'll enjoy. And most of all, we hope you'll enjoy the products as much as we do. Call or email us today to let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you!

Technical Specs. Support Documents. Lithium-Poly Battery 3. SkyTracker Ball Head. Go2Nova Hand Controller Related Items. Outstanding tracker.In this review, I'll explain the most important aspects of the SkyGuider Pro, like the counterweight system, polar alignment, build quality, and if it's worth the price.

This will give you a good look at how the SkyGuider Pro works. If you're interested in learning even more about the SkyGuider Pro, I've recently created a course that contains over 10 hours of tutorial videos! You'll learn the best camera settings to use, how to setup the SkyGuider Pro in the field, and even post-processing. If you want to learn more about photographing nebula and galaxies with the SkyGuider Pro, check out my new Deep Space Coursewhich has over 9 hours of tutorials!

You will learn how to find, photograph, and edit your images. Achieving an accurate polar alignment is relatively easy with the SkyGuider Pro.

The SGP comes with a built-in polar scope, which will allow to you precisely align to the north star, provided you have the smartphone app. The app is critical for an accurate alignment, as you will need to know the exact spot to position Polaris inside of the polar scope reticle.

Depending on your declination bracket configuration, this may cause some problems. For example, I need to rotate my entire camera upside-down, to activate the red light.

This is scary at night, having my camera dangling while I do a precise polar alignment. If you keep the default configuration, you should only have to rotate things slightly. Also, there's a chance your polar scope can be misaligned, which will cause serious problems during your polar alignment.

For more information, check out this discussion. This can be very easy when using the SkyTracker Pro, and a bit more difficult when using other models. For example, if you purchased the SkyWatcher Star Adventurer Mini, you would need to install the polar scope each time you did a polar alignment. Plus, you'd have to install the red-light illuminator, which is another small annoyance.

iOptron SkyGuider Pro tracking mount review

Unless you happen to have the problems mentioned above. The included base makes alignment considerably easier too.Take the strain out of polar alignment with the iOptron iPolar Electronic Polarscope. By Paul Money. Whether you are a visual astronomer or astro imager the one thing when using an equatorial mount is to ensure the R.

Normally to do this means getting down and looking up through an inbuilt polar scope and aligning the pole star in the correct position in its inbuilt reticule.

iOptron SkyGuider Pro tracking mount review

This can be tedious and as one gets older it is also a little uncomfortable, especially to your knees. This is where the iOptron iPolar Electronic polarscope comes into its own and takes the strain out of polar alignment. The iPolar seems a simple set up and at first glance there is not much to look at, but it is what it achieves that is the important aspect. Along with iOptron mounts, there are adapters for most of the popular mounts on the market so ensure you check out and choose the correct adapter before purchase.

This adapter is installed at the top of the mount replacing the front cap and it is affixed in place by two tiny grub screws, fortunately the correct Allen key is supplied in the package. A secondary adapter then slots into it and is set in place with a silver screw before finally slotting the iPolar camera in place and locking with the plastic screw.

A slot in the secondary adapter allows access to the camera mini usb interface where the supplied cable is attached ready to link up with your PC or laptop. Once installed, connect up the camera which is plug and play and it was quickly detected and installed with no fuss. Once done, as the software plate solves the field of view on the fly then a red circle appears on the screen showing where the pole should be, and a red cross indicates the current position of the mount axis.

All you need then do is adjust the mount via its alt az knobs until the cross lies over the circle. As it gets closer, the image becomes highly magnified adding to the accuracy of alignment. Once done you are aligned and can then perform the usual star alignment and away you go.

ioptron ipolar review

We found that we could go from a rough polar alignment giving 30 seconds untrailed stars to seconds unguided exposures with our Equinox 80ED refractor by using the iPolar, so an immediate improvement and ideal for anyone wanting an easier way to polar align their system. Our rating. June 13, at pm. Paul Money. Astronomy FAQs What is backfocus? Astronomy FAQs What is a telescope baffle?

ioptron ipolar review

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About this product

Meade Premium Laser Collimator review. Orion StarShoot Solitaire Autoguider review. HoTech advanced CT laser collimator.The new iOptron iPolar electronic polarscope is a quick, easy way to accurately polar align your mount, even when you cannot see the pole star!

Accurate polar alignment has never been so simple, just put the 'X' on the 'Spot'! Using the iPolar's graphical interface, the two overlaid symbols represent a precise polar alignment ensuring peak performance from your equatorial mount.

The iPolar utilises an electronic camera aligned with both the axes of your telescope mount. The software processes the camera images calculating the true pole's location, then guides you through adjustments needed to align your mount to the celestial pole. Gone will be the days of crouching behind a 'through the mount' polar scope, the iPolar facilitates making altitude and azimuth adjustments by just glancing at your laptops monitor.

This system needs as few as four stars to locate the pole, and can do so even when the pole location itself is blocked by clouds, tree branches or other obstructions. Fitting was a bit complicated, as my mount was one of the newer types that also required the RA motor and drive belt to be removed, but once in place, it went back together fine.

First night out setup was a breeze. After that, I was bang on the pole within 3 minutes of starting making mount adjustments. Simply put the cross perfectly on the circle and it's job done. After that, I was running 3min unguided subs on my Skyguider mount with pinpoint stars.

Could easily have gone longer! I am now sold on electronic polar finding - no more sore neck looking through a polar scope or drift aligning! Ask a Question Ask a Question. NET Framework 4. Great accessory for polar aligning. If you are requesting a price match please let us know the URL where you have seen the product cheaper. Related Products. Follow us:. Join our mailing list: Signup. Wish List. Zero customs charges on goods we ship to EU countries.

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