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Having access to the best journaling apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac is like equipping yourself for greater success. Keeping a journal is imperative to achieving very efficient IQ, evoking mindfulness, increasing self-confidence, creativity and to improve your comprehension.

Until the introduction of journaling apps for iPhone and iPad, people rely on notebooks to write down their daily goals and ideas. That limited productivity; impeding seamless access to journaling in varied moods and placing barriers between critical ideas and its efficient development. The best journaling apps for iOS provide a coherent world where capacity is a question of availability. There is no form of limitation. From your living space, where you can use journaling apps for Mac, to your commutes where the best journaling apps for iPhone and iPad are paramount, you can always monitor your achievements and create new ideas into your journal entries.

However, some of the top journaling apps for iOS have special features that can increase your productivity in unique areas. The Mac App Store is completely redesigned and features rich editorial content and new tabs for easier app discovery. Source: Apple. To make up this list, we considered the unique features of top journaling apps in Apple Store for productivity criteria such as syncing, interface, security and supported files. Day One is one of the top journaling apps with lots of hype and its living up to it!

As an award-winning app with a neat interface, the standard it has set in soft journaling will be rare to beat by any app in that category.

The load time is negligible and Day One allows users to create multiple journal entries on the same day, make choice of font, style and security [passcodes]. Day One has provision for tags, photos and a searching option. Entries can be exported as PDF optional and the app has approximately error-free synching via iCloud between different iOS devices.

10 Best Journaling Apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Chronicle is another fully-packed journaling app. It enables users to choose the font style, and sizes just like in iBooks; add an unlimited number of photos in a journal entry and permit multiple journal entries in the same day. Photos can be edited; resize or rotate, entries can be back-dated in case you need to fix it with past dates and be exported in form of PDF or as a plain text file.

It supports backup via Dropbox and iCloud syncing. This journaling app has been dubbed Day One alternative by many, but the app has its own unique features. Journeyworks on virtually all devices and seamlessly supports synching to Google Drive, exports in different formats, password protection and imports of entries from other journaling apps such as Day One.

Creative Bullet Journaling on Your iPad in Procreate + FREE Downloadable Templates

Journey can accept up to 4 videos or images, it has streamlined interface with a negligible load time and a dark mode feature. One shortcoming of this journaling app is lack of reminders in desktops.New digital calendar with hyperlinks out now!

Click here to get to the new article with the download links! Do you want the new, better version of my bullet journal for ? Please click on this link to get to my new article: Bullet journal I also got some free templates good notes and pdf files, so you can use it on every device and in every app for you, as an early chrismas present.

Normally you only need two things to create a bullet journal: A notebook and a pencil! You start with some pages for an index and begin to write.

Different tasks get different symbols and get checked off or filled. It is a mix between a diary, a to-do list, a calendar and collections, like favorite films, books or places you want to visit. The difference to a normal calendar is having collections and that there are no boxes for every day, so each day gets as much space as it needs. To see how it works in detail, just look google it or visit these sites:. Basically you could think that such a digital template is not that great. The idea of a bullet journal is to get away from all the typed to-do lists on your device and to get back to the roots with a good old notebook and pen.

But for me this solution is just perfect.

How to Get Started with a Digital Planner - Digital Planning 101

I can search for anything in my calendar, copy text, switch pages, insert new pages in the middle and I have my digital notebook with me all the time, because it syncs with my mobile phone.

My personal bullet journal starts with my collections, then there are my half year overviews, my monthly overview and then my daily log and my food log. Normally I put the daily logs in the end, so I can find them very fast, but in the templates I put them behind every month to make it more clear.

This is the way I used it last year and it worked great. I use GoodNotes for some years now, for my private and lecture notes. GoodNotes has a great handwriting recognition, so it automatically converts your text but still shows your handwriting, making it searchable.

I prefer a handwritten calendar because it gives me the feeling of an analog notebook. Overall I love GoodNotes and it is the best notebook-app, even though there could be some improvements, like clickable links. It has a desktop app for MacOs, too, that helps you edit your documents even faster. One of the title graphics of the bullet journals. Durch Lesezeichen kann man sich das Inhaltsverzeichnis sparen. Zudem ist die komplette Handschrift durchsuchbar. Auch diese Vorlagen gibt es unten zum Download Which tablet do you use?Bullet journaling on the iPad is super easy now with our new bullet journal books.

I love bullet journaling, but I do so much better when I can do it on my iPad and take it with me. Plus, I enjoy being able to change things.

With paper, I always felt like I was forced to commit to a layout. Our new bullet journals come in both black or white options. But each comes with four paper styles. You can choose to download the one that meets your needs. The styles are:. They are simple and easy to use with 16 blank hyperlinked tabs for you! Create stickers, or write on the tabs for your own use. Some people enjoy using them for monthly trackers, others for journaling. Being blank these are all for you to decide how to use them.

The new bullet journaling Procreate packs come with anywhere from Procreate files and artwork ready for you to use. They make a great jump start if creativity is something you struggle with in your bullet journals.

I put together how to use the new January pack in the video below so you can see how easy it is to recolor pieces and move things around. Get them all ready and then save them as a PNG sticker to bring over into a GoodNotes bullet journal and start journaling! We created a new section in the shoppe. Click on the Shoppe Menu for the drop down to see our categories.

Or, click here. Look for new Procreate Packs released each month!As a writer, I believe that journaling regularly is an important aspect of my creative process. Journaling can help you relieve stress, sort out your thoughts, and remember details about your life that you will value later on. If you want to start journaling, the following diary apps are a great way to get started.

I came across popular journaling app Day One about a year ago and it remains a favorite of mine today. For example, I have one that I use for my standard journaling and another that I use for creative writing and story ideas.

Assuming you regularly upload images, you can then see your whole month of activities at a glance in Calendar View. Unlike conventional journal apps, Momento pulls information directly from your social networks and then combines it together to create a snapshot summing up your day.

Askt provides a different question to answer about yourself each day, with the intent to inspire you and guide your thoughts in a more specific direction. And you can even track and compare your answers from previous years in this journal app! Before discovering her love for video production, Rheanne was the Managing Editor.

Why GoodNotes Is The Best Digital Bullet Journal App

Rheanne is a passionate photographer both in and outside of work and loves to remind people that they don't need a fancy camera in order to capture beautiful shots—her most recent photography show featured work mainly shot on an iPhone!

View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. Prefer to Write By Hand? Rheanne Taylor.Day One is the rare app that lives up to its hype.

Why GoodNotes Is The Best Digital Bullet Journal App

The app has negligible load time, a clean interface, and nearly every feature you would want, such as: the ability to create multiple entries on the same day, style and font choices, optional passcodes and reminders, auto-addition of location and weather data, photos, tags, searching, and exporting all or some entries to PDF. Day One also sets itself apart with its effortless syncing via iCloud that works nearly error-free between iOS devices and the companion Mac app.

Even though it lacks the polish of Day One, Everyday Timeline is a great free option with some features that might make it worth using in addition to some of the other more prestigious apps on this list. Specifically, Everyday Timeline can automatically import your data— including past data— from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare as separate entries on your timeline.

As the name suggests, Everyday Timeline displays your entries on a chronological feed that is sorted by date and time. The app supports tags, multiple entries each day, as well as adding photos, location information, and your mood to entries. Everyday Timeline has virtually no learning curve, gives you statistics about your postings, and can be configured to backup weekly to Dropbox, Evernote, or email, add a passcode lock, reminders, and offer you a daily question.

Chronicle is the successor to the still-popular Chronicle for iPad, and in many ways it has already eclipsed its predecessor. Specifically, Chronicle is a universal app that syncs via iCloud and can be linked to Dropbox to automatically back up each day. The app also supports multiple journals, multiple entries for a given day, Markdown formatting, search, a passcode, reminders, and an extended keyboard.

The interface is simple but somehow still a bit confusing to navigate quickly. The app eschews files, folders, and interfaces to put the focus on the writing. The app syncs via iCloud, can export your entire journal as a text file, and supports searching and editing notes.

This flexible export function means that anything you write in MyMemoir should be readable by you and others years later, and importable into another application should the developers abandon MyMemoir. In terms of features, MyMemoir supports multiple journals, adding video files and three photos to each entry, and the ability to buy additional themes as in-app purchases. Remembary was clearly designed with social media power users in mind.

ipad pro bullet journal

The app can automatically import all sorts of content as part of your daily entries, including tweets, Facebook updates, images from your camera roll and photo stream, iCal events, and up to five RSS feeds directly. However, instead of adding the data directly into your daily entry, it is placed on a clickable icon on the side. This makes it difficult to see the data when flipping through entries. Remembary also nods to the past with its skeuomorphic design and font, which some may like and others may hate.

The app has multiple export options, including formatting entries as data or text, and whether to export to iPad, email, or Dropbox. Moleskine has been a premiere maker of high end physical journals and notebooks for many years, and their app is a promising start to their digital expansion. The app is only partially successful in translating the analog experience to the digital, but the failure is mostly in execution rather than design.

If the execution problems are corrected, Moleskine could easily become a top app in this category. MacJournal is one of the most popular and oldest journaling apps for Mac, but the iPad version is somewhat lacking in comparison with the others in the list. However, MacJournal has been known to have numerous syncing issues, especially when you make the considerable investment and purchase the iPad, iPhone, and Mac apps.

My Wonderful Days is an attractive app that has many great features, including iCloud sync, PDF export, reminders, and a mood rating system. However, these features are implemented oddly, and somehow combine to make the app less usable than that list of features would suggest. Quiller incorporates the rich features of the best digital journals without compromising its skeuomorphic design. Quiller also sets itself apart in its inclusion of prompts and quotes some of which are submitted by users to jumpstart your entries.

It supports search, exporting as text or PDF, adding photos and tags to entries, and can show you statistics about your journal and writing habits.

ipad pro bullet journal

To be truly excellent, Quiller needs to add links to one or more cloud services, preferably with syncing, and make it much harder to accidentally delete notes or whole journals. The Dream Log is very stylized, so much so that people are likely to love it or hate it nearly immediately. The app has a Steampunk-style design, and uses colored themes that even tint the keyboard.

Although The Dream Log looks quite beautiful, its design may not make it something you want to incorporate into your daily workflow. In terms of utility, The Dream Log can export to a website, back up your journal, search the Internet from within the app to interpret your dreamsand has a robust passcode and alarm system.

The Dream Log seems more concerned with creating an atmosphere than specific features, and it succeeds. Night Mode.Readers from all over the world share their bullet journal layouts and digital layouts. This page contains affiliate links to products I use, love, and highly recommend. I receive a small commission for purchases made through links in this blog post.

Thank you for your support! Use the dots to resize the drawing. If you want to customize the colors of the pens, select the palette option. The palette tool is underneath the black calligraphy pen. This is the best part of practicing my doodles on the iPad. I can draw and redraw as many times as I want until I feel happy with the way the drawing looks without damaging the pages on my paper journal. This is where the fun begins.

I usually love decorating the circle of my month with leaves and roses. I love how the pencils look almost, if not the same, to the way color pencils look on my paper bullet journal. Life is Messy and Brilliant.

ipad pro bullet journal

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Just to be clear, this is not a lesson on how to bullet journal, just which apps you can use to get you started and have the right format laid out for you. These are 5 different apps that I use for note taking that you could also use for bullet journaling. Now the first two have some built in pages that I think will get you started.

So Noteshelf2 is probably the most versatile. And inside here it has defaulted to dot grids I think I was using that before. So I could just start writing right away so I could make my to do list or if I wanted changes from diet grid to something else, I can go over here to add and say new page from template.

And if I go to basic, I see that I can do just a plain white page. Nothing on it. I can also do a ruled page that just has regular lines on it. I can do a checkered page, which is really a graph paper page. But, uh, we can do. So this is probably, I would say Noteshelf2 to has all of those pages are already built in for you.

If you use GoodNotes. It does have lined pages. Um, and over here, if we go ahead and we add a new page. If I go to actually the old paper, so it has lines or I can do this, the graph paper, now it does not have dot grids. And what you need to do is create those pages instead in import them as a pdf or jpeg.

So if you want to learn how to do that, watch lesson number two of bullet journaling, which will be out next week. And I hope to see you back in Part 2 where we are going to start creating our own bullet journal pages using adobe indesign.

So you can pull those pages up on your ipad pro or you can print them out as printables. Now, if you were interested in making your own planner from scratch, then make sure to look into a planner that walks you all the way through from beginning to end on everything you need to know and that course is free and I will leave a link to that below. Otherwise, I will see you guys next week. And if I go to basic, I see that I can do just a plain white page, Nothing on it.

I hope you found that useful. Search for:.


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