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Med School for Kids - next up - match the condition with the complication. But the Office Staff sometimes give me a hard time about me saying the same thing to patients and not mixing it up a bit. Go with what you know, I say.

Here are some of my favourites: "Great blood pressure!

Der Engle Krieger K-9, LLC.

Just like a teenager! They're hard to raise these days. Advanced Care Planning - who will make medical decisions for you when you are no longer able? What do you think they would say your wishes are? Contact them today - ext. Physical distancing. Public behavior. I haven't personally tried it, as I have not been tested. Anyone have experience with this portal that they'd like to share? Seeing a lot of mask debate these days. Very controversial.

This is worth a read from Ed Yong, The Atlantic. But a body can only contain so much worry for so long. When you do come up for air, and find yourself needing distraction from the doom, turn to this list. It is up to the many to protect the lives of the few. We're doing these already, aren't we? Here are the details: Patients are instructed to call Dynacare at The lab is currently booking appointments until May 1st, but may continue past that date based on need.

Patients will have to call during lab hours, am until pm, M-F. Walk-ins are still welcome, but scheduled appointments will be taken first before a walk in they will be given an estimated wait time based on the scheduled appointments at that time.

Please come to the side door of the clinic building for your appointment. The main doors will remain locked.

Duane Malinowski -2019 - Muskegon Polish Fest Extra - Muskegon Michigan

Thank you for your patience as we refine the process based on safety and community needs.Welcome to the home of Der Engle Krieger K First and foremost, the only dog we breed here is the Belgian Malinois. The Belgian Malinois is a wonderful breed of dog! It is hard working, watchful and protective. It is alert, smart, friendly and steadfastly loyal. After creating a bond with a Belgian Malinois, that bond can never be broken. We look for dogs that will work best in our breeding program.

Each dog is selected based on bloodlines, temperament and conformation. The Belgian Malinois mental stability and structural efficiencies are also factors.

Endurance, ability to scent and willingness to work are also considered in the selection process. Courage and train-ability are of utmost importance too. During the breeding process, we strive to breed with integrity.

With proper training, our dogs will outperform the best of the best. We have both imported and American bloodlines. We have listed each of our dogs' bloodlines and lineage on our websiteso you can check them out! We carefully document the progress of each Belgian Malinois puppy. It is easy to create defense drive in our puppies due to their level-heads, bloodlines and temperament.

With our puppies, a competent trainer will easily be able to build fight drive. It is very important that each puppy is well rounded in all drives. The Belgian Malinois dog is not for everyone. These dogs have extremely high drive and if it is not put to use, they can be very destructive. Der Engle Krieger K-9 will carefully select one of our Belgian Malinois puppies to go home with you based on your needs and wants.

We use the information that you provide us with on the Reserve a Puppy form to start the selection process. Things like, whether you want a female or male, gives us a starting point.

jason malinowski (malinows)

We look at what you will be doing with your Malinois such as, do you want a pet or a sport dog? This will help us narrow down the process of choosing the puppy that will be right for you. When puppies are 49 days old, we do the puppy test which you can read about here. Belgian Malinois need a purpose, so we want our Belgian Malinois puppies to go to homes that will give their new family member a job.Final Grades.

Getting Started. E-Mail Archive. Lecture Slides. Photo Gallery. Apps, Code, Data. Other Reading. Other Courses. We will attempt to write our own HDR image creation program for use with various different images with different times of exposure. Our program will implement the method presented in Paul E. Our purpose of this project is to demonstrate the use of HDR images and how it affects the current perspective of digital images and photographers. We seek to go beyond Debevec's design by creating an implementation which is fully automated, requiring no user input other than the source images and exposure times.

Bureta Manipulation at its Finest If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is one worth when it can be manipulated to say exactly what the artist intends it to? In this paper, I will present a series of artistic filters that transform a picture in a variety of ways. All of the filters described in this paper can be subdivided into three main categories: grayscale, color, and pixel position. These filters act in various ways, including the requirement of multiple source images or different parameter specifications; but all abstract the source image, at least a little bit, and even more so when combined with other filters.

Some of these filters are similar to those seen in typical photo editing software, others are not. My goal of this paper was to create an automatic interface with the use of these filters that makes it much easier to get the desired effect rather than performing the required procedures one after the other until the finished product has been reached. An interesting application of this technique is texture transfer, in which tiles are used as primitives to render a target image.

The result is a suggestive effect in which the target image appears as it is "emerging" from the generated texture; example results can be found on the website of one of the authors [2]. A similar technique allows to generate photomosaics [3], which recreate a target photo by using a large number of miniatures of other photos. A limitation of these techniques is that their "primitives" - i. This project will consist in the development of a similar technique, capable to use objects of variable size and shape as primitives where an "object" is an image representing a well-defined physical entity.

In other word, the aim is to create an automated tool to synthesize images of an object e. Obtaining results comparable to his paintings [4] would require knowledge of the structure and the nature of the objects both in the source and the target pictures.

Instead, the project will make use of simple image-based techniques. While this approach is not expected to generate high-quality results, it will provide a starting point for a more advanced implementation. Efros and W. The applications of such methods are many; from computer games to computer assisted navigation.

Currently most AR research uses printed markers of some sort to ease the object detection step. In this paper I present an AR implementation which uses square black markers which contain patterns of white squares. After detecting the orientation of a marker and determining its unique pattern, I overlay it with an image that has been appropriatly deformed to fit the marker in space. Using concepts derived from art such as luminance matching, Dalivision takes a source photo and converts it into a tiled mosaic, pulling pictures from an online photo-sharing website to produce a unique output image.

This article describes a rudimentary mosaic-making method and then delves into the details of this specific implementation and the intriguing engineering problems that arise with this type of project. It concludes with a discussion of potential improvements to the program. Zheng et al. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference, which describes a method to identify and correct images that suffer from vignetting. Vignetting is an effect where the image intensity drops off away from the center of the image, especially in the corners.

The idea in this paper is that this effect has many radial properties and they use a so-called radial gradient to match an image to a model for vignetting and correct the effect. Using the symmetry of the distribution of this radial gradient the authors can then determine whether or not the image suffers from vignetting and they can correct the vignetting effects by minimizing the asymmetry of this distribution.Sign up for your own profile on GitHub, the best place to host code, manage projects, and build software alongside 40 million developers.

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jason malinowski (malinows)

Learn more about reporting abuse. The Roslyn. The build tasks used to pick up package content from project. C 29 A tool for computing hashes of files. Simple tool for making. OpenSolutionAsync from the same method. Move to a newer version of Roslyn that c…. Seeing something unexpected? Take a look at the GitHub profile guide.

Skip to content. Dismiss Create your own GitHub profile Sign up for your own profile on GitHub, the best place to host code, manage projects, and build software alongside 40 million developers. Sign up. Jason Malinowski jasonmalinowski. Software developer working on the Roslyn project.

My Microsoft email address is jason. Block or report user Report or block jasonmalinowski.

Dr. Jason Malinowski: Barry’s Bay Family Physician Receives CPSO Council Award

Hide content and notifications from this user. Learn more about blocking users Block user. Learn more about reporting abuse Report abuse. Learn how we count contributions. Less More. Mark RichCodeNav.If you are interested in a pup, please fill out the puppy questionnaire. If you are having problems with the online form you can copy and paste the questions from the puppy questionnaire into a text editor such as Word, Notepad, etc and email it to me. For older pups or adult dogs for salego to the Adults For Sale page.

You will not find a sales pitch that advertises every dog I have as "the best in the world", because I don't believe any one dog is the "best in the world". Best is subjective, depending on who is looking at the dog. When your dog arrives I want you to be happy with the dog you received, not wonder where the dog I described on my site is. Keeping in mind that everyone's vision of perfection is different, my idea of a "perfect" dog for me, may not be your idea of a "perfect" dog. Therefore it's important I get as much information as possible about the type of dog you would like, so I can send you the right dog for you.

The following litters are being planned for the next few years. These are not "written in stone", if I feel a better match has come along, then I may switch males, but these are the current plans.

I only breed a few times a year, so reservations are strongly recommended. For more information email me at malinois dantero. These breedings are under consideration for In some cases the health testing has not yet been done on a dog listed, that will also happen prior to any breeding. Her litter had a wide range of size though, with a sister who is 68 lbs and brothers that ranged from 55 to Very friendly with people, she loves everyone and everyone loves her.

High drives across the board, she's my jack of all trades.

Meet Our Team

Currently training in nosework, she's trialed in herding and also training in protection sports. Good with other dogs, males and females. She won't let another dog push her around, but she'd rather just run and play and won't start problems. Very biddable but resilient at the same time. IE can take a correction without getting sensitive about it.

Will carry a toy around forever, but will give it up when told to. Has the perfect balance of possession to make a nice solid retrieve, enough to not drop or chomp on it, but not so much it's hard to get it away from her.

She settles well in the house and is a really good traveler. Check out her page for more information, photos, videos, etc. He spent his entire career working with SWAT, with numerous apprehensions and narcotics finds.

Over the course of his career he won 43 awards and 3 Top Dog awards at police K9 trials. He's a serious worker, but affectionate with his family and friends.As co-owner of the agency, my role is managing our staff and ensuring we are achieving the short and long term goals that we set for our agency.

My main day-to-day duty is meeting with the agency staff and making sure they have everything they need to succeed. I also spend time on our agency's marketing initiatives and making sure the staff delivers a great experience for our policyholders.

The thing that I enjoy most about working at our agency is the great relationship that we've built together as a staff. Several of our staff members started out as friends of mine and the others that I met through work have turned into friends.

Hec and I have very similar visions and goals for the agency and we both find ourselves on the same page more often than not. I look forward to heading into the office every day due to the great relationships I have with who I work with. I live in Strongsville with my wife, Amanda, and two daughters, Brooklyn and Briella. I started my insurance agency right out of college and merged with Hec's agency in I've always had a passion for business and also own a business in the real estate industry and own a youth sports league along with Hec.

I'm a Wife and a Mommy of 2 Boys. I work hard to learn as much as I can to be able to do My job day to day. I enjoy country music, picnic's in the park and spending time with friend's. I enjoy people interaction with my co-workers and Customers. I'm in Servicing. My duties include answering phones, setting up policies, processing payments and helping with Customer needs. I am a licensed customer service rep in the Bellaire Office.

I quote new business for personal and commercial lines, service current customers, answer any billing questions, work with accounts payable and accounts receivable, and do any office supply ordering. I love my customers and bringing new customers into our agency.

I believe Nationwide has a good product that is backed up by exceptional claims service along with the exceptional customer service we give here at the Bellaire Office.See files for Dogs. As you can see, both breeds had similar functions - guarding and herding livestock - as well as origin dates and locations, Belgium and Germany.

However, although the beginnings of the Belgian and German shepherds were similar, the two breeds diverged over the years. In order to help you differentiate the two breeds, today at AnimalWised we will go over the main differences between German Shepherd and Belgian Shepherd dogs. There are four varieties of Belgian Shepherdand they have very different characteristics from one another in terms of physical appearance even though they are genetically virtually identical.

For this reason, the FCI regards them all as the same breed, the Belgian Shepherd, while the American Kennel Club and other similar organizations recognize the four types as separate breeds. If you cross a pair of Belgian Shepherds with the same phenotype, the entirety or part of the litter can have a totally different phenotype to that of their parents, resembling another variety instead.

The four Belgian Shepherd varieties include:. Their hair is long and smooth except for the face. The Groenendael variety can have a small white "tie" mark on its neck or chest.

Groenendael Belgian Shepherds usually measure about 60 cm 24 in to the withers and weight about 25 kg 55 lband females are slightly smaller. They live for around 12 or 13 years, but some are known to have lived longer than 18 years of age.

Experts believe that Groenendael Belgian Shepherds are not a popular breed for first-time dog owners because their overwhelming need to exercise requires space and special basic training.

The Laekenois Belgian Shepherd is quite different from the previous variety. It is the oldest Belgian Shepherd variety; years ago, in addition to shepherding, these clever dogs were employed guard expensive flax that was left in the fields to dry. The Laekenois Belgian Shepherd is similar in size and weight to the Groenendael, but their coat is rough and frizzyand it comes in different shades of brown with some white, often in tie-like markings as well.

The fur on their head and face is curly. During the two World Wars this variety of Belgian Shepherd served as messenger dog. Their life expectancy is similar to that of the Groenendael.

jason malinowski (malinows)

Due their level of activity, it is better that they live in a rural environmentas in cities they can suffer from neurosis if they cannot let off steam with large amounts of active exercise. With similar features in weight and size to the other Belgian Shepherd breeds, Malinois differ in that they have shorter and harder fur on their body and face in different shades of brown. The Malinois is a very active dog that needs lots of space to run free, as one of the characteristics of this variety is that it keeps the mentality of a puppy until it is 3 years old, and some even up to 5 years.

This means that if it is not properly socialized and educated from day one, it could spend years nibbling the family's shoes. It is imperative that it can spend all that energy and so stay calm at home. Malinois dogs have an alert and protective temperamentand they are highly intelligent and keen on learning. This has made this Belgian Shepherd variety very popular with armies and police forces around the worldand it's also used as a guardian, herd, service and protection dog.

Of course, remember that such specific training must always be undertaken by a professional. The Malinois variety is very affectionate with familiesespecially with children. However, this dog can get a bit too playful, and it may unintentionally hurt someone small. It is not recommended to keep a Malinois in an apartment. Here you can learn more about caring for a Malinois Belgian Shepherd. The Tervuren Belgian Shepherd comes from the city of Tervuren, a town where the first specimens of this beautiful variety of Belgian shepherd were selected.

The morphology of this variety is very similar to that of the Groenendael Belgian Shepherd, but their soft and long coat has brown tones with some black areas. Their face has short hair and is bordered by a formidable beard that stretches from ear to ear. It is a very active dog often used in surveillance, tracking drugs or bombs, disaster relief and defense.

Tervuren Belgian Shepherds integrate very well in families, provided they have the space and time to train them and provide comprehensive activity that suits the requirements of such an active breed. The German Shepherd can be traced back to its origins in Their physical characteristics are well known, as they are a hugely popular breed as pets, show dogs and working dogs.


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