K24 engine swap

MR2-S Honda K20 K24 Swap

This time around I'm documenting the actual swap process, but instead of just watching, taking notes, and snapping a few pictures, I thought I'd actually perform the swap as if I'd just read the original story. Of course, the downside of a K24 is that you won't get that infamous horsepower, but you would get a K-swap, and lately, just having that is heading toward the top of most enthusiasts' lists.

Now that more aftermarket support for the K24 has surfaced, as well as the excellent torque that the 2. However, Hasport has stepped up once again to lead the industry. Additionally, by mid-summer, they should have the ''00 version available as well. At that time, Hasport will also have a dual height version similar to the EKK2 available. Here's the quick breakdown of this new swap: you'll be using the standard K24, not the real VTEC one, but the other one.

With more thanAccords made every year sincethese engines are pretty much everywhere. The Accord is your source for a cheap manual transmission too.

k24 engine swap

The bonus to the Accord transmission is its shifter box and cables. That's at least half the cost of RSX stuff. Using Accord parts is essentially the cornerstone to this swap, and where the major savings come in. But we found a few other savings thanks to Hasport and the forums.

On our '95 Integra four-door, we wanted to keep the power steering, so we didn't use this. But because we kept the K's power steering pump, we could also keep the original tensioner. Next was the fuel supply system. The K24 doesn't use a fuel return from the fuel rail, but the Integra does. What's usually done is a full blown kit, from someone like K-Tuned, that includes lines, AN fittings on braided hose, a billet fuel rail, and billet fuel pressure regulator FPR. Keeping our budget in mind, we went the eBay route.

A simple Chinese FPR with all push-on line connections is less than fifty bucks shipped. I'd never use one of these things for a turbo engine, but for a constant pressure setup like the K24 requires, it's a perfect fit. By adding just one twelve-inch piece of fuel line, we had the entire system connected with parts that were already under the hood. A few other pennies were pinched with the clutch line, power steering hose and more, but the captions will display those.

The rest of the story, however, revolves around the old saying "the devil in the details.The 2ZZ will always be the easiest and cheapest engine swap upgrade for the MR2-S but for those who want more, especially those who want outstanding Naturally Aspirated torque and power, we bring you the Honda K swap.

The two engine variations that we specifically support are:. We will just call these two K20 and K24 from here on for the purposes of this article. There are many other Honda K engines out there.

Acura Honda K20 / K24 Engine Swap KIT for Fiat Bertone X1/9

Some are fairly interchangeable, like the lower power variants from those same years. Newer stuff like the current Type R turbo 2. The Honda K series transmission is an upgrade over the Toyota C series transmission and it bolts directly to the Honda K engine of course so we use them in all of our swaps.

This removes the immobilizer making it usable plus adds full tuning capability via laptop. Works for K20 and K24 engines. Any other engine and charging harness will NOT work.

k24 engine swap

Engine: The K20 comes with a cable style throttle body, all set. The K24 comes with an electronic throttle — you must install a K20 intake manifold and throttle body or use an adapter to install a cable type Honda throttle body to your K24 manifold. Most people find the standard MR2-S radiator adequate but for a high power build and race track use you can install any standard MR2-S upgrade radiator. We will soon offer an air inlet pipe with filter.

The Toyota fuel pump and regulator work fine for the Honda engine, just connect the Toyota fuel hose to the Honda fuel rail. The K engines need to breathe so the exhaust should be full 2. Not enough power? Bigger, better, faster!Here is the list of parts with prices used for our budget K-series engine swap.

After the list is a description of the parts and possible alternatives. Our patient, a Honda Civic hatchback. It's on the operating table about to receive a transplant. The website car-part. If you use the website you can often find better deals than the ones listed below.

Had we used the best prices found on car-part. You may get lucky in your area. A lot of the really good prices are listed at the east coast salvage yards. Another possible money saver is buying a complete K-series swap. One of he biggest expenses for a K swap is the engine. It even came with a clutch and flywheel. That could add money to your swap. Your budget K-swap engine choices. That means engines, trans, ECU, wiring harness, and alternator.

Alternatives: The Honda Element came with the exact same engine as the Accord. If you can find a Element and maybe talk the salvage yard into including the engine harness too. Again if you can get it with a harness, the increased price might make it worthwhile. And they do have 40 more horsepower. Another possible bank breaker for our budget K-series is the transmission. Here are some options that cost a fraction of a Type S six speed trans.Yalli enjoyed driving his Subaru BRZ but wanted more power.

So he added a Greddy turbocharger kit and a set of cc injectors. The modifications resulted in horsepower to the wheels but also lead to an early death for the FA20 flat-four.

The motor producing horsepower to the wheels on 93 octane fuel. Yalli plans to make horsepower with larger injectors. The motor bolts to a stock Honda S manual transmission thanks to an adapter plate and ACT clutch. Power is sent to the rear wheels through a horsepower driveshaft to a Nissan R34 differential and horsepower axles. The motor, transmission, and differential were installed using solid mounts. Source: itsyalli and hounycmedia.

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All Motor K24 Swap Honda Civic Street Pulls - Simple 10 Second Build! (Stock 2.4L Block)

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The Mazda Miata is all about how a bunch of humble parts come together to create a car that is an overwhelmingly fun experience. That does mean that there are parts of the Miata that aren't as good as they feasibly could be. The engine is one of those parts. The 1. It does its job, but it could be far more evocative and free revving.

What is free revving is the Honda K24, a fun little bruiser of an engine.

k24 engine swap

So, instead of swapping in a V-8 like so many people do, o ne company has figured out how to get a K24 into a Miata. The result, as Matt Farah will tell you, is pretty damn great.

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This engine buildup consists of a 2. There are 4 different chassis from which you can locate a bottom end as Honda releases more K24 engines this list may be updated. Honda CRV comes in with 9. The motor is rated at hp at rpm and lbs-ft at rpm. Instead it only has 2 cam lobes on the intake side and 1 on the exhaust lobe. This motor has no VTEC mechanism on the exhaust cam and runs on 12 valves before rpm with the other 4 slightly opening. It also has smaller ports than the Type S and Type R.

The motor also comes with a 5 speed transmission instead of the 6 speed and has no LSD. The Acura TSX comes in with This motor uses a drive by wire throttle and has EGR castings on the manifold. This motor comes with a 6 speed transmission and no LSD. The Honda Element and Accord come in with 9.

If using a K24a4 block the pistons will need to be swapped with aftermarket or a1, a2 pistons to avoid valve to piston contact. This engine is found in the Honda Accord and Honda Element. Is has the same 9. It only has 2 cam lobes on the intake side and 1 on the exhaust lobe. This motor also comes with an available 5 speed transmission and 5 speed auto. This engine shares the same downfalls with the K24A4 engines as the pistons will contact the K20 cylinder head.

This engine is found in the Honda CR-V. It has the common 9.Nothing outsourced or offshored here!

k24 engine swap

We make this kit in-house using only the highest quality DOM tubing, heavy duty steel plate, with quality rod ends, cable components and fasteners. The axles are formed from NHRA racing-grade billet blanks to spec by a leading axle builder in the USA, using the highest grade alloy steel which is then induction heat treated and magnafluxed prior to machining.

We've done our homework so you're not scratching your head spending countless hours re-inventing the wheel and years making your project a reality And we've proven the design as "race-track" reliable.

This kit includes the most critical components to hold the engine firmly in place, and position the driveline so that the axles are perfectly straight; - a critical requirement for longevity of CV joints.

The lower engine cradle strenghtens the rear chassis of the car and fastens directly to the body using existing cross-member and suspension pick-up attachment points. This kit includes every piece that typically requires the greatest design, fabrication and welding skills.

The Stage 1 kit is the minimum that any "do-it-yourself" conversion effort should start with. This kit alone will not do it all! Cutting of the frame rails in specific locations and gusseting of those sections is required. Modification to the fuel lines, fuel pump location, engine bay cooling lines, clutch hydraulics, and throttle body are required. View Larger Image.


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