M52 stroker hp

It was released in the E36 i, [1] to replace the M Inthe "technical update" M52TU upgrades included adding variable valve timing to the exhaust camshaft. The M52 was replaced by the M54 in the year In most markets, the M52 switched from the M50 's cast iron engine block to a lightweight aluminium engine block.

However, in the United States and Canada, some cars not including the Z3 retained the M50's cast iron engine block, [3] [4] while other cars used the new aluminum M52 block with iron sleeves.

E36 3.0 ITB Race Build

The largest version of the M52 is 2. Other upgrades included electronic throttle control which uses a throttle cable as backup[5] a dual length intake manifold called "DISA" and revised cylinder liners. For Thai market only. The compression ratio is The aluminum M52 engine received criticism in some markets with high levels of sulfur in the petrol during the late s.

BMW M50/M52 Engine - 325i/328i Tuning Guide

Sulfur has a corrosive effect on Nikasil and led to many early M52 and M60 engines having premature bore-liner wear. Once the Nikasil coating was determined to be the cause of the problem, steel cylinder liners were used instead of the Nikasil coating.

Compared to the European-spec S50the S52 is less powerful. Unique to the S52 is a bore of Compression ratio is Other upgrades over the M52 include lighter camshafts with increased lift and durationvalve springs and the exhaust system. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 16 January Retrieved Retrieved 20 March Archived from the original on Retrieved 1 October It was released in the E34 i and i, to replace the M20 engine.

The M50 began to be phased out following the introduction of the M52 engine in The E36 M3 is powered by the S50 engine series, which is a high output version of the M A significant advance over its M20 predecessor, the M50 features dual overhead camshaft DOHC with four valves per cylinder the M20 has a single overhead camshaft with 2 valves per cylindercoil-on-plug ignitiona knock sensor and a lightweight plastic intake manifold.

The location of the oil pan sump varies according to the model the M50 is installed in. It is in the front on the E34 5 Series like the M20[6] whereas it is in the rear on the E36 3 Series. The compression ratio is Peak torque became available at 4, rpm. The compression ratio was raised to The compression ratio was Like the M50, the S50 has an iron block and aluminum head with four valves per cylinder. In the United States, a less powerful engine called the "S50B30US" was used, which shares more in common with the regular M50 engine than the other S50 versions.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 27 October Retrieved 15 December Archived from the original on Retrieved 28 September Brooklands Books. Retrieved 18 June Retrieved 29 September Retrieved 1 October Retrieved June 18, Namespaces Article Talk.

Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Production of previous model continues in parallel.I just bought an e34 for bucks and cleaned icv and now it runs great. It is an automatic I have the chance to get a S50 block crank, rods, and pistons included.

I have searched for 2. I am just wondering is the extra displacement worth the effort From what I have researched it is a fairly easy swap. The only thing I am wondering is how the ECU will react to the extra displacement? I do not plan on switching cams right now I will have S50 3. I know to get more power I should tune it Dear bro, I have to modify my M50 by swap the engine inside to M52, if i find only the M54 Intake camshaft swap in my stock M50 cam, it should be S50B28 right?

No decal! Needs black silicone fixing. Silicone not included. For Thai market only. Style S14 for M42 M Needs Double-sided tape, not included. Please contact me hereP.

Nice information about car parts and it's suppliers. Thanks for sharing it. Can you call me my name is Dennis l ci 2. I'm Jayden. I have a questionI have a i single engine with S50 crank and s50 rod. Can I use m54 i piston instead of i piston? Both having same 84mm in size. Bolt on. Cute from head 0. In this config you will have It is my config. S50 crank it is identical with m54b30 also the rods are identical. If you will need software contact me.

Hitks for the reply. Just found out my existing s50 piston, rod and crank are worn off. Am just bought an E46 i internal to put in my E36 i single vanos engine.

BMW E36 328i M52 2.8L Engine Supercharger Parts

I will put the piston, rod and crank in itplus i intake cam.It was firstly introduced in as an alternative to 2. The main difference between M52B25 and M52B28 is the fact that they have different crankshafts with lower stroke pistons and connecting rods. At the same time M52B25 differs from M50B25 with its block of cylinders which were replaced with aluminum ones which are lighter in comparison with cast iron cylinders.

At the same time connecting rods and pistons have also been replaced as well as intake manifold. Cylinder head was taken from M50 and from that moment variable valve timing system was used on all engines produced by BMW. In several changes and upgrades have been made. The engine got its new name.

m52 stroker hp

Due to the fact that new engine turned out to be less powerful in comparison with M50B25, it was mainly used in BMW autos with index 23i. M52B25 — is a base modification of engine. Specifications are as follows: compression ratio — M52TUB25 — had renewed variable valve timing system.

Cylinder block got additional craft iron sleeves which were installed on other camshafts. As well as Series M50, M52 may have various problems including overheating.

If you notice that motor is overheating, you should firstly check radiator and clean it in case of necessity. Also try to eliminate oxygen from the cooling system, examine pump, thermostat and radiator cap. High level of motor oil consumption. The most common problem is the fact that piston ring wears out rather fast. This results in high level of oil consumption.

BMW M50 to S50B30 clone build for cheap

The best way to prevent such problem is to change piston rings. If the problem still occurs you can also check crankcase gases ventilation valve. Problems with ignition can also occur rather often. It results in low productivity of cylinders which are disabled by ECU. Regular replacement of hydraulic lifters will be a perfect solution to this problem. Oil light.

If you face such problem you are supposed to check motor oil pump and oil filter housing. At the same time camshaft and crankshaft position sensor can sometimes be out of order.

You should also pay attention to such possible malfunctions and defects as unreliable thread for cylinder head bolts, thermostat flows, high demands on the quality of petrol not for TU versionslower average lifespan in comparison with its predecessor.

Moreover additional problems may occur while the engine grows older. This is a common disadvantage of the majority of BMW engines. This is why this version is not the best you can get. All these action will make it possible to get HP engine. However there are several other ways which can increase capacity up to 2. All you need is to install Stroker kit. If you want your M52B25 2. When the tuning is completed, you will get maximum pleasure from your new engine. It will have up to HP. If you want to have turbocharged M52B25 engine, you should repeat the same actions that are described for M50B HERE you can get acquainted with detailed tips.

Mitsubishi 4G Honda K20A K20C.The eldest representative of M52 family was firstly introduced in Cylinder block was made of aluminum with the exception of autos which were exported to the USA. Cylinders diameter is the same as in M52B The size of injectors is cc. M52TUB28 modified version was produced in It was equipped with cast iron sleeves located in the cylinder block.

Double-Vanos engine included new connecting rods and pistons as well as renewed and improved cooling system and electronic throttle body. In successor from new M54 series was introduced. M54B30 engine replaced its predecessor in and production of was stopped. M52B28 — is a basic engine modification. Specifications are as follows: compression ratio — Disadvantages of 2.

HERE you can find detailed information on reliability of the given engine. The easiest way to increase the level of power is to install M50B25 intake manifold as well as cold air intake.

At the same time you need to upgrade camshaft and tune ECU. S52B32 camshaft will be the best bet for this purpose. Such kit will guarantee from to HP which is perfect for a city ride and will not cost you a fortune. There is another alternative to turn your engine into 3-liter M52B You need to purchase M54B30 crankshaft to implement this project.

Standard pistons should be milled down to 1. The rest of bearings should be left stock. M50B25 intake manifold is recommended for improvement of HP characteristics. It will be followed with a perfect acceleration. Such kind of engine will be the best bet for your everyday drive.

It will also show high level of reliability. Sometimes this rate can be a bit higher. If the HP rate is higher thanstock pistons should be replaced by forged pistons with 8.In the March issue we tackled some common and not-so-common power adders for the S50 3.

We followed that in April with engine upgrades for the 2. This month, we're heading back to Bimmerland, specifically to the successful M50 and M52 motors found in the E36 i and i models. While both engines are seen in the same coupe, four-door and convertible E36 platforms, they're slightly different. Both share the same cylinder head and block, with an 84mm cylinder bore, but the i's increased displacement comes from a longer stroke 84mm vs 75mm for the i.

Since BMW sought more mid-range power for the i, it used a choked-down version of the i's intake manifold which was also found on the E36 M3 3. However, the M52 manifold's decreased intake runner diameter cost it top end grunt. That's why both the OBD1 M50 engine found in the ' i and the OBD2 M52 found in the ' i share the same peak hp rating at the flywheel.

m52 stroker hp

As we're always keen to point out, you don't have to live with stock power any longer. We've hunted down some key tuners who take these cars to the next level. Bear in mind, we're assuming horsepower gains over a stock hp to the rear wheels whp through a five-speed manual transmission on a chassis dyno. Different cars and different dynos will vary, and we don't care to use flywheel guesstimates since they're usually quoted with different assumed percentage losses and are rarely backed by actual engine dynos.

Note: the quoted prices do not include labor costs. They are simply parts prices. You'll also enjoy a new roar under the hood at wide-open throttle past rpm. The next quick power gain is a set of lightweight underdrive pulleys that replace the alternator, power steering and water pump pulleys.

These liberate some lost horsepower from the parasitic drag of the factory units. Not only that, but the hard-plastic factory pulleys are known to crack over time and fail I had this happen on a '96 M3 water pump pulley! The software not only bumps ignition and revises fuel maps for optimum power, but it removes the factory speed limiter so that mph top speeds are possible.

When putting the intake system, pulleys and software together, expect to have a noticeably faster car that's probably close to whp. The kit has shown sizeable gains, with peak horsepower reaching whp, but keep in mind the hours of labor The least expensive is sold by UUC, the most expensive by Dinan.

You'll get a handful of horsepower, the car will benefit from a more aggressive sound and there could be a lb weight reduction over the stock system. Its CAI, third-generation cat-back exhaust and software have been tuned in-house on its Mustang Dyno. These prices could drop since Active is hoping to lower the price of its software, so call them first. Eurosport's cam kit for the OBD2 i features its M50 manifold conversion kit, Evo2 intake system, Conforti software and cams from the ' M3 3.

Eurosport also tested the kit with a factory M3 exhaust you can find used ones and got whp - now you're in E36 M3 territory! The supercharger is a Rotrex C and the kit includes mandrel-bent tubing, high temp hoses, high-flow injectors, front-mount intercooler, oil cooler, bypass valve, hardware, software and an illustrated manual.Register a free account today to become a member!

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E36 3. Thread starter f0xy Start date Oct 2, Tags engine track. Prev 1 … Go to page.

m52 stroker hp

Go to page. First Prev 13 of 23 Go to page. Unlucky on the engine mate Nothing worse than taking it out just after you've bolted it in! How'd your brake ducts fare? Work well? Ade T. Clio FF. Shame about the new engine but keep at it! You've inspired me to look for a e36 m3. All OK it seems so far.


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