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What also emerges from this is the polarization of everyday consumption and decisions on political lines- the anti-LGBTQ activity of the leaders of Chick-fil-A spawned both protests and support-by-consumption by conservatives. Now, ina pandemic with all the deadly potential of climate change with a much more compressed timeline has arisen.

The Trump administration has been marked by a permanent mobilization of the electorate and an end to off-peak electioneering. Much like with climate change, there is a desperate attempt for the scientific establishment to get the whole of the population to heed its warnings. But defiance of social distancing and flattening the curve has emerged as about spurning liberal politicians or public health officials who are seen as being such than anything else.

A Tampa megachurch continued to hold mass serviceseven as social distancing was becoming a universal recommendation or order. The pastor was subsequently arrested and charged with unlawful assembly and violating a public health order. Tate Reeves, Republican governor of Mississippi, rejected a shelter-in-place order well after many other states had implemented them.

Quoting from the linked piece in the Jackson Free Press, emphasis added:. One Mississippian asked the governor why the state was not emulating China, the first country to detect COVID and the first to control the spread of the virus.

In areas across China most heavily affected by the novel coronavirus, the extensive lockdown, testing and case isolation protocols have eliminated the spread of the virus to the degree that the imminent danger for these areas is not community spread, but reinfection from travelers returning from abroad. Bruce Aylward, World Health Organization senior advisor, explains the dedication of the Chinese model.

They really saw themselves as on the front lines of protecting the rest of China. Reeves ultimately did issue a shelter-in-place order over a week later, but ultimately wasted valuable time at a political level and not admonishing individuals for risky behavior. However, even as more recommendations come in, the President gives them a political dimension. Upon announcing today that everyone should wear a face covering in public, he immediately pointed out that he himself would not be doing it.

Pre-print academic research on the UK indicates a need for periodic lockdowns far stricter than shelter-in-place, which is a broad term that may or may not be sufficient well into Lockdowns are the only measure that has a chance of reducing R0 the rate of infection below 1, which was critical in keeping the Wuhan crisis from continuing to spiral further out of control.

Both right-wing elites and their base will become increasingly restive the longer this goes on, especially as the recession and unemployment deepens, and the calls for increased social spending increase. Asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic people continuing to move in public and not taking sanitary precautions due to the discourse of conservative media figures and politicians is a real concern.

Also, the need for shelter-in-place or lockdown measures will straddle a presidential election. Debates about policy, like economic stimulus and bailouts, may merge into debates about public health practices, with political divisions emerging as some governors and mayors move unilaterally relative to the federal policy, for or against.

View all posts by Andrew Mackay. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content. A book that only would exist in a lib ownership economy.In order to thrive in this world where every innovation, every economic growth sector is killing the planet or figuring out a way to hyper-exploit the desperation of your fellow humans - some app that can chop labor actions into microtransactions that you can use to arbitrage different people's willingness to be paid nothing to do something, and then you make money off that - that's basically everything being spawned by the new economy.

Anybody in the position to make money off of it is somebody who doesn't care what they're doing. Matt Christman and Brendan James of Chapo Trap House rebel against the very normal circumstances of today's hellworld - from the despair of daily life under an economic system we know is killing us and the planet, to the hopelessness of politics ruled by a vampiric right, a hollowed-out center, and a mostly dead left.

Brendan James Matt Christman capitalism culture Touchstone. Share Tweet Send. Brendan James is a writer, musician, and former producer of Chapo Trap House. Matt Christman is a host of the podcast Chapo Trap House.

Untitled Matt Christman Short Form Series

Dealing with capitalism-induced failure and despair, the Chapo Trap House way. Sep 1 Alex Liebman. Yekaterina Oziashvili.The show is produced by Chris Wade and formerly by Brendan James. The podcast is strongly associated with the "Dirtbag Left", a term coined by Frost to refer to a style of left-wing political contentious discourse that eschews civility for its own sake in favor of subversive and populist vulgarity.

The Chapo hosts and producers identify with left-wing politics and frequently deride conservativeneoliberalmoderate, and liberal pundits. Contemporary conservatism is the butt of many jokes on Chapobut the harshest critiques are often saved for the Democratic Party and for contemporary liberalism more generally. Chapo has managed to strip away the layers standard of political discourse to highlight the brutality behind policies like " double-tap " airstrikes and for-profit health care.

Biederman has said the show's intended audience is those seeking alternatives to existing leftist media, which he has called "the dominion of either upper-middle-class smugness when it's even the least bit funny and insufferable self-righteousness when it's even the least bit conscious. Neither of those models offer the visceral thrill of listening to people who actually give a shit as opposed to the wan liberalism of people who are mostly interested in showing how much smarter they are than Republicans.

Chapo Trap House is dense with inside jokes and hyper-specific references to ongoing political discussion on Twitter. An episode of Chapo Trap House is typically between 60 and 80 minutes.

Episodes are usually structured with a prepared " cold open ," an interview with a guest, and commentary on current events. In post-production, relevant audio samples are interspersed into the episode's discussion. Weekly free episodes of the show are available via SoundCloudSpotifyand iTunesamong other services.

The three founding hosts met online through discussions on Twitter years prior to starting the podcast. The three first recorded together as guests on an episode of the podcast Street Fight Radio to mock the film 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. The show's left-wing content became popular with supporters of the democratic socialist Sanders. The team behind the podcast has since expanded from the original three hosts. Brendan James joined as producer after appearing as a guest, and journalists Virgil Texas and Amber A'Lee Frost joined the show as alternating co-hosts after the American presidential election.

Avid fans of Chapo Trap House are called Grey Wolves, an ironic reference to the neo-fascist-nationalist Turkish movement of the same name. A review of the second episode in The A. Club called the show "tremendously funny" and said "it feels like an absolutely essential listen. Club review of the seventh episode noted the show's marked improvements in audio quality and the hosts' newfound confidence and flow in discussion, while retaining the "raw energy and urgency that has fueled the show from the get-go.

Mediaite called the show "consistently, absurdly funny and impressively literate on the diverse subjects it tackles," citing the hosts' "breadth of awareness about seemingly everything that's been published in every media outlet for the past few decades, and a depth of knowledge on various, arcane subjects.

The Advocate praised the show for its "scathing, hilarious, erudite analysis on politics and media from a far-left perspective," and favorably analogized the thrill of listening to how Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh make their right-wing fans feel.

In a column, Robby Soave of libertarian magazine Reason criticized the show as "apparently a group therapy session for Bernie bros. The role-playing video game Disco Elysium features voice-acting cameos from Biederman, Christman, Menaker, and Texas.

In Marchit was revealed former U. Senator from Alaska Mike Gravel filed for an exploratory committee regarding a possible presidential campaign after being convinced to run by students David OksHenry Williamsand Elijah Emery, who learned about Gravel from Chapo Trap House. Italian weekly news magazine L'espresso attributed Chapo Trap House viewership with rising membership in the Democratic Socialists of America throughout earlysaying the podcast is "[a] real and physical program, which is bringing thousands of young Americans to subscribing themselves to the DSA: the young Democratic Socialists of America.

During the US presidential primary election, the New York Times wrote about the Chapo Trap hosts' characterizations of candidates challenging Vermont Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sandersthe hosts' preferred candidate. The hosts called supporters of former Vice President Joseph R.

Biden Jr. Bloomberg should be beaten "so badly that this midget gremlin won't even have a shot even with a trillion dollars.T he hosts of the American leftwing podcast Chapo Trap House are facing the first hurdle in their European tour: organised labour.

matt christman 2020

They have arrived in Amsterdam to decompress a little, only to find that Dutch transport workers are going on strike. In the hotel lobby, they discuss alternatives: should they hire a car and drive to Germany? Virgil Texas thinks that sounds like a fun idea. Unless this train strike inconveniences us. In fact, our interview, during which Texas, Menaker and Matt Christman burn through half a packet of Gauloises cigarettes, sink beers and hammer the table to emphasise their points, sounds rather like a living, breathing episode of the show itself.

Since it was first broadcast inChapo Trap House — its name is taken from the Mexican cartel leader and the US slang for a drug den — has become one of the most celebrated and talked about podcasts on the political left.

Texas puts the figure of people who listen to the free episode they release every week at just overwhile almost 30, get access to a second weekly show by paying a few dollars. The show has inspired several copycats and even a moniker for their audience: the Dirtbag Left, a coterie of underemployed and overly online millennials who were radicalised by the Iraq war and the financial crisishave no time for the pieties of traditional political discourse, and place cautious hope in the movement to put the socialist senator Bernie Sanders in the White House.

An episode usually features an hour of relatively free-form, unpolished conversation. Caught between the death-drive of Trumpism and an ineffectual, elitist Democratic opposition, Chapo offers alternatives that are both tongue-in-cheek and deadly serious. But the show has a significant fanbase in Ireland and the UK too — a second London show was added after the first sold out. Menaker gets particularly worked up by the Liberal Democrat adviser who boasted that their side in the coalition government convinced the Tories to agree to a plastic-bag tax in return for deeper sanctions against benefit claimants.

The trio plan to read a few columns from UK newspapers during the tour. The situations in Britain and America have both triggered a crisis in political satire. In this landscape, the hosts find the traditional forms of satire — sketch shows and news parodies — toothless.

And that bleeds into their analysis of the situation. You have to be alienated from it to really make fun of it. Does Chapo Trap House have the same response?

The podcast — which is also co-hosted by Felix Biederman and Amber Frost, who are joining these three in Berlin — does nonetheless receive some scorn.

Though the cultural expression of a multiracial and diverse movement, it is mainly white and male. The hosts have been accused of sexism by others on the left: during one scandal, they came under fire for making a joke about Bill Cosby, in response to which they apologised and made a donation to a rape and sexual assault centre.

What about the worry that an adherence to irony can be corrosive? And there are many obnoxious and awful people who use it. But Texas warns against taking the podcast too seriously.

Recording two podcasts a week is taxing enough. Then touring.Matt Christman is one of three co-founders and regular co-hosts of Chapo Trap House Chapoa for-profit socialist podcast. Christman attended Carroll College in Wisconsin and met his wife in Milwaukee, later following her to her career stops in four other states, but never found a career of his own. His family was apolitical.

Matt Christman is one of three co-founders and regular co-hosts of Chapo Trap House Chapoa for-profit political podcast from a hard-left, anti-capitalist perspective, that includes coarse language and comedic parody. The other co-founders are Will Menaker and Felix Biederman.

The three friends met on twitter and began podcasting together as Chapo in March His father died during his junior year in high school. He has never made a full recovery and still walks with a limp. He attended Carroll College in Wisconsin and met his wife in Milwaukee. He followed her to her career stops in four other states, but never found a career of his own. Some of this time he spent on Twitter, shooting off one-liners and political observations, which is what led to his connection with Menaker and Biederman.

Christman is a former active member of the Democratic Socialists of America and participated in founding a DSA local when he lived in Cincinnati, Ohio. He believes that a full understanding of Marxist theory allows a reader to accurately analyze modern political and cultural developments and their relationship to one another.

That explains both the smug neoliberalism of so many media figures and members of the Democratic policy apparatus, but it also explains the people who insist on turning every issue and dispute into a language game in which they are the ones who hold the rule book.

In JuneChristman created the page for Chapo on the podcast crowd-funding website Patreon. Chapo offers exclusive subscriber content in exchange for a five-dollar monthly donation.

At this point the broadcast appears to cut off and go to a break. Breitbart posted two video clips from the evening that had been preserved independently by Twitter viewers.

Christman has admitted to two instances of using LSD the illegal hallucinogenic lysergic acid diethylamide since his work began with Chapo. Connected Organizations.The Libertarian Party presidential primaries and caucuses is a series of electoral contests to indicate non-binding preferences for the Libertarian Party's presidential candidate in the United States presidential election.

These differ from the Republican or Democratic presidential primaries and caucuses in that they do not appoint delegates to represent a candidate at the party's convention to select the party's presidential nominee. The party's nominee will be chosen directly by registered delegates at the Libertarian National Convention from May 21—25, in Austin, Texas. The United States Presidential election will be the thirteenth contested presidential election that the Libertarian Party will participate in.

The election saw the highest vote total and percentage of votes for a Libertarian presidential ticket ever, with former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson and his running mateformer Massachusetts governor Bill Weldreceiving over four million votes and 3. During his presidential campaign inJohnson often stated that it would be his last run for the presidency.

The following is a list of declared candidates who meet at least one of the following criteria: a meet Wikipedia's notability guidelines ; b have participated or have been invited to participate in at least two Libertarian Party-sponsored debates or c have received substantial media coverage.

April 1, FEC Filing [15]. The following individuals have expressed an interest in running for president within the last six months, as of March Representative Justin Amash of Michigan. Rocky De La Fuente of California. The following individuals had been the subject of speculation as being possible candidates, but have publicly denied interest in running. The Libertarian Party will be eligible to participate in presidential primaries in numerous states.

Mail-in ballots were due by January 11, at the state convention. The primary was tabulated using Bucklin voting. Percentages shown are percentage of ballots cast. The Libertarian Party of Iowa conducted their caucuses on February 8, offering in-person caucus locations and an online virtual caucus. Only registered Libertarians were eligible to participate. The Libertarian Party of Minnesota used ranked-choice voting to tabulate the results of their caucus.

After 7 rounds, Jacob Hornberger was declared the winner. Online voting took place from March 16th to April 11th, with participants. The primary was tabulated using instant runoff voting. The following are early unofficial online polls that have included various speculative and potential candidates, including some that are not members of the Libertarian Party. This is an overview of the money used by each campaign as it is reported to the Federal Election Commission FEC and released on October 15, Totals raised include loans from the candidate and transfers from other campaign committees.

Some of the Libertarian candidates have not filed with the FEC, and financial data for those candidates are therefore not available.

Episode #1.1

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Libertarian Party presidential primaries, Series of electoral contests. Jacob Hornberger 6. Vermin Supreme 2. Uncommitted 1.

matt christman 2020

Ken Armstrong. Dan "Taxation is Theft" Behrman. Lincoln Chafee. Jacob Hornberger. Jo Jorgensen. Adam Kokesh.We're watching " Tiger King " on Netflix for sure.

‘Chapo Trap House’ Host Matt Christman: ‘Kill Yourself and Kill Everyone Around You’

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Mike Bloomberg's Stupid Answer To A Stupid Question ft. Matt Christman

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matt christman 2020

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