Pastor adeboye preaching 2012

Theme: Signs And Wonders. Father, tell every disease in anybody all over the world that You are the great Healer. Father, tell all my enemies from my father or mother side or the inlaws or even at my workplace that You are my defender and prove Yourself.

Father, show retardation, lack of progress, stagnation in my life that You are my Provider. Father, show every form of barreness, every fruitless effort in my life that You are the one who commanded that I will be fruitful and multiply. Father, the God of Isaacput laughter in my mouth abundantly tonight. Adeboye Bummyla. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Like this: Like Loading Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email Address never made public. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Unstoppable Generations Sermon by Pastor E. Romans 8 v 31 what shall we then say to these things; If God be for us who can be against us. When God is on your side, nobody can stop you; sickness cannot stop you, poverty cannot stop you, because Exodus 15 V 26 the great physician Himself said I am the Lord that heals you.

You cannot have God as your doctor and be stuck by sickness. Because If God be for us according to what one of my boys have already spoken; it means the word from the beginning, John 1 v 1 the one who made you John 1 v 3 can repair any part of your body.

Sickness cannot stop you.

Unstoppable Generations Sermon by Pastor E. A. Adeboye during October 2012 RCCG Holy Ghost Service

And as I have always pointed out; not only can he repair what is wrong with you, He can give you spare part John 9 v so if you are sick and the enemy has been telling you this sickness is going to stop you, tell the enemy he is a liar. Sickness cannot stop you because God is on your side. The Bible says in 1 Peter 2 v 24 He said by His stripes we were heal, Matthew 8 v 1 — 3 tells us that He can cure the incurable.

A leper came to Him, in those days leprosy was an incurable disease but just one touch from the great physician the leper became cleanse. In Mark 2 v 1 they brought to him a man who was paralyzed from neck downward; just one word from the great physician and he was healed. When I was preparing my little note for this sermon, I remembered an incident that happened when I was in Ilorin several years ago.

The great Physician touched him and healed him. Whatever it is that is in your system that the enemy has planted there to slow you down or to stop shall be uprooted tonight in Jesus name. Am sure you many of you will remember the story of one of my sons and I think his brother even shared the testimony sometimes. Inthe doctors told the parent in London; you want your boy to see his home country again?

2012 Holy Ghost Congress Day 2 - Pastor E. A. Adeboye

They said yes, they said take him home now because he has less than two weeks to live. They brought him, then somebody said take him to the pastors, he will be prayed for and he will be healed. When I saw him; even my faith was shaken. When I saw him, I knew only God can do this one, that was in The one they said have two weeks to live is still alive today.

But one thing is clear, because of the chemotherapy, you can never have a child. Because of the poison that goes with chemotherapy.

Today, he is married, today he has a child.

pastor adeboye preaching 2012

If God be for us, no demons can be against. Why because Psalm 24 v 1 said our God is the Lord of host. I have told you before that when I first read that He is the Lord of all host I thought He is the commander of all the angels, but God opened my eyes to see that He is the Commander in chief of all host; whether those in the earth or underneath the heaven.Once the favour of God locates you, it changes your destiny, you will get to the top and the blessing will flow to others.

Sam uc. Pls Daddy pray for me. Thats true Daddy. Pls I need prayers,pray with and for me cus I am going tru pains n trials nw and I need u to pray for me. Thanks Daddy. Your email address will not be published. According to business blogs hub, poor mentality is a mindset that people develop over time based Connect with us.

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May his favour locate us all in Jesus name. Sam uc December 26, at AM. I will receive favour 4rm dis season in jesus name Amen. January 3, at PM. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Pastor E. A Adeboye Biography. Thank you God bless you real good. Wow, a great job is being done here. As a suggestion, l think pastor Adeboye sermon should be arranged chronologically too. Thank you so much for the kind words and suggestions sir. Thank you once again sir. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me whenever the admin replies to this comment. Table of Contents. Share Honestly, may the Lord bless naija sermons. Pls more of kumuyi, adeboye and gbile messages pls.

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Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!Posted on June 5, This verse introduces Naaman in a beautiful way. He was a man that held great portfolio and was described in beautiful prose. As we look at the story of Naaman, we want to quickly compare him with the Almighty God.

Naaman was the captain of the Syrian host while God is the captain of the Host of Heaven Psalm He was captain over men — flesh while God is Lord over spirits and flesh.

God is Lord over human and animal flesh. On the other hand, God can completely wipe out the armies of all nations in one day. With one angel, He wiped out the army of Senacherib in one night. This means with less than angels, the nations of the world could be wiped out in one night. We learn here that God gives us victory over sicknesses, enemies and problems out of mercy even when we have not known Him. There were times we came across death situations but miraculously, He rescued us even though at the end, we gave the glory to ourselves or somebody else.

A young boy went into the stadium one day. He had no knowledge of swimming. He did not follow the due process either. He went to the junior swimming pool and got himself wet. Then he stole into the adult swimming pool and took a hurl. He thought he was smart for gaining access without paying.

As he sank into the water, he tried to stand on his feet like he would in the junior pool but soon realized he had landed in the deepest part. He began to gulp water as he dipped in and out of the water. He could not cry out for help the way he should. He was confused. He was drowning. But as God would have it, one of his cousins who was there came to his rescue. Today, he is a senior pastor in our church.

pastor adeboye preaching 2012

Reflect over several encounters with death from which God delivered you. Thank Him. Related This entry was posted in Christianity and tagged babalobiBabatope BabalobiBibleBible studyChristianChristianityDevotionalsGodJesuspastor adeboyesave the world prayer blogspiritual warfare. God bless. Like Like. Papa enoch is an extra ordinary man of God or should I say friend of God,the Lord is really using him mightily and whatever he declares always comes true.

God is the lord of mercy he can deliver you in whatever situation you may encounter i thank Him for what he has done for me for delivering me from the hands of the enemy. May God continue to bless you and your household Pastor E.Minister: Pastor E A Adeboye. What is a sign? A sign is an evidence that what you claim to be is true. All the Pharaoh who said you will not goGod will show them a sign in Jesus name. Also in DanielNebuchadnezzar said if the three Hebrew boys did not bow down to his image, he will throw them into the fiery furnace and see which God will deliver them but in Daniel after God showed him a sign, this same Nebuchadnezzar said there was no other God apart from the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego.

What is wonder? Someone once said a wonder is that thing that happens that makes you wonder. A wonder is a miracle so big that makes your mouth fall open involuntarily when it happens. In Acts when the man who has been lame for 40 yrs suddenly began to walk, leap and praise God, everybody in the church began to look at him in amazement.

pastor adeboye preaching 2012

When God said He will give a sign and that a virgin will give birth to a son, He was indirectly saying He would make the impossible become possible! By the grace of God, all the things that seem impossible in your life will become possible in Jesus name.

When God said to Abraham in Gen that a 90yrs old woman would have a son, Sarah laughed because deep inside her she thought that would be impossible but when our God hears the word impossible, He is eager to do something! Whenever someone tells you your case is impossible, begin to rejoice because there is a God who can make the impossible possible.

The social aspect of a man includes his social status, financial capability, material wealth and possessions. In making a virgin conceive, God is showing that He is capable of bringing something out of nothing. There is a God who can bring water out of rocks according to ExoHe is the same God who can take the little you have and turn it plenty. Do you have a financial problem?

Sermon By Pastor E A Adeboye. September 2012 RCCG Holy Ghost Service. “A GLORIOUS GENERATION.”

Do you believe this God can solve your problem? If you believe, be it unto you according to your faith. Almost every thing we do is controlled in the spiritual.

Before anything happens in the physical, it happens in the spiritual! Before calamity fell upon Job, something happened in the spiritual, God and the devil had had a conversation.

A blessing is a spiritual force, when people bless you, they are sending help your way in the spiritual realm.Praise Him. Thank you Jesusglory to your holy name … in Jesus mighty name we have worshipped. Lift your voice to Him and say Father, this year is going to an end; remember me for good… in Jesus mighty name. Lift your voice to Him and say Father, before this year ends let all my problems be over… in Jesus mighty name. Lift your voice to Him and say Father, before the end of this month, let my testimonies be complete… in Jesus mighty name.

Glory be to God in the highest amen 2ce. Thank you for January, thank you for February, thank you for March, thank you for April, thank you for May, thank you for June, thank you for July, thank you for August, thank you for September, thank you for October, thank you for November. Almighty God there is no one like you; you are greater than the greatest, you are better than the best, you are higher than the highest, you are stronger than the strongest, you are richer than the richest, you are older than the oldest.

Tonight in the life of all your children, prove yourselves, show your almightiness, show your goodness, show your greatness, your show your mercy, show your love, show your faithfulness. Save souls tonight, heal tonight and give every one of us a pleasant surprise and all your children all over the world, who are listening by television or by internet, wherever they are Lord God almighty surprise them also, at the end of everything, let your name be glorified. Father Almighty I want to thank you for your children who are born in November, November is the eleventh month of the year.

And eleventh represent double grace. In All areas of their lives Father after you have blessed them double, add something extra. Their promotion my Father and my God make it extra special. Their joy, their success, their anointing Father make it extra special. Give them a new beginning; a new beginning of joy, a new beginning of success, a new begging of promotion, a new beginning of a closer work with you.

pastor adeboye preaching 2012

Let it be well with them and let them serve you till the end, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed. November children shout halleluiah! Let me assure you of one thing, the congress of this year is going to be one of its kinds; it will be a kind of congress you have never seen before. So if I were you I will tell all my friends, relatives and even all my enemies that from December 10th to December 15th they should make sure they are here.

You could say there is no problem I can watch it from the television or on the internet, sure! But if you are able to come but you seat down at home the blessing of coming can never be the same as the blessing transmitted by any means at all. Immediately Jesus, perceiving in Himself that the power proceeding from him had gone forth, turned around in the crowd and said who touched my garments.

And he looked around to see the woman who had done this thing. But the woman fearing and trembling, aware of what had happened to her, came and fell down before him and told him the whole truth. In the simplest language expectation simply means you are looking forward to something about to happen.


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