Problem set 2 answer sheet

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Cambridge IELTS 5 Listening Test 1 with answers I Latest IELTS Listening Test 2020

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If your question is in the database, the problem will be solved using your values. Each problem is solved by hand and its solution is saved to the database by yours truly, so if you'd like to request that a question or problem set be added, please send the PDF containing the problem set to the email in the footer.

If you have any issues, feel free to email me or leave a comment in the commentbox below. Have fun! Don't quite believe it? As a test, try this question: " An 86 kg fullback moving east with a speed of 5. Answer in units of J ". If you really like this because it helps you out or makes your life easier, please consider donating!Showing your work requires you to show numbers used in calculating the ratios Showing your formulas requires you to show what the formulas entail.

Some formulas require you to first calculate the average between two years. Make sure you calculate the average before you use the average in the ratio computation. To calculate the average, you add the value for and and divide it by 2. In Problem Set PA, the Average number of shares outstanding is given, so you do not need to calculate the average again.

In Problem Set PA, be careful of not switching the answers for and Check the column on the answer sheet before entering your answers In Problem Set PA, Debt to Total Assets ratio is only the total of liabilities Current Liabilities and Long-term debt divided by total assets.

Once you have the number of common shares for each year, you can get the average common shares outstanding by adding both years and divide it by 2. After you have the average common shares outstanding, you take the Net income and divide it by that number.The answer should be done in Excel, each problem set should be done in one sheet Answers to computational problems must be adequately supported. He is considering the introduction of a new custom light sabre that he estimates will generate demand for 8, light sabers.

Required: 1. Determine the number of sabers to be sold to break-even. If 8, sabers are sold, determine the operating income. Ramses Manufacturing manufactures several products. Phoenix has adopted the traditional overhead allocation method for allocating manufacturing overhead, and direct labor hours have been selected as the cost driver.

Tiger Smith, CFO of Phoenix, is considering switching to the activity-based costing ABC system due to several significant changes in its production process. Information pertained to ABC for the year is presented as follows:.

problem set 2 answer sheet

Ramses received an order of 1, units of one of its several product lines, Frames referred to as Job The following data are related to the production and sales of these Frammises :. Calculate the total product costs and unit costs under the traditional allocation method for Job Please put it in Excel and utilize as many formulas as possibleLabel your answers and put them in final form as appropriate. Do you need a similar assignment done for you from scratch?

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The post Answer the problem sets — Top Premier Essays first appeared on nursing writers. Answer the problem sets — Top Premier Essays. Please put it in Excel and utilize as many formulas as possible Problem set 2 Ramses Manufacturing manufactures several products.

Calculate the predetermined rate under the traditional allocation method. Calculate the activity cost pool rates for each of its activity cost pools listed. Calculate the total product costs and unit costs under the ABC method for Job Which method is more preferable? Why give at least two reasons Please put it in Excel and utilize as many formulas as possibleLabel your answers and put them in final form as appropriate Do you need a similar assignment done for you from scratch?This exam was attempted by candidates who have cleared the 12th and also who are appearing in 12th.

After clearing the SSB interview, candidates go through the medical examination. Once the merit list is prepared, candidates get joining instructions based on their order of merit. As the exam is over many candidates will be looking for the NDA 2 answer keys to check their answers and predict their scores.

Candidates can check the NDA 2 expected cut off marks which are decided on the basis of previous cut off marks and number of applicants this time.

Grade 6 Module 1 Lesson 6 Problem Set Answers

Going through topic wise analysis of questions we can deduce that the Trigonometry topic covered highest ever count, i. And in comparison, with previous NDA 2 paper, Algebra covered less part of the paper, it consisted of 25 questions which are minimum number of questions on Algebra as expected.

This paper has easy to moderate level questions on Functions, complex numbers, Quadratic equations, Binomial expansions and Logarithms, etc. Commenting on Matrices and Determinants, the weightage was good, 8 questions which are higher than NDA 2 paper. Commenting on Analytical Geometry-3D, it has maintained equal number of questions on Line and Plane and 1 question on Sphere. Integral calculus and Differential Calculus followed approximately 22 questions together out of which good number of questions were on Limits, Derivatives, integral calculus and Differential equations.

Level of these questions was easy to Moderate. Vector as usual covered approx. Statistics and Probability consisted of 20 questions altogether. Statistics required the conceptual knowledge about Central measures of tendencies and important formulas.

Whereas the level of questions on this topic was average. The English section consisted of the total marks with 10 questions for each of the five sections, namely, Spotting Errors, Antonyms, Synonyms, Ordering of Words in a Sentence and Fill in the Blanks.

In previous years, the number of sections were more than this year. But students who skipped either of the vocabulary or the grammar part of the NDA English syllabus and concentrated mainly on the rest of the topics faced a major difficulty in solving the English section of the GAT paper. The question paper of NDAwhich was the most awaited one, has its own advantages and its own levels of difficulty.

While most of the students who attempted the paper have exclaimed that the paper was comparatively easy when related to the previous years, some mention that the paper was tricky. We have given the subjects that were included, the number of questions in each subject and the level of difficulty of these.

A detailed subject wise solution key along with the explanation is provided from our side which will be kept for your reference soon. Aspirants can have a look at the Answer keys for their NDA 2 written examshere of paper-1st and paper-2nd with set-a, set-b, set-c, set-d.

Your email address will not be published. What is the expected date of nda ssb interview? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Click Here.Comment on the year-to-year changes in the accounts and possible sources and uses of funds how were the funds obtained and used. Complete the chart to determine the ending balances.

As an example, the first transaction has been completed. Hints: 1. Assume all Retained Earnings transactions relate to the primary purpose of the business. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Want to cite, share, or modify this book? Skip to Content. My highlights.

Table of contents. Answer Key. Calculate net income or net loss for January. Calculate net income or net loss for February. Calculate net income or net loss for March. Hint: Think about the source of the income or loss. Calculate the missing values. Based on your calculations, make observations about each company. For each of these independent situations, find the missing amounts.

using excel answer sheet prepare responses problem sets p2 6a page 85 86 and p13 2a page 731

How would stakeholders view the financial performance of each company? Table 2. Calculate the ending balance for each account.

Create the income statement. Create the balance sheet. Previous Next. Order a print copy As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. We recommend using a citation tool such as this one.A man jogs at a velocity of 2.

He then walks at a velocity of 1. What is the displacement of the man when he stops to rest? Point Y lies 0.

problem set 2 answer sheet

What is the displacement from X to Y? A boat was traveling at 15 mph when a passenger threw an object at 10 mph in the same direction the boat was moving.

A friend, standing on the shore, observed the object moving with a speed of 25 mph. The passenger observed the object moving with a speed of 10 mph. Why were the two observations different?

While he was driving, he noticed that he was approaching a road sign. Marcy is driving on a road parallel to train tracks at a constant velocity.

At the same time, a train is accelerating in the opposite direction at a rate of 5. Marcy hypothesizes that if her car was not moving, the train would appear to accelerate at a slower rate.

problem set 2 answer sheet

Two cars drive on the same road. Andrea and Talia are standing still on a moving walkway at the airport. Janette is waiting for them at the end of the walkway. A person is traveling north on a bicycle along the riverbank. A police officer is standing on the sidewalk as the bus passes. As a car travels around a track at miles per hour mphfour observers describe the motion of the same car. Both cars are traveling at 55 mph in the same direction.

How would the relative motion of car A appear to a person traveling in car B? The graph below shows the velocity versus time for a car moving in the x -direction.He is also an e-commerce store owner, and a world traveler. Have you ever tried any of these 3 tactics shown on this article.

problem set 2 answer sheet

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