Recessed troffer led

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Recessed Troffer

Support Small Biz. Recently Added Product s. These 2 x 4 LED Troffers are also available with a dimmable option. They are DLC listed, compliant with California Title 24 building and electrical codes and suited to be installed in insulated ceilings. The LED lens lays flat with grid ceilings, for a smooth, even look. With a voltage of V, these 2 x4 high bay LED fixtures are made in the United States and come with a five-year limited warranty.

They are rated to provide long lamp life and energy efficiency that's much more than what you might be used to with old-fashioned fluorescents. Order your own fixture today, or contact one of our certified lighting specialists to learn more.

View Details. Sitemap Privacy Policy. New Sylvania High Bays. Cart 0. Business Accounts. Browsing History. Projects Gallery. Show 12 12 24 Contact us for Availability. Authorized Distributor. Receive product updates, exclusive offers, new product announcements, and much more. Newsletter Sign Up.This type of interior lighting is located in a range of building types and workplace usage, and is commonly used to provide illumination for commercial lighting, industrial lighting, retail lighting, warehouse lighting, and classroom lighting applications.

Below are a few image examples of troffer lighting applications. The below photos are by no means representative of all the types of 1x4 troffer, 2x2 troffer, and 2x4 troffer applications, they are just a quick visual sample. Most existing recessed troffer lighting applications utilize fluorescent lamps such as T12 bulbs, T8 bulbs, and, on occasion, T5 bulbs. Here are some comparison blogs you can read to learn about the differences in these types of fluorescent lights:.

There are several issues that troffer lighting users and subsequently fluorescent lamps endure. Although the cost of the lamps can be very low, the fact that individual fluorescent light fixtures utilize multiple lamps per fixture often leads to individual fluorescent light issues compounding the performance issues within the fixtures.

A four foot fluorescent light typically consumes between 28 watts and 40 watts per lamp, and most 2x4 troffers utilize four fluorescent lamps per fixture, totaling up to watts per fixture. The amount of maintenance for a fluorescent troffer fixture is dependent on the operational usage of the lamps within the fixture. Every time a fluorescent lamp is turned on, it degrades the cathodes the fluorescent lamp ignition system within the tubes.

This results in a shorter lamp life, and the need to frequently replace lamps. Fluorescent light lifetimes range from 10, to 30, hours. The performance of fluorescent tubes within troffer lighting applications will vary based on the type of existing fluorescent lamp.

T12 and T8 fluorescent tubes are the most common types of lamps used in fluorescent light fixtures.

Lamp performance varies drastically between T8 bulbs and T12 bulbs, and the manufacturer of these lamps can be indicative of the quality. From a lighting performance perspective, the fact that recessed troffers utilize multiple tubes per fixture is the primary cause of performance issues.

As individual lamps fail within a fixture, the performance and aesthetics of the fixture are reduced. In addition, most fluorescent lighting applications are NOT dimmable, so a user is unable to adapt if performance requirements change within a given space.

The way LEDs operate is very different than conventional lighting, and thus there are specific performance elements that result in operational advantages. The quality of an LED troffer is dependent on the manufacturer producing them.

The LED light fixture wattage range is so dramatic due to the need and ability to adapt to the many different applications that exist for conventional recessed troffer applications. As we discussed earlier, the way LEDs generate light and progress through their functional life results in a much longer operating life compared to a conventional fluorescent light.

LED troffer lifetimes range from 50, tohours and can have up to a 10 year manufacturer warranty. Moving on to the way LEDs distribute light, we can see how LED troffer fixtures provide significant performance improvements over fluorescent light fixtures, including a more even distribution of foot candles. LED troffers are available in a wide range of CCTs correlated color temperaturewhich provides end users the ability to select a specific aesthetic for a given space, and a high CRI color rendering index ensures that anyone working under the LED lighting can clearly see what they are working on.

Another benefit of LED troffers is the fixtures' ability to dim. This development is a drastic change for end users as they are now able to change the operating conditions after their LED retrofit and adapt to the usage needs of individual rooms or spaces quickly without compromising the functionality of the LED lights themselves. The first step is to speak with an LED lighting solutions provider or LED lighting company that is manufacturer-neutral.

Why this approach as opposed to the company you may have used for the past several years? Unless that company has a focus on providing LED light fixtures and lamps, it is unlikely that they will have the performance-focused mentality that is required to obtain the desired results of an LED indoor lighting project for your fluorescent light fixture applications.

Prior decades consisted of building facility managers and owners evaluating fluorescent lighting options purely on cost, assuming that all of the fluorescent fixture options in consideration were equal in quality.

This is not the case with LED fixture options. A solution-focused supplier should ask you about your project objectives. Are there budget constraints, energy reduction targets, lighting performance requirements, etc? Not all LED troffer retrofits and conversion for replacing fluorescent light fixtures are created equal. There are different levels of value from different manufacturers for different applications, and by working with a company that has the product expertise to recommend a solution that meets your project priorities, you will ultimately achieve the best results.

Phone: When looking for a way to update your outdated lighting into a more efficient option, 2x4 LED troffer lights could be the perfect solution. LED lighting offers a more powerful illumination while consuming less energy for a lighting option that is both productive and cost effective. LED lighting is also known to outlast comparative lighting options by almost 4 times the burn time, as well as being lower temperatures for a lighting option you can leave on for hours at a time without worry.

We offer 2x4 LED troffer lights to meet a variety of specification needs.

recessed troffer led

Our inventory offers the leading names in the lighting industry, including WareLight, RAB Lighting, Texas Fluorescents, and more, for quality and performance you can trust. Choose from 2x4 LED troffer lights in a variety of wattage capacities, ranging from 32 watts to 72 watt LED options, as well as variations in lumen outputs and volt options of anddepending on your lighting needs. We offer 2x4 LED troffer lights in various lamp numbers as well, including 2 lamps, 3 lamps, and 4 lamps.

These lights come in several different mounting options, including grid mount, to ensure you get the right option for your location needs.

All of the lighting solutions offered feature durable and sturdy manufacturing from reliable materials, such as bodies made from die-formed gauge steel and aluminum. They are painted with highly reflective baked white enamel for extra protection. When it comes to installation, these models feature configurations designed to make lighting installation into an easy job, such as access plates, wiring knockouts in multiple locations, and optional ballast covers.

These lighting options offer powerful illumination that is hassle and worry-free. Most models shown come complete with extended warranties to ensure optimal performance for years to come. Prefer ordering by phone? Industrial and commercial lighting at wholesale prices. We are still cheaper! View our Shipping Information. Become a partner and get extra discounts!

Apply Today! Width JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. LED Troffers are the perfect kind of indoor lighting to spike the moods of, well, anyone in offices, schools, retail, and hospitals. Or just anyone, in general. Their glare-free, uniform light can help increase focus and kick worker fatigue to the curb by mimicking natural light.

Productivity skyrockets, while energy costs plummet. Yes, troffers are similar to flat panels, and some might even say they have a nicer aesthetic. This can be very beneficial in otherwise stressful places like hospitals or even offices. Many of our troffers include an emergency backup and make it easy to add enhancements like lighting controls.

And, if you need dimmability, many have that option, as well. But, in the event that you do run into any issues, our troffers come with a 5-year warranty, for that extra peace of mind.

LTF- LED Recessed Troffer

Over 90, to be exact. This means that they easily bring out the true colors of objects, which can be especially useful in a place like a convenience store. Plus, bright and even illumination makes a convenience store look much more appealing to a potential customer at night. Chances are, if a store looks dark and dreary, customers are most likely headed in the opposite direction.

recessed troffer led

Think about it: in a traditional office setting, that number amounts to about 50 years of reliable lighting. Many are also DLC standard or premium, which means you can save even more money by applying for rebates. So browse around, and let us know if you have any questions along the way.

At e-conolight, we offer LED troffers in multiple sizes, enabling greater flexibility and brighter light with lower power consumption. Our newest LED flat panels offer lower cost, ease of installation and can fit into ceilings with lower clearance above the grid.The recessed troffer led panel luminaire modern design creates perfect balance of both horizontal and vertical illumination, which will make your space elegant Create a productive, comfortable atmosphere through enhanced light quality and distribution ensure to provide you better, and healthier lighting than fluorescent light.

It has a modern design and is easy to install.

LED Volumetric Troffer Dual Lens

LEDs are considered an ideal lighting source which can be used in applications that are subjected to an on-off cycling frequently, unlike their fluorescent counterparts that have a tendency to burn out way too much more quickly when cycled frequently.

An added benefit of LEDs is that they light up instantaneously in a span of just a few nanoseconds. LED Lights also emit full brightness and therefore eliminate a need for any backup lighting. Unlike most conventional fluorescent lighting bulbs contain large amounts of toxic and polluting materials like mercury, LED lights are free of toxic chemicals like mercury or harmful gases.

There is good evidence to suggest that LED products attract fewer insects, meaning less maintenance and cleaning. Of note, they do require hardware specific to LED technology in order to dim meaning you cannot use the dimming equipment for an incandescent bulb or other traditional lighting technology. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Previous Next. Why recessed troffer LED panel.

Benefits of 2ft recessed troffer LED panel. Construction of recessed troffer led panel. Manufactured from code gauge prime cold rolled steel Performance engineered optical lens assembly delivers unique beam angles and reduces glare.

Specification of the troffer LED panel light. Where to use the recessed troffer led panel? Advantage of recessed troffer led panel. About Brandon Lighting. Brandon lighting is one of the leader manufacturer in LED linear fixture with over 5 million linear fixtures installed worldwide. Looking for specific Dimmable LED recessed ceiling light manufacturer? Related Projects. LED Lens Troffer. Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment.Designed to replace fluorescent lay-in troffers, GlobaLux LTF LED troffer series offers a solution for a wide range of commercial and retail applications.

With a uniformly illuminated white lens, the LTF is a cost effective alternative to fluorescent 2X4 and 2X2 troffers. The LTF series is designed to perform reliably for 50, hours, virtually eliminating the maintenance and disposal costs associated with fluorescent lighting.

Rugged construction, solid die formed, cold-rolled steel housing. All surfaces powder coated after fabrication. Frosted acrylic diffuser provides even consistent light while reducing glare.

Lens design and materials provide uniform appearance without pixelation. Damp location labeling is standard. Emergency equipped fixtures labeled UL Not all models of this product may be DLC qualified. Quotation Requests: quotations globaluxlighting. Inventory and Account Login: admin globaluxlighting. Search for:. Category: LED Recessed. High-transmission White Acrylic lens with excellent distribution and uniformity.

Direct replacement for fluorescent. DesignLights Consortium Qualified luminaire. Full distribution LED troffer. Direct replacement of fluorescent Long life, 60, hour LEDs at L80 reduce lift cycle maintenance costs. Battery backup available for emergency egress applications. Specifications Features Construction Rugged construction, solid die formed, cold-rolled steel housing. Dimensions LTF Options Emergency Battery backup. Images and Application Photos. Related Products.

Sales and Support Order Desk: orders globaluxlighting.As dazzling as Cree Lighting is, the back story will leave you feeling even more warm and fuzzy.

recessed troffer led

Get it here. Got questions? Our peeps know the answers and are standing by. Pick an application, any application. The Cree ZR Series LED troffer delivers a broad portfolio of class-leading efficiency and better light performance in an inspired, ultra-slim package — all at a remarkably affordable price. And now, the ZR Series also offers a room-side removable lens with magnetic fasteners for easy access and maintenance. The newest member of the ZR family, the ZR-RK Series Retrofit Kit, enables an easy 4-part troffer upgrade of existing fluorescent luminaires without removing the fluorescent pan.

Some product configurations are not available. Please consult spec sheets for specific product availability and for further details. ZR Series. It may be installed into any hard ceiling to create a simple t-bar style opening. It features a powder-coated white finish to complement a variety of interior designs.

Phoenix, AZ. Search creelighting. Learn More. Cree Lighting Applications. Tools Use these handy online tools to get from point A to point Cree. Contact Our Experts Got questions?

Spec Sheets Compare. Compare Remove. Overview Cree resets the troffer category by expanding its ZR troffer family to meet your project needs. The ZR troffer family is a commercial spec-grade LED troffer portfolio that offers solutions for highest energy savings, superior color quality or a balanced combination of performance and affordability.

In addition to industry-leading energy efficiency, the ZR Series troffer creates a visual comforting lighting experience by utilizing a matte finish design which reduces glare and enables perfect vertical and horizontal light distribution.

Available in matte finish. Remarkably priced for payback of less than 2 years.

Recessed LED Troffer Light

Up to twice the warranty of the nearest competition.


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