Rossi rs22 wmr

Like many others, I got my start with a.

Rossi RS22 vs Ruger 10 22 at 100 Yards No 5

I still have that little gun, and it brings back memories of those fun-filled summers on the farm chasing woodchucks and shooting starlings in the barn. It was all part of growing up for me. Rifle options back then were relatively limited, but not today. One of the newer ones that just arrived is the Rossi RS Based on the same platform as its bolt-action counterpart, the gun is made in Brazil and illustrates how modern gun manufacturing has become worldwide.

All of the metal parts are nicely machined. The inch barrel is free-floated and has a satin finish and a target crown. Many rimfire shooters prefer open sights, and the front sight has a high-visibility orange fiber-optic insert. It is well protected with a rather large hood ventilated on three sides to allow natural light to illuminate the insert.

However, what really sets this rear sight assembly apart from others is that you can adjust both windage and elevation via large knobs without a screwdriver. If you prefer a clean barrel, both sights are removable.

But be careful on the rear assembly because the spring that powers the elevation adjustment will fly out and into the unknown. Been there! Interestingly, the rear sight has been adjusted at the factory before shipment for a yard zero using standard velocity ammunition. The action is the typical blowback operation with a receiver contour that follows most semiautomatics today. The rear of the receiver is rounded, and for those who use open sights, your eye follows right to the rear sight.

On the right side of the receiver is the ejection port and cocking lever. While the gun stays open after the last shot, you can close it by simply pulling out on the cocking lever allowing it to move forward. The magazine holds 10 rounds and is released by a lever positioned in front of the trigger guard. The safety is located in the polymer trigger guard and is the usual crossbolt design.

Trigger pull ran 6. The stock is black synthetic, and though it looks like a stock meant for young people, it is proportioned to an adult. Length of pull is a full The Rossi RS22 comes with a round steel magazine, but can also use the round Model magazines available from Mossberg.

A handy little 22 Long Rifle is one gun that everyone should own. At least one. I have lots of rifles in my vault, but if I had to pare down to just one, it would be chambered for the 22 Long rifle cartridge.

There is no other cartridge that is quite as versatile, and has killing power all out of proportion to its diminutive size. A good 22 also serves as a recreational plinker, allowing a whole day of fun for not much money expended on ammunition.

A good twenty-two is one of the most under-appreciated firearms in existence, because most folks just take them for granted.


The 22 Long Rifle cartridge is the most-popular cartridge in the world, and paired with a good rifle, can fill many roles as a fine hunting, camping, and just all-around fun gun. These days there are many good 22 rifles from which to choose and a person can spend very little or a lot of money on that rifle. I recently received in here for review one of the most-affordable 22 rifles on the market; the Rossi RS This rifle is very similar to the recently-reviewed Mossberg Plinkster.

Both rifles are built by the same manufacturer in Brazil, and both a are very affordable. The sights are the same set of excellent adjustable fiber-optic sights, and the magazines will interchange, so this Rossi will work perfectly with the Mossberg twenty-five round magazine that they sell for the Plinkster.

rossi rs22 wmr

The stock is a black synthetic material, and the steel parts have a blued metal finish. The tapered barrel measures eighteen inches in length, and the rifle has an overall length of The magazine holds ten rounds, and is made of blued steel.

The magazine follower serves to hold the bolt open when the magazine is empty. The bolt can also be locked into the open position by pressing inward on the retracted charging handle. The safety is a crossbolt trigger-blocking style, pushing from right-to-left to fire. The trigger pull is surprisingly good on this inexpensive rifle, weighing in at just four and one-half pounds resistance on my digital scale. I tested the RS22 rifle with several brands of 22 Long Rifle ammunition for velocity and function.

The results with each brand and type of ammunition are listed in the chart below. HP is a lead hollowpoint bullet. Solid is a lead roundnose bullet.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Local Storage seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Local Storage in your browser. COVID is resulting in increased processing times business days. Please email in lieu of limited phone support.

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rossi rs22 wmr

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rossi rs22 wmr

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rossi rs22 wmr

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Rossi RS22

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Add To Cart. Cmmg, Inc Cmmg Magazine Ar Tap Tap to Zoom. You May Also Like. Does Rossi off anything like a banana clip or something that holds more than 10 rounds?

Expert Answer Yes they do, however we do are not able to sell anything over 10 round due to local restrictions. Can the rifle fire a single shot without the magazine in? Expert Answer You would have to hand-load each round, which could be difficult, but yes the rifle should function without the magazine.

Customer Reviews. These are identical to the one that comes with the rifle. They work well and are very durable. I would highly recommend these over the more expensive one they were shipped Qi and was delivered in a couple of days. Best for less. Outstanding ten shot clip. Couple hundred rounds so far in both clips and nada malfunctions. I may get another one as the alter Mossberg 25 shot mag that also works looks like an assault banana and where I live would be an eyeopener Read More This is an actual Rossi replacement part that will fit like a glove.

It actually fits better than the magazine that came with the gun. Best price anywhere. Grab a few and get the free shipping and you make out like a bandit.Overall this little rifle will turn out to be a popular gun.

Out of the box it has some problems. First read the manual and clean all of the protective coatings and grease and clean thoroughly. I did this many times and the trigger pull dropped by 2 pounds at least. Effectively you are polishing the fine burrs from trigger and sear.

It does make a difference. Second, and this is something that Rossi or their manufacturing company should do. The end of the barrel chamber has very sharp edges that should be polished out not sanded, not filed but polished with polishing compound and jeweler rouge. The sharp edges actually will shave the brass and leave the action covered in tiny brass shavings. More important jams caused will damage the bullets Jamming and failure to load will result. I went through 7 or 8 bullet types and shapes.

The sharp edge on chamber will grab the bullet right where the casing begins. Many jams. Shot a couple of hundred rounds first day. During my second cleaning first was out of box I polished the barrel end. Just polished and just the edge with a dremel tool and felt cone with polishing paste and rouge. NOTE: You are not removing material just polishing the edge. Second time out I shot many more shots.

It favors the more pointed bullet shapes but now feeds almost all ammo. It is very accurate and fun to shoot. Looking forward to my third trip to the range.


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