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Rotate image Save Cancel. Breaking news: See More. More Rules New Posts. First Prev. Next Last. The prof who teaches it retired last semester, so I don't know if it will be as easy anymore. It was probably the most interesting history course i've ever taken though. There were 3 seminar session you had to go to There's no midterm. Profs name was Dr. Barcsay i think. Not a lot of people know about this course, so they don't take it. You have to do one seminar, where you just ask one question to the class Then the usual midterm, essay, and exam.

One warning though. They post their notes on blackboard word for word was they talked about in classso there really isn't a need to even go to class if you keep up with the notes and do the readings.

I went to maybe 4 classes in total including my one seminar and ended up with an A RFD Ebay Dance. It's Rye Hi I narrowed down the electives that i wanna take, but i was wondering if anyone can tell me the easyness of the course and if the course involves writing essays. And i imagine most of the ENG courses are work intensive right? Ya im goin into Ryerson for business commerce - business management next year as well.

Does anyone have any information on the following courses? Any help would be very appreciated! I went into not assuming that and got screwed. If u do any course choices do any of those but Popular culture.

I also don't recommend pol if you hate essays and writing assignments as explained earlier. Fun and useful course and the prof Koch is enthusiastic. Also a lot of women take that course if you're into that kind of thing.

I have like a week left to decide on one elective to take for business management. And id rather do an exam than write an essay, however if the course is easy i dont mind doing an essay. Can someone suggest a few courses? Flickr Instagram. Congrats to the Winners!The following is a list of countries and territories from which citizens are exempt from providing proof of English language proficiency:.

Requirements reflect overall scores. There are no minimum requirements for band scores e. Subject to change. Use as a guideline only. Applicants must achieve the test score required for their subject of major interest, as noted above. Applicants are required to inform Ryerson of the test they are writing and the date the score will be submitted to Ryerson from the test centre. Follow the instructions below:.

Ryerson will not accept test results submitted by the applicant or any other means. New effective April 6, In an effort to support our applicants who have been impacted by test centre closures, we have extended our deadline date to provide an English language proficiency test score to June 1, Applications for admission will not be cancelled due to a lack of English language test score prior to this date. Admission decisions will continue to be processed where a test score has been received.

After you apply, you will receive notice to submit test information to Ryerson. If your access to the form linked above is restricted, please use the following version of the form:.

See below for further details. You may request an exemption from providing an English Proficiency test score for one of the following reasons:. Note: If your application for admission was cancelled because you failed to provide a test score and you believe you should not have to provide one, please fill out the Exemption Request Formexternal link, opens in new window.

Are you academically qualified for an undergraduate program but lack the minimum English requirements? This program combines intensive English language instruction with undergraduate course work.

Students who complete the Ryerson ESL Foundation Program are admitted to a degree program with at least one undergraduate course credit. If your application to an undergraduate degree program is denied because your test results do not meet our requirements, consider amending your existing application or adding this as a program choice.

Alert: Effective Wednesday, March 18, Ryerson University will be shifting to an essential services model on our campus. Search Site and People. Home Toggle navigation.

You are now in the main content area. English Language Requirements. Proof of English language proficiency is required when: Applicants hold citizenship from a country where English is not the first language; Or where English is an official language but not the first language; Including applicants who have resided in Canada for four calendar years or less i. Open All Close All. Exempt Countries and Territories.From astronomy, to politics in film, there are so many fun and easy courses to take at Ryerson.

Whether or not you speak a different language, these courses are the easiest. They require a proficiency test before you start the course to see how much prior knowledge you have of said language, which will determine what section you are put in to easy, medium, or hard.

Courses by Subject

Not only are these electives easy, but they are also pretty cool. This is not your typical economics course. This course investigates human behaviour from an economic perspective. Some topics include the economics of marriage and divorce, the afterlife, mass hysteria, and many more.

ryerson english reddit

If you passed your grade nine geography course you should be fine for this one. It is known that geography courses at Ryerson are generally the easiest.

ryerson english reddit

This course develops an understanding of how natural balances originate. It also includes topics such as weather systems, erosion, and water budgets. This course allows students to reflect on political perspectives which enable students to critically assess films. This economic course is actually one of the easiest upper liberals due to the fact that it is general knowledge. It describes challenges faced by developing economies, with a strong focus on world poverty. Students who have taken any global management courses in their lower years will be well prepared for this one, however, it is also completely fine if you have no prior knowledge in this subject.

This is a call to all the athletes out there! This course is made fun by including the world of athletics. It examines the economics of professional and collegiate sports. If you are a visual learner or if you had to take any previous communications courses this one is for you.

You will learn visual language and how visual images manipulate and become manipulated by a culture. Nobody that I know. Now ending off with another geography course. Hopefully this list of easy courses at Ryerson University will allow you to relax and boost your GPA. Best wishes in school! Hi guys! I am currently studying Accounting and Finance at Ryerson University. I love playing sports, hanging out with friends, and I am a major foodie. Ryerson - Around Campus.Training in the digital humanities provides skills in online research, writing, editing, and publishing and provides experiential opportunities for collaborative critical and creative digital making.

Courses in creative writing enhance the arts of storytelling and poetry while shaping the practical skills it takes to edit, design, produce, and market a literary journal. Alert: Effective Wednesday, March 18, Ryerson University will be shifting to an essential services model on our campus. Search Site and People. Department of English. Home Toggle navigation. Carousel content with 5 slides. A carousel is a rotating set of images, rotation stops on keyboard focus, on carousel tab controls or hovering the mouse pointer over images.

Use the tabs or the previous and next buttons to change the displayed slide. Without literature, life is hell. Stories are wondrous things.

Business Technology Management (BComm)

And they are dangerous. A word after a word after a word is power. There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. A story is how we construct our experiences. You are now in the main content area. BA in English. MA in English.

English for Non-Majors. Digital Humanities. Creative Writing. Faculty Bookshelf. See More Books on the Shelf. English News.Rahul Mannapperuma, Business Technology Management.

Learn more from current students. Make sure the program is still accepting applications. Required grade ranges may fluctuate from year to year up or down as a result of competition. Applicants not educated in Ontario may present the equivalent of the Ontario requirements. Ryerson reserves the right to determine equivalency at its sole discretion. Academic admission requirements for all other applicants are available at: Admission Requirements.

ryerson english reddit

Subject to competition and space limitation, a higher grade point average may be required. Note: Students must complete all course requirements in third and fourth year and up to eight 8 single-term prescribed first and second year reachback courses depending on previous academic preparation.

Apply knowledge of business and management fundamentals combined with state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies in business analysis, process design, information or systems administration; software and hardware support services; ICT-based support in for-profit, not-for-profit and public sector organizations in ICT-focused or business-focused areas. Start Virtual Tour. Explore Ryerson's unique urban campus in the heart of downtown Toronto from the comfort of your own home!

Search Site and People.

ryerson english reddit

Home Toggle navigation. You are now in the main content area. Business Technology Management BComm. Q: What do you like about co-op? A: I think what's great about co-op is that it gives you two years to get in front of the industry, test out the skills that you learned in the classroom, and you can learn a lot about yourself.

Quick Links. How to Apply. Program Website. Program Courses. After Graduation.It's back to school season, which means back to learning, back to class and back to trying to figure out how to do well with minimal effort.

Cue bird courses. These courses are easy, and will help boost your GPA especially if you're taking super hard classes for your program. University classes will always be hard, and we can't guarantee you'll get an A in any of these classes, but hopefully they'll be easier for you!

All reviews are from birdcourses. This course traces the origins of social inequality and reflects on the various interpretations of social stratification. It is said to be relatively easy, just show up to lectures. Super easy midterm and final! Don't let the amount of reading fool you into thinking this course is super difficult. Midterms and exams are multiple choice. As an overview course, you'll learn a lot with minimal effort. Films often mirror society in both intentional and unintentional ways.

Some are overtly political, some reflect changing values and some are made purely for entertainment. Does this intrigue you? If you have an interest in either of these subjects you will find the content interesting, and with only a couple assignments and an easy examine you will definitely leave this course with a high mark.

Astronomy classes are also super fun and easy. You're learning things you wouldn't normally learn about, and because it's such a random topic none of the topics are ever SUPER hard. Easy A! This is another intro to Astronomy class. These classes are super easy and interesting, and you'll learn a lot of random facts that you can use to impress your friends or a date!

This course explores TONS of topics: religious behaviour and the afterlife, sexual behaviour, marriage and divorce, crime, mass hysteria and panics, suicide and dying, emotions, and the economics of sports.

Redefine how you learn

For a lot of knowledge and a simple course, this is your best bet. Themes in climatology, hydrology and geomorphology are examined in order to develop an understanding of how natural balances originate.

People often compare this course to grade 9 geography. So if you passed that, this should be fine. This course explores the development of North American, British and non-western popular music. If you have any interest in music, take this course for an easy A. All the profs are super great, and the assignments and tests are super easy and interesting.Reddit is home to thousands of communities, endless conversation, and authentic human connection.

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