Sample letter of criminal rehabilitation

Sample Letters. Writing a Simple Letter of Reference for Expungement. The main reason a person may want to expunge their criminal record is because it is inhibiting a rental agreement, loan application or job application.

In this case, they have the right to have the arrest record sealed and any identifying parts of the record returned.

To achieve this, they need to write an expungement letter and send it along with a character reference letter to the judge or other person who has the power to expunge their record. Writing this type of letter is not simple, but there are a few steps that will make it easier.

There are several rules governing expungement that must be met before a person is allowed to write an expungement letter.

If these conditions are met, there is no need for a petition or hearing. For example, if the charge is illegal drug related, the writer needs to focus on the clean lifestyle and any rehabilitation the person has undergone. This may require proof or documentation. The letter should clearly state the relationship the writer has with their friend or relative.

A judge or parole officer will want to know how long the writer has known the person.

How to Write a Letter of Reference for a Person Seeking Expungement

It should state that he or she knows the person well, or it may not be taken seriously. If the writer knew the person at the time of the crime, it should be stated because it gives more credibility to the writer if he or she knew the person when they committed the crime and throughout their rehabilitation. Give Specifics The letter needs to give specific ways in which the person has been rehabilitated.

sample letter of criminal rehabilitation

The letter must give concrete examples with details that prove the person has changed. This may include any volunteer work the person does to help the community or a local charity. This will support the idea that the person is contributes to society and is no longer a threat. Below is a sample reference for expungement letter. It should be written in formal business letter format and address to the proper person. It is the writers responsibility to find out to whom the letter should be addressed.

It may be the judge who oversees the case. If it is sloppy, it will not be taken seriously. It is recommended to have a knowledgeable person check the letter for mistakes. I have known Name of Person since his birth as I attended college with his mother and was a Maid of Honor in her wedding. He is requesting that a felony conviction for possession of cocaine twelve years ago be expunged from his record as it is negatively impacting all of his job applications because of criminal background checks.

He served a jail term of 18 months and has had no further problems with drugs or the law. He considers his conviction the result of youthful carelessness and has no intention of being in any way involved with illegal drugs in the future.

sample letter of criminal rehabilitation

However, whenever he applies for a job, they refuse because he has a criminal record. I have watched him these last 10 years improve his life and would like to help him get the second chance he deserves.

Thank you in advance for considering my request.In addition, I respectfully request that [name] be sentenced to a drug treatment program rather than prison for his recent offenses. In fact, every case in his criminal file relates to drug use. As his mother, I have witnessed his addiction firsthand and his fledgling efforts to get clean.

He is a bright, energetic young person committed to turning his life around. I believe that a strong, qualified drug treatment program will help him re-enter society with new health and skills. Please give my son a chance at rehabilitation rather than sentencing him to prison.

Our family fully supports drug treatment and will do everything in our power to help him achieve success. Thank you very much. To Whom It May Concern: I am currently a student at [university name] pursuing a graduate diploma in [subject]. I am writing to appeal a failing grade I received in the [course name] module. I respectfully request that my examination results for this module be overturned and that I be permitted to graduate from the training program.

To date, I have passed all other training modules, including [course name] and [course name]. The [course name] module in question is unrelated to my primary training program and, with due respect, I believe this subject is irrelevant in my situation. I have been taking courses at [university name] to enhance competency in my career in [career field].

I value the coursework and have learned a great deal. The company for which I work, [company name], has generously subsidized the costs for my training at the [university name].

With a failing grade, however, I am being required not only to repeat the course but to repay my company for the school fees. Please authorize my graduation from the training program with a passing grade in [course name].

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sample letter of criminal rehabilitation

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Writing an Impressive Expungement Letter. There may be a criminal arrest on their record that is inhibiting their loan applications, rental agreements or job applications. If the person was arrested but not charged with any crime, they have the option of requesting that identifying parts of their record of arrest be returned and the arrest record sealed. Other rules are that all charges were dismissed before determining probable cause, or the prosecution did not file any charges and a grand jury did not return the indictment.

The applicant must also not have participated in a diversion program after the arrest. This type of expungement does not require a hearing and a petition.

If the person had charges filed and dismissed for a lack of probable cause, a different petition must be completed to seal their court records.

Expungement letters are different from expungement forms that require detailed information. The letter should be written in formal business style and must show that the person in question is a responsible member of society and has been for many years. This is why they are usually written five to 10 years after an arrest. The letter must state the case and explain the changes that the person made in their life to correct their actions. Examples of life changes are helping others and not getting arrested again.

There should be no complaints or recriminations against the police about the arrest because no charges were filed. If it is possible, the applicant should get a copy of their criminal record.

This will have information such as the case number, which may make it easier for the officials who will receive the request. Here is a sample expungement letter to be sent to a judge. The same letter also needs to be sent to the other agencies mentioned above. Copies of each letter should be kept. The letters should be sent by certified mail, so the sender has proof of the time and date the letter was sent and received.

I was arrested because I was with three other people who were caught with goods on their person. I had not shoplifted anything and was not charged. However, the arrest is on my record and I would like to have it removed. I have received commendations from my supervisors and hope to advance in the banking business.A character reference letter is written by a person to define the character of a person that they know for years or a certain time period.

Basically, a person writes the character reference letter for court defining the character of an individual to get the judge an idea about the character of the individual. The judge would have no idea about the character of an individual who has broken a law or done any crime. A character reference letter becomes quite significant if the case is about custody of the child and the judge needs to know the character of the parents. It is extremely important for the author to write in the letter what is true.

Being honest when writing the character reference letter is extremely important for the author. There are various things, which are important before writing the character reference letter for court such as:. Insert relationship with the defendant here for example I have known Insert name, address, and occupation of the defendant here for five or six, seven etc.

We were in the same building. I know for a fact that he or she would never do it if there had been no financial crisis and issues in the family life. She or he has always been a vegetarian and had never in their life tried anything like that. Yours faithfully, Signature here Insert name here. The tone of the character reference letter should be formal; however, the author writing the letter should explain his or honest feelings about the defendant, for example, if the case is about child custody then it would be wise to include few sentences like, this person has been a responsible parent since the birth of the child.

They had given up their career for a certain time period for taking care of the child and when the kid started the school only this person considered taking a job back to support the family income. It was not easy to be a homemaker all these years but this person has managed everything quite well.

A lot could be included in the letter depending upon the character of the defendant. Who you are: Mention name, job, and qualifications to give the judge an idea about who is writing the letter and what they do. Relationship to the Person: In this section, it is important to mention the relationship with the defendant. For example, the author can be a friend of the defendant or he or she can be a family member who would have known the defendant for years.

Knowledge about the charges on Defendant: At this point the author should include answer to the questions like whether the defendant had talked to them about the scenario before going to the court, if they had been guilty, did they feel sorry on the matter, their overall feeling on the matter, had the defendant been upset and have considered counseling, have they considered paying any damage or have paid the damage to the victim, was there any impact on the reputation of the defendant, have they suffered or faced any loss, is there any disgrace they have been feeling in the community to which he or she belongs, and a lot more depending on the case of the defendant and whether he or she has been guilty.

Knowledge about the Personal life of Defendant: If the defendant had been going through some personal issues and the author has an idea about it then would be wise to mention it in the letter. Whether they had been taking any drugs or alcohol because of being extremely upset, they had been abused, or anything, which triggers them or any idea about the financial situation or stresses the defendant has been going through.

The character of the defendant: It would be wise to mention the knowledge and personal opinion of the character of the defendant. It would be wise to include their personal achievements in life and how successful or qualified the defendant has been and how the character of the defendant has created a positive impact on the life of numerous people. It is important to send the character reference letter before the court hearing.

Rehabilitation for Persons Who Are Inadmissible to Canada Because of Past Criminal Activity

The defendant lawyer would be able to get an idea about the character of the defendant as well.Are you having a hard time finding a job because of your criminal record?

A Certificate could help you show an employer that you have been rehabilitated. Certificates of Rehabilitation are also known as a Certificates of Restoration and Certificates Promoting Restoration. These names refer to the same Certificate. Later in this article, we will explain the differences between these two Certificates.

You need to know the difference between these Certificates so you know which one to apply for.

Cardiac Rehab Unit - a thank you letter

To get a certificate, you need to apply to either the court that sentenced you or the parole board. Once you receive a Certificate, you could use it to show an employer that you have been rehabilitated. A Certificate is only evidence of your rehabilitation. It protects you from being discriminated against for your criminal record. It also restores your right to vote. If you were convicted of a felony and incarcerated or on parole, you lose your right to vote until you are released from incarceration and finished with parole.

Having a Certificate does not mean you will automatically get the job. An employer can still deny you a job if you are not qualified for it. An employer can also deny you a job if the crime you committed is related to the work you would be doing. For example, if you were convicted of driving while intoxicated, you could be denied a job as a bus driver. You can never have your record expunged in New York State. You may be able to get some convictions sealed, but they can never be erased from your record.

Do I have to report my convictions on job applications if I have a Certificate of Rehabilitation? You still have to report your convictions. A Certificate of Rehabilitation does not erase or seal your record. If you lie on your application, you could be denied the job or fired. You do not have to report sealed cases or cases where you were tried as a youthful offender.

You do not have to report your arrests, only your convictions. It depends. Not everyone needs a Certificate to get a job. But if you are having a hard time finding a job because of your criminal record, a Certificate of Rehabilitation may help you. There are some jobs that you need a Certificate of Rehabilitation to get. You need a Certificate for any job that requires a special license, such as a nurse or a barber.

The Certificate you apply for depends on when you were convicted and what you were convicted of. You must count all of your convictions, even federal convictions or convictions in other states. You do not have to count cases if you were tried as a youthful offender or juvenile delinquent. Apply for a Certificate of Relief from Disabilities if you:.

You cannot get one Certificate of Relief from Disabilities to cover all of your convictions.Forgot your password? Or sign in with one of these services. I am just about to graduate nursing school. Due to a misdemeanor charge that I plead guilty to about 11 years ago, I need to include an explanation letter with my application for licensure. I am having a difficult time with this because I don't exactly what I should include in the letter.

I understand that I need to include how I have changed, remorse for the crime, why I can now be trusted, ect But I am not sure how much detail I am supposed to include about the actual circumstances surrounding my being charged with the crime. I am including all of the paperwork with my application that includes the arrest affidavit, statements from the person s who filed charges against me.

My dilemma is that I feel like I should be offering explanation, basically my side of the story, and what led up to the event. But at the same time I don't want to sound as if I am placing blame or giving excuses.

However, there were extenuating circumstances that I think I should mention. So I don't know if I should go into all of that detail, or do I just explain that I am remorseful and sorry for my mistakes and leave it at that?

How to Write a Cover Letter When You Have a Felony

I have not been arrested repeatedly. This incident is the only criminal history that I have and it was almost 11 years ago. I have not had so much as a speeding ticket since that time. If anyone else has experience writing a letter of this type and could offer some guidance I would be forever grateful. I have worked so hard to get through school and have overcome so much to get here. I am a single mother just getting out of a very unhealthy marriage and I feel like my ability to provide a good future for my children is resting on this one last hurdle, obtaining the license.

So obviously this letter is stressing me out quite a bit. I have been dealing with the board since February of this year. I too only have one misdemeanor offense and the board has made it so horrible. Mine was 7 years ago.

I would strongly suggest being as honest as possible. The board will read the police statements and all of that. When you do a declaratory order, which they will make you do if you have not already, it clearly states to explain everything about the incident.

I know that sounds stressful and it is, but I would simply explain what happened. You can include some of the details that may shed some light as to why things happened, but honestly, the board is looking to see how honest and upfront you are about the situation. I hope it works out for you.People with criminal records can have a tough time when applying for employment, loans, housing and professional licenses. Even if they have completed all the requirements of their conviction, their past behavior will show up on a background check so that anyone can see it.

Expungement is the process of wiping the rap sheet clean so the person can start again with a clean slate. The judge reviewing the case usually wants to see a reference for the person seeking expungement so the court can feel confident that he will not reoffend. There's no statutory form of expungement letter, so don't worry about making it look right.

As long as you testify to the person's good character, the court will accept your letter of reference. Address your reference letter to the presiding judge of the court where the expungement is being heard, unless you're told to address the letter to a different person.

If you're not sure, call the court or ask your friend's attorney. Include your own name, address and telephone number using traditional business letter format so the judge knows how to contact you if she needs to clarify anything.

Write the name of the case and case number if you know it. Write the date. Anyone can write a letter of reference as long as they can testify to the person's strength of character and the positive steps she is taking in her life.

Courts look favorably on letters of recommendation from employers, landlords, counselors, religious leaders and other prominent members of the community, but they will also place weight on letters from friends and family members who have known the person a long time. Give a short summary of how you know the person, how long you have known her and how often you keep in contact.

Mention your professional position and qualifications, if any. In the body of the letter, explain why the person seeking expungement is a productive member of society who no longer associates with crime. For example, you might list volunteer or charity work, vocational training, qualifications or employment that the person has undertaken since the crime. Use the charges that your friend is trying to have expunged to guide what you say. For example, if your friend was arrested on a drug charge, explain what he does now to remain sober.

The primary focus of a reference letter is to persuade the court that the person is rehabilitated from his crime. Your letter will carry more weight if you give concrete examples. For example, you might say, "For the past year, John Smith has been a hardworking and reliable employee who has never been late, and I've placed him in charge of our accounts department," rather than "John Smith is a reliable employee.

Proofread the letter carefully; it will be less credible if it contains grammatical and spelling errors. Double-check that the information you have given is true, since misleading the court is an offense in itself. When you're happy with the letter, sign and print your name. Mail or deliver the letter to the recipient. Keep a copy for your records. Her work has appeared on numerous legal blogs including Quittance, Upcounsel and Medical Negligence Experts.

Find her at www. By: Jayne Thompson. Tips Don't question the fairness of your friend's conviction or claim that the judicial system is unfair. About the Author.


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