Turnigy 9x compatible receivers

This article provides an overview of the RC Transmitter and Receiver Systems that can be used with ArduPilot autopilots along with guidance on how they are connected. All of the above methods utilize a single serial signal transmission wire for all channels.

Turnigy 9X Review – 9 Channel RC Transmitter

ArduPilot auto-detects the protocol of the RC receiver system. For most autopilots there is a pin labeled RCin to which the output from the receiver is connected.

On many closed source autopilots, other pins are used and are detailed in their board documentation, linked from the ArduPilot Hardware page. In addition, beginning with ArduPilot firmware releases 4. Bus receiver to a Pixhawk, for example, plug the ground blackpower red and signal usually white - orange in the diagram below wires to the RC pins on the Pixhawk.

The following S. Bus directly. It is not exhaustive and new receivers are introduced often. Theses transmitters are feature packed for their price. You can buy them from different locations e. Craft and TheoryAloft Hobbies. Bus compatible receivers. One of the major advantages of the Taranis is that it can receive and display telemetry data directly from ArduPilot and on-board FrSky telemetry sensors, such as flight mode, GPS status, current drawn and cell voltages, and even ArduPilot messages, that can be added to your vehicle.

For more information, see FrSky telemetry. This means that an additional JR type transmitter module is not required. The Taranis transmitters can run the Yappu Telemetry.

Turnigy 9X 9Ch Mode 2 Transmitter w/ Module & iA8 Receiver (AFHDS 2A system)

They support S. Bus and bidirectional S. Port telemetry. For more information about FrSky X receivers, refer to the receiver section on the FrSky telemetry page. Some are capable of using FPort which combines S. Bus and S. Port style telemetry on a single connection to the receiver, see FPort Receivers. Make sure to connect the S. The S.

Bus port on the Pixhawk is actually an S. Bus out connection! Both the S. Port connections are shown. It can operate in 8 channel, 16 channel and long range 12 channel mode. This radio. Bus and CPPM outputs, and also feature Smart Port telemetry, which provides telemetry from ArduPilot and other on-board FrSky sensors current sensor, cell voltage sensor, temperature sensor, …. FrSky X8R receiver module with S. Bus and Smart Port telemetry. This receiver module has a slightly less range as the X8R but is lighter and more compact.Shopping for new electronic gear can be a long and challenging process, filled with hours of research, comparisons, and unsteady decisions.

Sometimes, having the perfect gear for your needs can be life-changing. Since the command station your transmitter remote is where all the drone flying experience begins, we want to take the time to examine several of the leading drone transmitter remotes on the market, but particularly the Turnigy Evolution. In our review, we offer several models at varying price range so that you can feel informed and more confident in your search for new gear.

Below, we review and compare the Turnigy Evolution model with three competing transmitters to see how it holds up. This compact and ergonomic unit feels like a game controller with the addition of ball bearing gimbals for smooth flights. The Turnigy Evolution transmitter is durable and arrives with a protective sleeve for easy and safe transport. This unit operates more like a console controller yet feels well built and solid. General control of the Turnigy Evolution is precise and comfortable.

This transmitter remote controller is a solid, low cost option for anyone looking for a beginner quad copter transmitter. It's a lightweight and basic alternative to other more complicated transmitters and great for learning.

This Turnigy Evolution drone is an 8-channel, 2. Equipped with two, omnidirectional and high gain antennasyour flight signal is strong and consistent. A unique and highlighting feature is the Turnigy Evolution's back-lit LCD touch screen, which makes setting adjustments intuitive and clutter-free.

This transmitter works with two 3-position switches, a potentiometer knob and internal 5-model memory. This sleek, powerful unit is ideal for travel and adventures in search of exciting places to fly.

RC HobbyKing Bind Addtional Turnigy 9X 2.4 GHz 8Ch Receiver (V2)

There are cheaper transmitters out there but none in this price range which are as solid and easy to navigate as the Turnigy Evolution. We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

The Turnigy Evolution is the most approachable and affordable transmitter remote out of the models that highlight in this article. We recommend it for beginners and pilots who are looking for a streamlined, responsive, and reliable command station. This product's key features are great for beginners and are consistent with this product's minimalist nature. Every feature has a purpose, which makes the Turnigy Evolution very easy to learn and helps the pilot focus on flying rather than knobs and buttons.

The controls are hard for people who pinch the gimbals, but great for those who use their thumbs and have experience with console-like controllers. It's easy to access touch screen LCD monitor makes adjusting its minimal settings quick and intuitive. There are several ways to modify and customize these controls if that interests you. Out of the box this controller feels great and easy to navigate. The range of the Turnigy Evolution is impressive for its hardware.

This unit comes with two internal high-gain antennas, which will keep you flying typically as far as your video range will take you. This transmitter takes 1 lithium ion battery. Battery life seems to be solid and will perform well for a day of flying.

You can easily charge this unit on the go as it charges by USB cable. Our first model for comparison to the Turnigy Evolution is the FrSky 2. This comfortable and easy-to-maneuver drone transmitter is packed with convenient and thoughtful features, such as an internally protected antenna, hand grips, and adjustable stick length. This unit is highly customizable with several programming options and a back-lit LCD display.

A unique and helpful feature of this transmitter is Model Match, which will keep you from flying a model with the wrong model memory.Quick links. Compatible receivers for 9x stock transmitter. Choosing an RF Module? What modules work? What is compatible with the 9x? What does that mean? Also, does working range depends on transmitter only? Re: Compatible receivers for 9x stock transmitter.

Been usin the ones you've posted for a year. They work with the Wltoys transmitter too. Re: Sv: Compatible receivers for 9x stock transmitter. Sold under the name Hobbyking by HK. This is not a full range receiver, but it works for parkflyers. The 6 channel receiver for the Flysky FS6 transmitter. This receiver is small and good.

My favourite. The 8channel SkyFly full range receivers that comes with the transmitter. Sold under the name Turnigy. Much to large. The micro receivers quoted earlier.

The receiver board in the v helicopter.

turnigy 9x compatible receivers

This board has two real servos and can be used for indoor planes. The helicopter is sold by Hobbyking under the name FP The receiver board in the quad copter v If there are more I would sure like to hear about it.

This one looks interesting. I will probably get it. The Xieda helicopter made by Great Wall. Hobbyking used to sell it. Don't know if they still do. It's for their new line of cheap Tx's.I have been using this transmitter for over 3 months now, so I decided to share some of my opinions about this product.

If you are not familiar with RC system or never own a RC transmitter before, you might find it a little difficult to use, because there is no user manual! However you will find it very helpful there are tons of Youtube Videos and instructions online. I bought this RC transmitter primarily for my multicopters.

It looks nice, sticks have a nice smooth feel. There is no ratcheting feel to the throttle. The range is increditible with the original transmitter module and receivers. I believe you can have 9 profiles max. The setup needs a bit of patience but once somebody gets to know how to use the menu it is a piece of cake.

Even there are a lot of videos on youtube explaining how to program it. I have not had any problems or glitch from this product so far. The Tunigy 9X I have is a version 2, there is now an in-built 2.

The 2. This means that to fit another 2. Frskyusers are going to have to unsolder it. A negative is the awful 8-cell AA battery holder that comes with the radio. Second is the very annoying and loud BEEP!!! To fix that I cut the leg that goes from a transistor to the speaker and added a Ohm resistor in between. Third, the screen is a bit hard to see, you can buy a replacement screen with back light from hobbyking for this transmitter to fix this.

Keep up the good work. Hey, Oscar; Does it have mode selection? I like my rudder on the right with my pitch, and my roll on the left with my elevation. Hi Ken not 2S, but 3S lipo! Oscar: From one teacher to another, you are excellent. I should have read your blogs before getting into the world of quads. I bought a simple RTF mini as a trainer in the meantime. That said, I need your advice. I built an Arris quad kit and it set up well on open pilot.

But I have been unsuccessful with getting the Turnigy 9x to set up. I might later on follow your modify ideas but I want another TX. Or should I get a Taranis? I want potential for growth but easy set up. Also, can you recommend a good Lipo charger?

What is the range of this combo?Product Description Reliable, interference free 2. These spare 6ch receiver units are specifically for use with the Flysky 6ch CT6B pc rogrammable 2. Easy to bind and very fast link-up, quick and extremely stable in performance.

Ultra-small size and ultra-light weight, effectively save space and reduce aircraft's weight-bearing. Channels:6 channels Model type:car Frequency bank If you are using another transmitter or receiver, you have to first bind them before use as described below: 1. Install batteries in the transmitter and turn it off. Connect the binding jumper to the battery port of the receiver. Connect the battery of the receiver to any channel power supply.

The red LED with blink indicating that it is in binding mode. Press and hold the bind key of the transmitter and turn it on.

The red LED of the received should stop to blink meaning a successful binding. Disconnect the receiver battery. Turn off then back on the transmitter. Connect all the servos to the receiver and then connect its battery. Check if all servos are working as expected. If anything is wrong, restart this procedure from the beginning. All our stock ships from US-based warehouses. Shipped via USPS or UPS depending on location and package weight Unless stated otherwise, all orders will ship within hours of your payment being processed.

Check our feedback to see the great reviews of FAST shipping we offer. Returns As our valued customer, we will do our best to make sure the product you receive arrives to you on time and as expected. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 30 days of receiving your order to process a return. Payment We currently accept payment via PayPal only. Once payment is cleared, we will dispatch your shipment within business days. Please refer to the "Shipping" tab for more information regarding shipping speed to your destination.

Fast Delivery. Trusted seller.This is the most complete Flysky receivers list. I will try to list all known new and old receivers.

There is an updated version somewhat called V1 of this receiver with better specs. See below. This is acheved by using better antenna that also has a MCPX connector, so it is replaceable. This RC also has vide power voltage input V. Super small 1. And the most important feature — it supports failsafebut only in iBUS mode. Just like the Fli14but with diversity antennas and LNA low noise amplifier.

Anyway typical Flysky radio has 10 channels FS-i6 with patched firmware. This is light about 1. This receiver weights about 3. Stackable design for 20x20mm mounting holes.

Has also integrated buzzer on the board. PPM out only. It is not clear if it has failsafe or not — there is no proof of that yet. Their first version had issues with rare brownouts on powerful brushless quads, but no issues were noticed with brushed motors. Also it was impossible to swich to SBUS mode as receiver was always forgetting the setting after power off-power on cycle. It was real shame to release such an anticipated receiver with such a major flaws. Update : Currently the brownout issues are not fixed with this receiver.

We are waiting for the version V3 of this RX. Read the dedicated RCG thread here. This light and small receiver is very similar to famous FS-A8S receiver. We can say it is cloned FS-A8S. Lets hope this receiver has no such failures as his original version from Flysky read the RCG forum here.

The weight is only 0. It is not known if it has failsafe. Most probably not. Bind: 1. Press and hold the key on the receiver and connect the power to the receiver. The blue light on the receiver flashing, get into bindind mode. After getting into bind mode, the receiver light changes from flashing to slow flash.

Indicates that the signal receive is successful. Failsafe settings: The receiver can normally receive the transmitter signal, push the rocker to the the failsafe set, long press the receiver bind button, the blue light flashes quickly several times and then always brightfailsafe settings is successful.Learn about civilian multirotors UAVs hobby. Share your latest ideas with like minded people and bring your quadcopter to life. The technology is moving fast and this group is for both beginners and experienced pilots, with a desire to explore cutting edge technology.

Come here to make new friends, all are welcome and all ages are welcome. If you are unfamiliar with quadcopters and are interested in getting into the hobby, most suggest a Hubsan X4 HC or Blade Nano QX as a good starter or any other small ready to fly quadcopter including building your own.

It is recommended that you learn to fly manually before moving up to a custom made quadcopter or even more of the higher cost GPS driven units as you may lose signal and cause a fly away. The always growing list of suppliers around the world.

turnigy 9x compatible receivers

Thank you in advance for your wisdom!! I'm trying to order a receiver by searching for: "Turnigy iA6 Receiver". These Flysky FS-iA6 2. I am trying to build my first custom racer, and - you know I know I need a receiver, I know I need a transmitter, I know some things are compatible with others - but my experience so far is with my hubsan x4, where it all comes packaged together.

Can I just buy these flysky transmitters? Why are they showing up in my searches? When I search about compatibility, everything that is written goes way over my head - any help would be seriously appreciated! Flysky are the original manufacturer. They build the Turnigy remotes and receivers for a number of other brands too. They seem pretty similar, but I don't want to make fatal assumptions. I just made that comment because the iA6 receivers aren't compatible with 9x transmitters and vise versa, regardless of the brand.

Check RCGroups classifieds for a used radio if you really want to keep the budget down. I'm buying two, one for me and my brother, so the first one I get is gonna be the one we learn on building, not flying.

And then I go up from there. If you can afford it, I would get the FrSky Taranis. If but, go with the Turnigy 9x. If you want to solder your own pins, that one is fine. Otherwise the vertical or horizontal pre-soldered versions are fine. The board is exactly the same for all three.

I hadn't thought about voltage monitoring yet. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Quadcopter comments.

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turnigy 9x compatible receivers

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