Uniden pro 520xl tuning

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uniden pro 520xl tuning

Updated: January 29, References. CB or Citizens Band radio is a type of radio that transmits signals on a channel shared by other CB radios. It transmits and receives using Amplitude Modulation AM.

Their use and popularity peaked during the s, although they're still used by hobbyists today. However, with a basic antenna setup and some thoughtful tweaking, you can have a powerful CB radio for use at home. A CB radio transmits signals on a channel shared by other CB radios.

You can optimize your CB radio by setting it up correctly and adjusting the settings. Use the coaxial cables to connect the SWR and antenna to the radio so you can receive and transmit signals, and set up your antenna somewhere high to maximize your range, such as the top of your car or house. Once your radio is set up, adjust the center modulation knob to increase your range without distorting the sound of the radio. Then, adjust the squelch knob on the left of the radio to reduce background noise so your signal is clear.

For tips about how to test your CB radio on a live Channel, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet?

PRO520XL Compact Mobile CB Radio with PA

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Together, they cited information from 20 references.Check the box to the left of the item or items you want to purchase, then click the add to cart button. If you would like more info on the modification or accessory before purchasing just click on the link below. To purchase the radio only just click the add to cart button. The radio is pre-selected for you. Usually ships within business days. Please add an additional days to ship when services are added - Details.

Uniden XL Click on the image for a larger view Scroll down to purchase. Site Map. Support The performance this radio can produce is surprising, especially for a radio in this price range. Don't let the size or price fool you, this little radio can perform. If space is a concern it will be hard to find a smaller radio. You will love it! Yes we really do align the receiver and adjust the frequency.

Most stores can't or simply don't. This modification includes the performance enhancements to the right. Details Turning up the Transmitter's wattage Adjusting the modulation for maximum output without distortion. Modifying the mic amp circuit for more gain when necessary. Aligning the receiver for optimum signal to noise ratio. Adjusting the squelch range Calibrate the transmit and receive meter settings. Frequency adjustment to zero tolerance. Perform a complete check of all functions. Perform a visual of the circuit board for flaws.

Radio and modifications purchase section - Purchase Instructions. Our seasoned radio techs offer high quality radio repair, performance enhancements, antenna system troubleshooting and custom installation.

Need help or maybe just a recommendation? Results Guaranteed! Wilson Magnetic Mount Antennas. Astatic mic's High Quality Noise Canceling mic's. If you intend to operate a modified transceiver within the Continental United States you may be in violation of Part 95 of the FCC rules and regulations.

We recommend reading and familiarizing yourself with part 95 of the FCC rules and regulations before operating a transceiver. Contact Us. About US. Servicing your Equipment.By Tom Young. This technique offers many advantages, such as an excellent square wave response from DC to over KHz. Also, the pulse width, or duty cycle, is precisely controllable assuming that you are using a function generator that has this capability.

uniden pro 520xl tuning

The only disadvantage is a peak output power reduction from 16 watts to 4 watts, but a volt power supply can be added to the system to bring the peak power levels up to about watts instructions at bottom of this page. If you are not at all handy with a soldering gun, though, you might want to seek the help of someone who is.

Please see the related pictures for a good view of parts placement. We have no need of it and it takes up valuable space. For all descriptions to follow, left is your left, right is your right. For clarity, I have capitalized the functional name of the component leads. Good luck! It is lying flat on the board. Cut the resistor's right-side lead as flush with the board as you can or desolder it from the bottomthen lift the resistor up on its left lead at a degree angle. Using your solder gun, heat the top side front-left corner of L2's shield and place a bead of solder there.

Hold the 2N horizontal in your left hand with the flat side printed side facing up and the leads facing to the right. Solder the Emitter lead of the 2N to L2's solder bead that you just made. Solder the Anode of the diode to the solder bead on L2 and solder the Cathode band end to the Base lead of the 2N Solder one lead to the Base lead of the 2N Solder a 6" length of 20 or 22 gauge stranded hookup wire to the other side of the 10K resistor. It is labeled "TF".

I recommend using desoldering braid to do this Radio Shack You must desolder all 5 leads plus the two metal tabs that extend from the metal frame. Again, place the radio upside-down facing you. Insert one side of the jumper wire into the left-rear transformer hole and the other side into the middle hole of the 3 front transformer holes.

Solder the jumper wire in place.Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Oct 1, MsJamieOct 1, Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided.

There is no charge for this service, but standard message and data rates may apply. Oct 2, The XL is a late one with only one slug-adjustable coil in the final. Driver is cap-coupled. Ok, well if some do 2. I never cut diodes or do mods that will mess up the clean sound of a transmitter. I don't mess with any of that stuff, just want a nice clean sounding radio, the purpose was to ask what others' put out, so now I know.

The cheap little workman meter said 2. MOct 2, Last edited: Oct 2, Outlaw CBOct 2, I carry one of those radios the Pro XL in each car in a zippered tool bag with a cigar lighter plug as a spare in the trunk, just in case everything else in my vehicles goes belly-up or if I find myself caravanning with someone unexpectedly who doesn't have a radio, etc.

I've also got a couple as loaners in case someone has to get on the road before I've got time to troubleshoot and repair a radio properly, or if a radio needs parts I don't have on hand.

When I benched the ones I've got here, but without doing anything to them except restoring the clipped limiter I found on one, all of them were dead keying between 2. I still think a awful lot of "swing" can be attributed to the mechanical momentum of a needle's mechanism that can't stop moving up as quickly as the level that was driving it that way stops; that's why I like a scope, and a fixed tone to give me an average level. I challenge any indifferent, critical listener to detect a difference on the air between any of these and one that's putting out 8 to 10 watts of "swing".

My station rigs all have low pass filters that I have inline all the time, just on good engineering principles. View attachment LPF always a good idea.

I do not think anyone should want over 3.

uniden pro 520xl tuning

Show Ignored Content. Draft saved Draft deleted. Your username or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?Everything is connected and ready to go, right?

The good news is that this article will walk you through the process of properly tuning your antenna a.

Assuming that everything else in your system is properly installed, the only additional equipment necessary is a short length of coaxial cable known as a jumper leadan SWR meter, and something on which to record your readings.

The objective behind tuning your antenna is to make these two readings as close as possible.

uniden pro 520xl tuning

Getting down to a 1. There are two basic points to understand before adjusting the length of your antenna:. If your antenna is too longit is necessary to reduce its physical length. There are several methods for shortening an antenna which vary by manufacturer. If your antenna is too shortit is necessary to increase its physical length. Most instances where the antenna length is too short are caused by a lack of ground plane.

In modern antennas, there's usually a method for adding length built in to the antenna. Other options, such as adding a spring, are also legitimate. Dual antenna installations : If you're tuning dual antennas, you'll want to adjust both antennas the same amount each time. As a starting point, it's best to put the tuning screw either all the way in or out, so each antenna is the same length. Re-measure SWR and continue to re-adjust as with a single antenna, making sure to make incremental changes that are as close as possible to both antennas.

Readings on both channels that are less than 2. If readings on these channels are in the red zone on your SWR meter or above 3. This problem must be remedied before attempting to use your radio. By following the steps outlined in this article, you should be able to successfully tune your antenna for optimal performance and transmission.

Learning Center About Us.If you are looking for a basic radio with no frills attached to it that is affordable, easy to use and install, then I recommend the Uniden PROXL Channel CB Radio as it is still working perfectly in my vehicle when traveling. This past Christmas I went to visit my family in Indiana, you know how the roads are over this time the year being cold, and snowing at times well my CB Radio that I have owned for more than seven years decided to die on me. While visiting I thought to myself, I need to buy myself a new CB Radio for the road trip back as I have gotten so used to having one in my vehicle.

Thinking back to when I bought the Uniden PROXLit was not that expensive and I was not looking for a radio packed with the latest technology, as I did not see myself using all the features and a waste.

I only required a basic radio with no frills attached. The box itself contained the PROXL, the microphone and hook, a mounting bracket, the knobs, and mounting hardware. The radio was easy to install and required no adjustments and reading between and The big test came on my way back home and was quite surprised that I could reach users up to 5 miles that were superb!

Regrettably, on the way back home the semis that passed by forced me to remove the antenna as it nearly blew away. The first thing I had done when arriving home is to take my radio to a friend of mine and had it tuned and peaked for me and now able to get 14 watts out of it instead of seven and can transmit up to 20 miles while traveling. What I love about this radio is that it is packed full of the basic needs and the knobs are easy to use and each one provides its own functionality.

The front of the radio consists of a PA switch that you can use as a Public Address system for those who would like to use it in a workshop that I off course would never use.

The CB comes with 40 channels and consists of emergency channels to the police, fire department, and, of course, the weather information. It offers you with a direct CH9 switch directly switching over to the emergency nine channels. They offer you with more than customers who have bought the range of Uniden CB radios. The most customers are pleased with this product as it is affordable, can easily chat with others, and provides you with clear sound without any background disturbance.

CB Antenna Tuning Instructions

One customer said that the PROXL is small and rugged as he has had is in the Jeep for several years, taking the beating of weather and off-road without having any problems with it and still works perfectly.

Personally, I cannot find any fault with the radio as I had mine tuned but does not require to have it done that was a personal decision. Your email address will not be published. Reviewed by:.

On February 25, Help Me Choose. A reliable CB should be at the top of your packing list and this kit is built around the Unidena CB as frills-free as a weekend in the woods. Want the option of hooking up a PA to your radio? You'll need the Otherwise, stick with the and save your money. The added PA functionality is the only real difference between these two radios.

It's our best selling antenna, provides top-notch performance and can still achieve some flexibility with a spring. For length, we recommend the 4' over the 3' if at all possible as it will give you an additional miles range. It can be mounted to any vertical surface, as well as sandwiched onto vertical and horizontal bars. It's you're in doubt, it's hard to go wrong with the 3-way mount.

Uniden Pro-520XL Tune-up Report

The minor drilling holes are covered by the hood, and it's deep enough to accommodate just about all hoods. Learning Center About Us. An affordable all-in-one package designed with 4x4s and off-roaders in mind Built around the bulletproof and Uniden CB radios Seven antenna mounting options ensure compatibility with just about any vehicle.

Add to Cart. Jeep and off-road users who need a durable, long-lasting CB system. This package features multiple Jeep-specific mounts that attach to the hood, tail light or spare tire carrier see "Mounting Hardware" for compatibility.

This kit is also useful for light truck drivers, as the compact radio fits easily in a small cab, and the three-way mount can easily attach to the pickup bed rail. If you drive an FJ Cruiser, choose the Bandi mount, which attaches to the hinge of the tailgate with no drilling.

These compact, durable radios will easily fit in the cab of your vehicle without taking up valuable space. If you would like to have a PA system, make sure to select the Uniden Pro It doesn't offer the flexibility of the Wilson Flex, but it does provide significantly better transmit and receive performance. Also, you can add a CB spring to the antenna and mount to provide limited flexibility if desired. Wilson Flex : On the trail, it's convenient to have an antenna that can survive getting snagged, bent, bowed and abused.

Subsequently, we picked an antenna that can bend degrees without breaking: the Wilson Flex. These 3' and 4' antennas provide superior protection against snapping and hold up well to the rigors of off-road use. While flexible, they don't offer the same level of transmit and receive performance that a traditional fiberglass antenna like the Firestik FS does. If flexibility is most important -- and long-range communication isn't crucial -- the Flex is a good choice.

We include a choice of six mounting kits for a great deal of flexibility and customization. All kits include a quality CB antenna mount and a high-grade CB coax cable. Please see the mounting links below for individual kit details. If you don't know how to tune a CB antenna, take a look at our CB antenna tuning guide and video.


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