Waptrick mobutu

We are the indispensable nation. When we can change things we should do so, and the rest of the world should follow. The United States government believes it has legitimate interests wherever US companies are located.

Many business interests are also government interests and, by extension, military interests. Thus, war becomes the mechanism for the control of strategic interests such as oil. One-and-a-half million Iraqis lost their lives in this war and 5, children died in the months following hostilities as a result of economic sanctions imposed on Iraq [1]. At home, Iraq has unleashed a war on the Kurdish people whose territory contains significant oil reserves.

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For the same reason, the United States declared war on the Vietnamese people. East Timor has recently gained its independence. In the tiny Spratley Islands, where oil reserves have been discovered, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei have staked claims, and there have been clashes between some of these countries as a result. European countries colonized the African continent for the purpose of sacking it. When African nations achieved independence, a series of conflicts were yet to be settled and new conflicts came into being.

The former colonizers were determined to continue benefiting from the territories they had once ruled in order to maintain control over resources. As a result, African countries were unable to stabilize politically through the creation of democratic states characterized by civil rights and sustainable social, economic and environmental policies. But above all, many of these nations have been unable to break the cycle of war.

This is the reason for the war in Angola, one of the major oil producers in Africa. This never-ending war is a contest for oil, and it is financed on both sides by oil and diamonds. New oil fields, especially those located in deep waters off shore, have attracted transnational oil companies, which generate the money the government needs to continue fighting the war. After the colonial period ended, Portugal maintained a large standing army in Angola for the purpose of controlling oil and diamond resources; by the time independence arrived, the military force based in Angola was the largest on the continent.

The bloody war for independence lasted for thirteen years during which Portugal allied itself with the racist South African government, where the foundation was laid for the creation of UNITAS in During the civil war, which produced thousands of deaths, land mines were planted throughout the country and these have led to the maiming of 3.

The group financed its activities with the contraband sale of diamonds, while the government used oil income to finance its army. Today, the largest oil companies in the world have interests in Angola. They are responsible, to a great extent, for the absence of political stability in the region.These governmental agents enjoy certain immunities and privileges. In the current trend of international relations, efforts are geared towards co-operation and interdependence of the subjects of International law irrespective of their political, cultural or other differences.

Restrictive immunity rather than Absolute immunity can be categorized in three or more neat subdivisions, namely:. Sovereign Immunity: There is a need to briefly consider each of the immunity in order to know what immunity is all about. Sovereign immunity entails that no state shall exercise jurisdiction over another state without its consent and this is best expressed with the maixm par in parem non habet imperium but the principle of international concern in my opinion had made nonsense of sovereign immunity, the current imbroglio between Iraq and America is a crystal testimony of this.

It indicated that sovereign immunity anywhere in the world is not absolute especially where there is a need for international concern.

On 1 st Decembersixty five states were parties to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations which was adopted on 14 th April and entered into force on 24 th April and Nigeria was one of the states that consented to the Convention as at 1 st December, 2.

waptrick mobutu

Diplomatic agents enjoy immunity from jurisdiction of court, and their properties and official correspondence are inviolable. Diplomatic bag shall not be opened or detained 3.


Diplomats are representatives of their countries and indeed stood as a direct substitute for the sovereign. Inthere was breach of the diplomatic immunity by British Government when Nigerian Diplomats in London were among the seventeen 17 arrested in connection with Umaru Dikko unsuccessful abduction and this consequently led to the breakdown of diplomatic relations between the two countries when the diplomats in both countries were declared personal non grata 4.

Diplomats and Consuls are the representatives of the sending state to the receiving state; they must therefore be accorded the full dignity of the sovereign state. The extent of immunity enjoyed by International Organizations is uncertain, but practice shows that treaties in most cases regulate it, however, there is a general Convention on the privileges and immunities of the UN 5. A state enjoys complete immunity from legal process. Article 27 of Vienna Convention on Diplomatic relations Daily Times, July 12,center page.

Okeke N. Ibio P. Immunity from taxation and immunity is not meant to benefit individuals personally; it is meant to ensure that foreign officials can do their jobs.

Immunity is an exception from a duty, liability, or service of process 6. It is a shield from liability in the course of job performance.

In this paper, I will focus only on the topic. Consular and Diplomatic immunity. The word Immunity connotes the idea of freedom from normal legal process 8. The diplomatic immunity of an agent involves freedom from the application of local laws of the receiving state with respect to conducts, which ordinarily would attract the intervention of the law.

For instance, a diplomatic agent is free from an order of the court. He enjoys freedom from arrest by police officers. Even when the act of a diplomatic agent ordinarily constitutes a crime, the agent is free from arrest.It is no more a news that Nigeria is in a very unfriendly condition due to a number of reasons and it has been so since a very long year ago, the citizens in Nigeria have been shouting here and there that when will Nigeria become better and developed and the answer coming from our leaders so far has been a hypothetical and conjectural statement of "E go beta E go beta" and do bear with us.

The focus of this write up is to reveal the causative agent's' as the case may be, and also explain the inception of the problem and finally where the solution lies instead of the "E go beta E go beta" phenomenon.

The major problems and challenges affecting Nigeria as a country such as public looting, mismanagement of public offices and funds and to crown it all corruption are traceable to the Independence era till date, As the British colonial masters handed over power and made us rule ourselves without any intervention from them, the problem started, however I am not in any way supporting the colonial masters, for they exploited us instead of exploring our resources as promised.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree less with the fact that the British colonial masters are far better than our so called despotic and oppressive leaders, our leaders both past and present except few of them caused Nigeria to be in this absurd and unbearable condition.

Even the so called Colonial Masters treated us fairly than our own indigenous leaders, In the colonial period, a number of privileges were enjoyed by the citizens of Nigeria among which are, free western education though it came with the imposition of Christianity on the general public who are willing to be educated, economic stability, security of lives and properties and lot more.

InNigeria practised the Republican system of government and it was under the leadership of Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa the first prime minister and Dr Nnamdi Azikwe the presidentthis event marked the widespread of corrupt practices, where government officials looted public funds with impunity. Daily Times, In fact the handing of power to the civilian government marked the beginning of public fund embezzlement, politicians and government officials saw the political institution as a business centre, they contest for political post in order to take their own part of the national cake and this led to a break down in the economy of Nigeria, and since then the economy of Nigeria has been imbalance and ready to fall, In essence, public looting is one of the fundamental factors that led us and will continue to lead us 'if not stopped' to the 'E go beta E go beta' phenomenon but frankly speaking if public fund looting is not stopped and eradicated to the bearest minimum 'E no fit beta oooo'.

Another major factor that is making livelihood in Nigeria challenging is the discovery of oil in oloibiri as at the yearOil was discovered in and first exported inNigeria's economy was used to be dependent on agricultural produce and agriculture back in those days before the discovery of oil, but with the advent of oil, there was a shift in the economy of Nigeria from agriculture to petroleum exportation, and the consequential effect of this was that we were unable to produce more agricultural produce again and everyone rely largely on oil, and this made Nigeria weakened to the length that we virtually import all agricultural produces and we are not capable to grow a single crop in our own land that is arable.

The decline or fall in or of oil boom in Nigeria affected the country to the fact that it pushed it into economic recession that we are currently facing today, this is because money is not in circulation again and we don't have any agricultural mentality or orientation but to import the agricultural produce, however, money is not in circulation and the value of naira has depreciated emphatically, so the rate of agricultural produce we import will equally become low, but if it were to be that Nigeria is diversified economically we will have gone higher than this in term of economy, but we are not, I just pray that we come to our senses before the last drop of oil gets dried off.

As sociology and all other societal related field of study has been established to make life comfortable for people by providing solutions to the various societal problems, it is on this ground I will proffer just two solutions to the challenges facing Nigeria. First, the penalty for corruption should be execution, if this is observed carefully I promise Nigeria will become better, every individual will think twice before acting or behaving in contrary to the established patterns of rules and regulations, China is a perfect example for this, It is one of the countries on top of the globe in terms of development, Back in those days, China was also facing economic hardship and they have tried all their possible means to fight this problem, after series of solutions proved to be futile the penalty of execution for corruption was used and practised, this made their government officials think twice before embezzling public fund, Nigeria should try as much as possible to enact this law into its constitution and make it effective to mitigate all challenging issues especially corruption.

Another solution is to make the economy diversified in all ramifications, the dependency should not be solely on oil, other natural resources like timber,cocoa,rubber and the host of others should also be considered, agriculture More to come on. Newer Post Older Post Home.Sort by: New.

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A huge amount of content, coupled with perfectly executed tight controls makes this entry a must play for any and all fans of the genre. Discover music on Discogs, the largest online music database.He seized power in a coup and ruled for some 32 years before being ousted in a rebellion in After a power struggle developed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo between Pres. Joseph Kasavubu and former prime minister Moise TshombeGen. He later changed his name to Mobutu Sese Seko.

Mobutu Sese Seko is known for being a long-running president —97 of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Mobutu Sese Seko died of prostate cancer. Mobutu Sese Seko is buried in RabatMorocco. In the Congolese government announced plans to have his body returned to the Democratic Republic of the Congo for reburial, but it remained in Rabat.

Mobutu was educated in missionary schools and began his career in in the Belgian Congolese army, the Force Publique, rising from a clerk to a sergeant major, the highest rank then open to Africans. In Mobutu represented Lumumba at the Brussels Round Table Conference on Congo independence until the release of Lumumba, who had been jailed for his nationalist activities in the Congo.

When the Congo became independent on June 30,the coalition government of President Joseph Kasavubu and Premier Lumumba appointed Mobutu secretary of state for national defense. As one of the few officers with any control over the army gained by liberally dispensing commissions and back pay to the mutineersMobutu was in a position to influence the developing power struggle between Kasavubu and Lumumba. In Februaryhowever, Mobutu turned over the government to Kasavubu, who made Mobutu commander in chief of the armed forces.

As commander in chief Mobutu reorganized the army. Inafter a power struggle had developed between President Kasavubu and his premier, Moise TshombeMobutu removed Kasavubu in a coup and assumed the presidency.

Two years later Mobutu put down an uprising led by white mercenaries attached to the Congolese army. Agricultural revitalization lagged, however, and consequently, the need for food imports increased. As president, Mobutu moved to Africanize names. The name of the country was changed in October from the Democratic Republic of the Congo Congo [Kinshasa] to the Republic of Zaire the country reverted to its earlier name in Mobutu attempted to soften the military nature of his regime by filling government posts with civilians.

Opposition to his rule came from numerous Congolese exiles, ethnic groups that had played decisive roles in previous governments, small farmers who gained no share in the attempted economic revival, and some university students.

In Mobutu had to request French military intervention to repel an invasion of Zaire by Angolan-backed Katangese. He was reelected to the presidency in one-man contests in and Over the years Mobutu proved adept at maintaining his rule in the face of internal rebellions and attempted coups, but his regime had little success in establishing the conditions needed for economic growth and development. Marginalized by the multiparty system and ill, Mobutu finally relinquished control of the government in May to the rebel leader Laurent Kabilawhose forces had begun seizing power seven months earlier.

waptrick mobutu

Mobutu died in exile a short time later. Mobutu Sese Seko. Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree Top Questions. Get exclusive access to content from our First Edition with your subscription.

Subscribe today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. UN troops remained untilbut as soon as they were withdrawn rebellion returned,…. Western colonialism: Dutch, Belgian, and Portuguese decolonization. In Joseph Mobutu later Mobutu Sese Seko gained control over the central government and created an independent African state; called Zaire fromit was renamed the Democratic Republic of the Congo in The threat posed to the new regime by the forces loyal to Lumumba was substantially lessened by….As a young girl, Malala Yousafzai defied the Taliban in Pakistan and demanded that girls be allowed to receive an education.

She was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman in but survived. Inshe became the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. The wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt changed the role of the first lady through her active participation in American politics. Josephine Baker was a dancer and singer who became wildly popular in France during the s. She also devoted much of her life to fighting racism. Actress Elizabeth Taylor starred in films like 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' and 'Butterfield 8' but was just as famous for her violet eyes and scandalous love life.

Donald Glover is the star and creator of the television comedy 'Atlanta' and also raps under the name Childish Gambino. Sarah Jessica Parker is an award-winning TV and film actress whose starring role in the series 'Sex and the City' catapulted her to stardom.

Law professor Anita Hill was thrust into the public eye when she was called to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee during the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Jim Carrey is a comedian and actor best known for comedic and dramatic film roles in movies including 'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective' and 'The Truman Show. Subscribe to the Biography newsletter to receive stories about the people who shaped our world and the stories that shaped their lives. Fans of the hit sitcom were scratching their heads at the beginning of season six when a new actor stepped into the role of Darrin. More than a century after his untimely demise, there are still rumors and legends about how the author met his end.

As the statistics for breast cancer continue to rise, these famous thrivers have shared their stories and advocated for awareness and regular exams. The Colorado father killed his family in August and confessed just days later. Though he only released one film before his dying in a car crash, the actor became a lasting figure in pop culture. The double-amputee amazed legions of fans with his world-class sprinting times before he shocked them by killing his girlfriend on Valentine's Day These history-making individuals were posthumously honored with their caskets displayed in the rotunda of the U.

The debate was the first time the public could watch presidential hopefuls battle on television.


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